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Sheer Bikini, See Through Bikini & Micro Transparent Sheer Swimsuits

Sexy Sheer Bikinis, See Through Bikini & Sheer Swimwear

Sheer bikinis are sexy see-through bikini or swimwear styles that put your bare skin on display. These bikinis are usually crafted from classic swimsuit materials nylon, lycra, and polyester along with see-through mesh material.

While they’re not appropriate for every setting, sheer bikini swimwear are extremely sexy and stylish and effortlessly flatter every body type, shape, and size. These ultra-sexy bikinis are currently topping the swimwear trend charts and are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Sheer Bikini Styles

Classic sheer bikinis are naturally some of the sexiest bikinis on the market. Under the umbrella of sheer bikinis, however, there are multiple styles that can make your swimwear look even sexier and more scandalous.

Sheer Micro Bikini

Micro bikinis are ultra-skimpy bikinis that are designed to cover the absolute minimum amount of skin possible to still be classified as legally decent.

These bikinis consist of a small triangle of material in front, a G-string back, and a narrow string waistband. They are already extremely revealing, and the see through material of sheer micro bikinis just escalates the sexy, scandalous finish of these tiny bikini bottoms.

Sheer Peekaboo Bikini

Peekaboo bikinis are bikinis that feature scandalous keyhole cutouts to make these styles sexier and draw more attention to them. Popular places for cutouts in peekaboo bikinis are right above the crotch, at the back of the waistband. For peekaboo bikini tops, cutouts are generally placed around the nipples or right underneath them to add teasing, tantalizing style to these tops.

Sheer peekaboo bikinis can be crafted entirely from sheer material, or from opaque material with panels of sheer material in place of cutouts. Styles that are made from one hundred percent sheer material are more scandalous than classic peekaboo bikinis, while those that feature sheer panels instead of bare cutouts are slightly less revealing. However, both styles are very scandalous and equally sexy.

Sheer Bikini Tops

Bikini bottoms aren’t the only see through swimwear style on the market. You can also buy sexy sheer bikini tops to create a scandalous see-through swimwear set.

Sheer bikini tops don’t have to be completely see through. Many sheer bikini tops are only semi-sheer. These more modest styles usually include sexy sheer panels as well as opaque material that hides your nipples from view.

5 Top Tips on How to Wear a Sheer Bikini

Rocking a sheer bikini can be intimidating for even the most confident women. Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of you taking advantage of one of this season’s top swimwear trends.

It takes a lot of courage to wear a sheer bikini, but these ultra-revealing swimwear styles can actually help you feel sexier and more confident in your own body. Use these tips to learn when, where, and how to wear your sheer bikini to create the sexiest, trendiest swimwear look possible.

1. Pick the Right Time and Place

Sheer bikinis are very sexy, but they’re also very scandalous and they’re not appropriate to wear everywhere that you can wear a traditional bikini. Bikinis that are crafted entirely from see through the material are generally not allowed at public beaches or pools. If you want to wear your see through bikini in public, choose a semi-sheer style that conceals your private areas to be considered ‘decent’ on the shores of public beaches and at pools or lakes.

That being said, you don’t have to wear your see through bikini in public at all to reap the benefits of this sexy, stylish swimwear. Wear your sheer bikini to lay out and tan in your backyard to reduce tan lines and achieve a more even, natural golden glow. Or, wow your partner by rocking a sheer bikini for a steamy night in your backyard hot tub or swimming pool. This scandalous swimwear doubles as sexy lingerie that you can flaunt outside of the bedroom.

2. Don’t Go Totally See Through

Many sheer bikinis are not one hundred percent transparent. There are few public beaches and pools that allow you to wear fully see through bikini swimwear, so many bathing suit brands design semi-sheer bikinis that capture the essence of the sheer swimwear trend without revealing enough skin to bar you from a state beach.

Semi-sheer bikinis are usually made from classic opaque swimwear material and feature strategically-placed panels of sheer material to show off some bare skin underneath. They conceal your most private areas with an opaque material but leave some of your skin on display underneath sheer panels. These semi-sheer bikinis are still extremely sexy and can even be more eye-catching than completely sheer styles because they leave more to the imagination.

3. Test it Out

Your poolside debut in your new sheer bikini should not be the first time you’ve ever worn that bathing suit. It’s a good rule of thumb to try on every bathing suit you buy before you wear it out in public, but this guideline is especially important when it comes to swimwear as revealing as a sheer bikini. If you plan to wear your sheer bikini out at a beach, pool, lake, or other public areas, try wearing it in to take a dip in your own private hot tub or swimming pool. If you don’t have your own hot tub or pool, just put on your sheer bikini and spend an afternoon tanning in your backyard.

It’s important to get see through bikini wet if you ever plan on swimming in it. Have you ever worn a white or light-colored bikini and been shocked to discover that it's material turns see through once you step into the water? Many semi-sheer and sheer bikini styles also become more severely transparent when they’re wet. If you don’t have a private pool, try taking a bath in your see through bikini or soak it in the sink and then try it on to make sure you know just how much of your skin will really be on display when you finally wear your sheer bikini in public.

Wearing see through bikini in private for a few hours—as opposed to just trying it on and taking it right back off again—can help you get a better idea of how it fits and how see through it is in different natural lightings. Plus, the more time you spend wearing your sheer bikini in private, the more comfortable you’ll feel wearing it before you make your public debut.

4. Protect Yourself

Many women don’t realize that a sheer bikini puts you at risk of sun damage through excessive exposure to UV rays. Harsh UV rays are able to penetrate through most sheer and semi-sheer bikini styles.

Avoid a sunburn in your most sensitive areas by carefully applying sunscreen to your entire bodybeforeyou put on your bikini. If you’re out in the sun for several hours, make sure to reapply sunscreen underneath your bikini lines where sweat and friction have likely rubbed it away.

5. Be Confident

Confidence is key when it comes to wearing see through swimwear. It’s normal to feel nervous when wearing a sheer bikini, no matter what your body looks like. Women of all body types, shapes, and sizes feel insecure sometimes, and putting almost your entire body on display in see through swimwear just tend to magnify those feelings of insecurity.

Wearing a sheer bikini is actually a great exercise for improving you're own self- confidence. If you can gather the courage to put your body on display in such revealing swimwear, chances are good that you’ll start feeling better about your body and how it looks just the way it is instead of picking on your physical insecurities and wishing you could change them.