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Parfait Bras 32 / D / Pearl White Adriana Lace BraletteParfait Bras Adriana Lace Bralette
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Parfait Bras 32 / D / Peach Bud Parfait Adriana Bralette - Plus SizeParfait Bras Parfait Adriana Bralette - Plus Size

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Plus Size Bralette & Curvy Bralette - HauteFlair

Plus Size Bralettes & Curvy Bralette

Bralettes are a flirty, feminine, and sexy staple of women’s fashion and lingerie. These bras are ultra-versatile and can be paired easily with a wide variety of trendy everyday looks. Since they are designed to be seen underneath your clothes—unlike standard bras—bralettes complement semi-sheer, strapless, and low-back or backless dresses and tops.

Plus, the softer construction of bralettes provides a more comfortable fit than most classic bras that are more rigid and restrictive. Unfortunately, very few bralettes on the current market accommodate plus size women in terms of comfort, support, and security. Most bralettes offer little to no support with their flimsy, one-layer material and lack of standard support features like molded cups or underwire. The styles in this collection defy low expectations for plus size bralettes. These trendy, sexy styles are designed specifically to provide a comfortable fit and maximum support and security for curvy full-busted plus size women.

Plus Size Lace Bralette- Comfortable and Supportive

One of the defining features of most bralettes is their lace construction. Lace is by far the most popular material for bralettes of all sizes. The plus size bralettes in this collection are crafted from top-quality lace that offers a comfortable and surprisingly supportive fit.

On its own, lace is a thin, flimsy material that offers little to no support for your bust. The lack of support that most lace bralettes offer is a major reason why many plus size women feel excluded from the bralette market as a whole. The plus size lace bralette in this collection feature innovative designs that offer adequate support for full-busted women without sacrificing their flirty, feminine lace finish.

Some of the bralettes you’ll find here feature real, structured cups with an overlay of lace material. This innovative design looks like a bralette on the outside but provides all the support of a standard bra with underwire, molded cups, and adjustable straps. Other styles in this collection don’t include real cups but feature multiple layers of stretch lace along with additional support features to maximize security.

Underwire and Wire-Free Bralettes Options

The vast majority of bralettes on the modern lingerie market are wire free. A wire-free construction adds to the comfort and freedom of bralettes, but many full-busted plus size women don’t feel secure without the support of the underwire.

In this collection, you’ll find both wire-free bralettes and bralettes built with underwire for added support and a more secure fit. The wire-free bralettes in this collection offer a soft, comfortable fit and feature a host of other support features—adjustable straps, elastic band, etc.—to offer security without a wire construction.