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Tiny Bikini

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Tiny Bikinis

Summer is fast-approaching, which means that swimwear shopping season is already here. Shopping for swimwear is a dreaded chore for many women. It can be a challenge to find swimwear that is stylish and in line with current trends but also fits and flatters your one-of-a-kind figure.

Say goodbye to the same boring, disappointing swimwear styles you force yourself to try on year after year after year. Tap into your adventurous side this summer and try something new with these ultra-skimpy and scandalous tiny bikinis in this collection. This collection is dedicated to tiny micro bikinis that let you bare all on the beach in the sexiest way. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Explore the tiny bikini styles in this collection to switch things up this summer and find your new favorite ultra-skimpy and scandalous swimwear styles.

How to Wear a Tiny Bikini

Tiny bikinis are ultra-sexy, skimpy, and scandalous. However, they are also intimidating for many women—which is only natural. Revealing so much bare skin in such skimpy swimwear is not something that most women are used to, and it can take some time and effort to feel comfortable and confident in your tiny bikini. However, once you get used to wearing a tiny bikini, you might just find yourself feeling even more comfortable and confident in your own skin at all times. Wearing a tiny bikini might feel uncomfortable or even scary at first, but it can actually boost your body confidence over time.

If you’re in the market for a tiny bikini, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The first thing to remember is that it’s normal to feel uncomfortable or under-confident in your tiny bikini. You will feel more confident over time, and in the end you’ll likely be glad you took the risk to rock a tiny bikini yourself. It is also important to note that—while there is nothing wrong with wearing a tiny bikini—these skimpy swimwear styles are not necessarily appropriate to wear to a public beach or pool. Many of these swimwear styles show off virtually all of your body with little to no opaque coverage. These tiny bikinis are designed for more private settings rather than public places

Tiny Bikini Styles

There are more tiny bikini styles available on the market than you might expect. This collection includes a wide variety of tiny bikini styles that are designed to fit and flatter a broad range of women’s figures.

Micro Bikinis

Most of the tiny bikinis in this collection qualify as micro bikinis. Micro bikinis are ultra-skimpy tiny bikinis. They offer very little coverage—even for the most private areas of your figure—and they are designed to show off as much of your figure as possible while providing minimal coverage that adds to the sex appeal of these ultra-skimpy swimsuits.

Sheer Micro Bikinis

In addition to offering ultra-skimpy coverage, many of the tiny bikinis in this collection are also designed with a semi-sheer finish that leaves even less to the imagination.

The sheer micro bikinis in this collection are made from a semi-sheer waterproof mesh material that thinly veils your bare skin with a blurring, perfecting finish that puts your sexy figure on display in an ultra-sexy way.

Strappy Micro Bikinis

Many of the micro bikinis in this collection are designed with strappy detailing that draws more attention to the sexiest parts of your figure.

Eye-catching trappy detailing around the bust and/or waistline of the tiny strappy bikinis you’ll find in this collection help enhance your cleavage, lengthen your legs, slim your midsection, and accentuate the sexiest parts of your figure overall.

Micro String Bikinis

String bikinis are the most popular bikini style on the women’s swimwear market. Many of the micro bikinis in this collection are string bikinis. Micro string bikinis are just like normal string bikinis, but they are made with much less material for an ultra-sexy and scandalous finish.

The micro string bikinis you’ll find in this collection are designed with narrow triangles of material on top that offer very minimal coverage for your bust while enhancing your cleavage. On the bottom, they feature a narrow triangle of material in front and either a second narrow triangle in back or an even skimpier back with a G-string cut. The sexy and scandalous micro string bikinis that are available in this collection put an ultra-skimpy twist on the classic string bikini.

Micro Monokinis

When you think of a one-piece swimsuit, skimpy micro swimwear is probably not the first thing to come to mind. While one-piece swimwear is traditionally associated with modesty and full coverage, that is not always the case.

This collection challenges everything you thought you knew about one-piece swimwear with its selection of micro monokinis. These micro monokinis are tiny, skimpy, and scandalous one-piece swimsuits that offer very minimal coverage. These sexy styles feature tiny thong cuts in back that show off the curves of your backside, deep plunging V necklines that accentuate your cleavage, and large side cutouts that make your legs look longer and your midsection appear slimmer.

These micro monokinis in this collection put a modern, scandalous twist on classic one-piece swimwear with ultra-sexy results.

Plus Size Tiny Bikinis

Never let anyone tell you your body isn’t “right” for a tiny bikini. The truth is that women of all body types, shapes, and sizes can rock tiny bikinis. 

This collection includes many tiny bikinis that are available in plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X. These plus size tiny bikinis are designed specifically to fit and flatter women with curvier, full-busted figures. If you are a curvy, busty, and/or plus size woman, check out the plus size