Plus Size Bras

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Plus Size Bras

If you're a plus size woman, you probably already know that finding well-fitting, high-quality plus size bras in sexy styles can feel like a bigger challenge than finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. When you only fit into bra sizes that aren’t usually sold by mainstream bra retailers, finding a bra that actually fulfills all of your needs and expectations can seem like an impossibility. Many plus size women end up having to choose between a bra that provides them with the support their full bust requires or a flimsier bra in a sexier style. No woman should have to choose between comfort and confidence, and the bras in this collection help ensure that you never have to settle for one or the other again. 

All of the bras in this collection are available in plus sizes, which means a DD+ cup size and higher. Most of the plus size bras come in full cup sizes DD, DDD, E, F, FF, and G with a range of band sizes from 32 to 44. Some styles are even available in an even wider range of cup and band sizes that extend up to size 44K. As hard as it can be for plus size or full figure women with large breasts to find well-fitting plus size bras, it’s an even more difficult challenge for plus size women with smaller breasts. You can still find sexy, supportive bras by browsing through the products in this collection even if you don’t wear a cup size above a DD. Many of the bras in the collection come in standard bra sizes in addition to plus sizes and some are available in cup sizes as low as a B.

This collection aims to reverse the frustration many women feel about the difficulty of finding quality plus size bras. It includes a wide variety of designer bras for all occasions to help you find a comfortable, supportive, well-fitting bra with a style that makes you feel sexy and confident.

Types of Plus Size Bras

There are as many types of plus size bras as there are standard size bras, if not more. While almost all bras advertised as ‘plus size’ focus primarily on providing extra support and security for large-busted women, the amount of support and level of comfort a plus size bra provides varies significantly depending on the type of bra you choose. The types of plus size bras described here include some of the most popular plus-size and full figure bra styles, as well as the styles that many women find to be the most challenging to shop for successfully.

T-Back Plus Size Bras

T-back bras are designed to keep your bra straps confined to the middle of your back and leave your shoulders free. This design is convenient for women who wear sleeveless tops on a regular basis and prefer to keep their bra straps hidden. Unfortunately, T-back styles tend to be less supportive than bras with standard straps. T-back bras distribute weight less effectively than bras with regular shoulder straps, which can lead to less comfort and support for larger-busted women.

If you want a plus size T-back bra that keeps you comfortable and supported, look for a style with wide, padded straps that are easily adjustable to ensure a more secure fit. Wider straps offer more support for your bust and padding prevents straps from digging uncomfortably into your shoulders.

Plus Size Push Up Bras

High-quality plus size push-up bras can be difficult to find. You’re much more likely to come across minimizer bras or other styles designed to make your bust appear smaller, not bigger.

Contrary to popular belief, push-up bras don’t only benefit slim, small-busted women. Many plus size women with saggy breasts often wear push-up bras to lift their bust. Curvy and full figure women with larger band sizes and smaller cup sizes often seek out padded push-up bras as well to help balance out their figure. If you want to find a quality plus size

push up bra, look for a style that focuses on shaping and supporting your breasts in addition to lifting your bust and enhancing your cleavage.

Plus Size Sports Bras

Sports bras are one of the most frustrating types of bras to shop for as a plus size woman. It can be very difficult to find a sports bra that can adequately keep your breasts supported and secure while you work out or play sports. Finding a supportive sports bra is essential for your workout performance; it’s difficult to go for a run or do a set of jump squats when you’re only focused on the pain and discomfort around your bust.

The most supportive plus size sports bras are encapsulated styles, which include separated individual cups that hold each of your breasts in place independently. Look for an encapsulated sports bra that also features wide, padded straps, underwire, and molded cups to minimize movement and distraction and maximize comfort and security.

Plus Size Bras with Clear Straps

As a plus size woman, finding a well-fitting strapless bra that stays in place and doesn’t cause quad boob is a major challenge. Plus, since a good deal of support comes from the straps of a bra, strapless bras generally offer much less support and security than standard bra styles.

Plus size bras with clear straps are an excellent alternative for plus size women who don’t want to deal with the frustration and discomfort of strapless bra styles. These bras are constructed just like any other supportive plus size bra; the only difference is that their straps are made from clear elastic material instead of opaque fabric.

Plus Size Halter Bras

Halter bras are a fun, flirty alternative to standard everyday bras. They’re cute and stylish, and they stay invisible under halter tops and dresses that leave normal bra straps exposed.

A halter neck provides less support than standard bra straps. To keep your bust secure, make sure you choose a plus size halter bra with a snug underwire band that compensates for the support the halter neck doesn’t offer. Also, look for a halter bra style that features an adjustable neck to get a better fit.

Plus Size Back Support Bras

Many plus size women suffer from chronic back pain due to the weight of their bust. Back support bras are designed to support your breasts in a way that doesn’t force your back to carry the bulk of their weight all day long.

These ultra-supportive bras feature wide straps and a high back. This full-coverage design helps distribute the weight of your breasts more evenly to give your back a break. Many back support bra styles are also designed to help correct your posture, which can significantly improve chronic back pain long-term. 

Choosing a Plus Size Bra

For many women, choosing a plus size bra can feel akin to dragging yourself through a windy maze with no way out. Finding a bra that fits you well, supports your bust, and is compatible with your style and daily activities often seems impossible, but choosing a plus size bra doesn’t have to be such a daunting chore.

Find Sexy Options

All of the bras you wear—even just your everyday T-shirt bras—should make you feel sexy and confident. One of the biggest complaints about plus size bras is that so many bras for larger-busted women are only available in dull, neutral colors and frumpy, unflattering styles.

Fortunately, the notion that plus size bras are only available in drab styles is a misconception. Colorful, stylish, sexy bras do come in plus sizes; you just have to know where to look for them. Stay away from flimsy lace bralettes that offer zero support or security, even if they’re available in your size and fit over your bust. Instead, check out exclusively plus size lingerie collections that include sexy styles with all of the support features you need for comfortable all-day wear.

Above all, don’t resign yourself to unattractive styles that don’t flatter your figure just because you’re afraid you won’t be able to find anything else. Hold out for the sexy, stylish plus size styles that give your self-esteem a boost every time you wear them.

Check Out Large Size Brands

One of the most frustrating and disheartening parts of searching for a plus size bra is the lack of extended size options on the modern lingerie market. It seems like every new bra collection advertised by major brands is targeted toward slim women with very different needs than plus size women in terms of support and security. Even among the bras available in extended sizes, few are constructed with real curvy women in mind. Many “plus size” bras are actually just larger versions of styles that were originally designed to accommodate smaller busts and less curvy figures. While these bras are sized to fit the breasts of large-busted women, most of them don’t actually provide the level of support and security most plus size women require for comfortable all-day wear.

This sparse selection and less-than-ideal options for plus size bras among major lingerie brands make the process of finding a well-fitting and supportive bra as a plus

size woman discouraging and unsuccessful more often than not. If you’re having trouble finding a plus size bra style that meets all of your needs, try ditching the major lingerie company giants and narrowing your search to include smaller-scale large size brands only. Large size lingerie brands carry plus size lingerie exclusively. All of the bras, underwear, and lingerie sets these brands sell are designed specifically for plus size women. Most bras from large size brands are not even available in cup sizes lower than a D or DD.

Large size brands are devoted to easing the bra shopping process for plus size women. They carry a wide range of high cup and band sizes in a variety of styles, prints, and colors. Almost all of the pieces large size brands carry include special features—like wider straps and stronger underwire—that ensure maximum support and security. Although the imbalance between the selection size of plus size bras and standard size bras certainly still exists, large size brands do their best to level the playing field for plus size women so shopping for a standard sports bra doesn’t have to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Best Plus Size Bras

Different bras function better for certain occasions than others, and few women are able to comfortably perform all of their regular activities in one bra. This plus size bra collection includes many different everyday styles in order to fulfill as many of your practical bra needs as possible. 

In this collection, you can find quality padded plus size bras, plus size minimizer bras, unlined bras, balconette bras, plus size sports bras, front closure bras, contour bras, molded bras, and more. Even though these bras are crafted with comfort, support, and functionality in mind, they also feature sexy designs that will get you excited to put them on under your top every morning  

Plus Size Bralettes

If you’re a plus size woman with a large bust, you’ve probably already given up on ever being able to comfortably wear the sexy, trendy bralettes that are so popular among women with smaller breasts.

Don’t give up on your dreams of rocking a lace bralette just yet. This collection includes multiple bralettes that are designed specifically to be worn by plus size women. These gorgeous lace bralettes are delicate, sexy, and feminine and come in extended sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X. 

Sexy Plus Size Bras

All of the bras in this collection are designed to flatter your curves and enhance your bust, but specific styles in the collection are especially sexy. These bras include plus size push up bras that feature special embellishments like lace trim and fabric, flirty patterns, or satin bow adornments.  

These sexy bras might be a bit over the top for everyday wear, but they’re guaranteed to boost your confidence for any special event and make the perfect attire for a sleepless night in the bedroom with your partner.