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Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings

One of the biggest misconceptions about leggings is that they are not flattering for plus size women. Because of this misconception, many plus size women are wary when it comes to wearing leggings. It is true that many mainstream legging styles that were originally designed for slimmer women do not flatter women with curvier figures. However, the shortcomings of many leggings on the market shouldn’t drive you to give up on leggings altogether. Leggings that offer a flattering and comfortable fit for plus size women do exist; they’re just a little more difficult to find.

If you’re a plus-size woman in the market for new leggings, look no further than this plus size leggings collection. The leggings you’ll find here are specifically designed with the curvy figures of real plus size women in mind. They offer a comfortable fit that flatters your figure to show off your sexy curves instead of trying to conceal them.

Plus Size Shaping Leggings

Many of the legging styles in this collection offer subtle shaping coverage that enhances your curves—but doesn’t hide them—to provide a more flattering fit for your figure. These shaping leggings don’t feel suffocating or restrictive, and no one looking at them from the outside will be able to tell that they have any shaping properties at all.

The shaping benefits of these leggings are ultra-discreet. Their firming fabric gently compresses your legs and backside to slim your thighs and sculpt and lift your rear. Many of the shaping plus size leggings styles in this collection also feature an extra-wide shaping waistband that extends up to the middle of your waist. This high waistband discreetly flattens your tummy, slims your waist, sculpts your hips, and conceals your love handles for an all-over smooth finish.

Comfortable Fit

Comfort is key in all leggings; a comfortable fit is the main point of wearing leggings in the first place. The plus-size leggings in this collection are designed to offer ultimate comfort for all-day wear. They are crafted from cotton-blend material that is both breathable and stretchy. This material hugs your figure like a second skin for a smooth finish but doesn’t feel suffocating or excessively tight. It is also thick enough to eliminate the risk of visible panty lines under even the tightest bottoms.