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Triangle bikinis are a classic in the world of women’s swimwear. The triangle bikini top is a timeless style that has been topping the trend charts since the two-piece bikini rose to popularity more than half a century ago. Traditional triangle bikinis are naturally flattering for women of all bust sizes. They show off enough skin to be sexy and stylish but offer enough coverage that they aren’t too skimpy to wear to a public beach or pool and are comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Plus, classic triangle bikini tops are super versatile. You can pair a simple triangle bikini top with bottoms of virtually any style or cut. You can mix and match a single triangle bikini top with bottoms in a wide variety of solid colors, patterns, and styles to create endless stylish swimwear looks that will last you through the summer. The timeless triangle bikini is a wardrobe essential. Every woman needs at least one triangle bikini in her summer swimwear collection. Explore this collection of top-quality triangle bikinis to find your new favorite trendy summer swimwear styles.

Triangle String Bikini Tops

When you think of a triangle bikini top, a triangle string bikini top is probably the first style that comes to mind. Most triangle bikini tops are string bikini tops that feature two adjustable triangles of material and two strings—one that goes around your ribcage and one that fastens around your neck. As such, classic triangle string bikini tops are also halter bikini tops because they tie directly around your neck in a flattering halter style.

While not all triangle bikini tops are string bikini tops, the majority of the triangle tops you’ll find in this collection are string bikini tops. Triangle string bikini tops are timelessly trendy, comfortable, easy to adjust to fit your bust size, and won’t leave you with odd tan lines at the end of a long day in the sun. The triangle string bikini tops in this collection are available in a wide selection of bright and neutral solid colors as well as fun, summery patterns.

Reversible Triangle Bikini Tops

Reversible swimwear is the best—it’s like getting two different bathing suits with just one purchase. This collection includes a selection of versatile, reversible triangle bikini tops.

The reversible triangle bikini tops you’ll find in this collection feature a solid color on one side and a pattern on the other side. With a reversible triangle bikini top, you can turn your top inside out and back again to mix and match it with coordinating bottoms. It’s like getting two bikini tops for the price of one.

Seamless Triangle Bikini Tops

Seamless bikini tops are more comfortable than bikini tops with bulky seams. They also remain discreet underneath stylish beach cover-ups and won’t leave your skin with red marks or dents.

This collection includes a variety of seamless triangle bikini tops. These tops are ultra-discreet, super comfortable, and offer a close and secure fit for women of all shapes and sizes.

Padded Triangle Bikini Tops

One major misconception about triangle bikini tops is the idea that triangle tops offer little by way of support for your bust. While it is true that triangle bikini tops are skimpy by nature, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be designed to offer adequate support and security for larger-busted women. This collection includes a selection of triangle bikini tops with built-in padded lining. This padding offers more comfortable support and security for women with fuller busts and smooths the shape of busts of all sizes.

In addition to triangle bikini tops with a lightly padded lining, this collection also includes push-up triangle bikini tops. These push-up tops feature additional padding that shapes and lifts your bust and highlights your cleavage. The push-up triangle bikini tops in this collection are ideal for women with both small and large busts. Their push-up padding offers additional support and security for full-busted women. It also adds shapely volume to smaller busts and accentuates the cleavage of smaller-busted women for a curvier, more flattering fit.

Plus Size Triangle Bikini Tops

Contrary to popular belief, triangle bikini tops aren’t just for small-busted women. Curvy and plus size women with larger, fuller busts can comfortably wear triangle bikini tops, too. Many of the triangle bikini tops and triangle bikini sets in this collection are available in plus sizes 1X through 3X in order to fit and flatter curvier women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.

The plus size triangle bikini tops you’ll find in this collection are designed with special support features to provide additional support for larger-busted women. These added support features include padding, molded cups, underwire, wider straps, adjustable straps, etc. to maximize comfort and security for full-busted when.

Ribbed Triangle Bikinis

Ribbed material is currently topping the trend charts in the world of women’s swimwear. It adds interest, texture, and style to swimwear and fits snugly against your figure for a close and flattering fit.

This collection includes a selection of ribbed triangle bikini tops and ribbed triangle bikini bottoms. These ribbed triangle bikinis are made with the highest-quality materials with a ribbed texture and are in line with current top trends on the modern women’s swimwear market.

Triangle Bikini Sets

In addition to individual triangle bikini tops, this collection includes a selection of triangle bikini sets that include a pair of bikini bottoms along with a triangle bikini top. The triangle bikini sets in this collection are two-piece sets that include a triangle string bikini top with matching or coordinating bikini bottoms. Some of these sets come with classic string bikini bottoms, while others feature high-waisted bottoms, cheeky bottoms, etc.

The bikini top and bottoms in each triangle bikini set in this collection come in matching colors and patterns, but you can mix and match individual pieces in each set with other coordinating tops and bottoms that you already have in your collection. These bikini sets help you put together stylish, streamlined ready-to-wear swimwear looks that you can rock poolside or by the beach without putting extra effort into piecing together individual tops and bottoms yourself.

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