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10 Best Plus Size Bras

10 Best Plus Size Bras

10 Best Plus Size Bras

Bras are one of the essential pieces of clothing women own. However, many women also curse their bras as some of the most uncomfortable pieces in their wardrobe. When it comes to plus-sized bras, comfort levels are often even worse. Because of the amount of support and security they provide, many plus-sized bras feel suffocating, tight, or otherwise uncomfortable.

Women of every size should have easy access to comfortable bras that help them feel better instead of plaguing their everyday activities with discomfort and pain. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of plus-sized bras on the market that positively defy comfort expectations while still providing ample support for your bust. Keep for best plus size comfort bra, and most comfortable plus size bra


10. Parfait Charlotte Padded Plus Size Bra

Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra

Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra 6909 in Bronze $42.00

This gorgeous plus-sized bra is available in sultry red and flirty pink and features black bows, straps, and details that give it a vintage burlesque style. Its cups are padded lightly with soft, comfortable foam that gently shapes and adds volume to your breasts without suffocating them.

Equipped with underwire, padding, boning, and support panels on the front and sides, this bra included everything you need to feel secure and supported all day long. All of its extra features are designed specifically with your comfort in mind and won’t itch, pinch, or squeeze you. This bra is available in sizes that range from 32C to 44G.

9. Panache Tanga Balconnet Plus Size Support Bras

Panache Tang Underwire Balconnet BraPanache Tang Balconnet Bra

Panache Tang Balconnet Bra $56.00

Who says plus-sized women can’t wear balconette bras? This bra from Panache proves that, no matter what size you are, you can effortlessly wear a balconette-style bra without suffering from dreaded double boob or feeling like your breasts are going to pop out of your shirt.

The bra features gentle underwire, lightly lined cups, and panels that smooth and shapes without compressing. Its wires, straps, and closures feature extra strength to support your bust securely without causing you to feel trapped. This beautifully simple bra is detailed with a sweet and subtle embroidered leaf pattern and comes in an extensive range of sizes from 28D to 44K.


8. Dominique Mystique Seamless Plus Size Minimizer Bra

Dominique Mystique Seamless MinimizerDominique Mystique Seamless Minimizer bra 7000

Dominique Mystique Seamless Minimizer 7000 $49.00

This minimizer bra is explicitly designed for plus-sized women. Its seamless construction creates a smooth and streamlined finish for your bust underneath any clothing. The bra’s cups are full coverage and rise high up on your breasts so that you feel gently supported at all times. It features sturdy underwire for support, but the wire is encased in cushioned padding everywhere to prevent any pinching or denting.

Available in light pink and nude, this bra is invisible under most clothing. Its straps are adorned with gorgeous floral appliquéing that add interest and sex appeal to the bra. The Dominique Mystique bra fits busts between size 32A up to 44G.

7. Panache Sculptress Chi Chi Plus Size Comfort Bra


 Panache Sculptress Chi Chi Bra $62.00

Every woman needs at least one, high-quality T-shirt bra in her collection for comfortable, everyday wear. For plus-sized women, this molded T-shirt bra from Panache is a great choice.

The bra features extra-strength hardware in the straps and closure to provide ultimate security for large-busted women. It's lined cups are stretchy and elasticized and mold effortlessly to your breasts to provide a close, custom fit. Designed with subtle floral lace detailing on the cups and straps; this bra is both pretty and practical. It comes in sizes from 36D to 46H.


6. Dominique Elodie Soft Support Plus Size Sports Bra

Dominique SOFT SUPPORT SPORTS BRA 6000Dominique Elodie Low Impact Sports Bra 6000

Dominique Elodie Soft Support Sports Bra 6000 $49.00

It can be very difficult for plus-sized women to find sports bras that fit them comfortably while still providing them with enough support to get through vigorous exercise. This sports bra from Elodie provides the perfect mix of comfort and security.

The bra features compression cups that gently shape and secure your breasts with no uncomfortable wiring involved. Instead of wiring, it includes a wide elastic band under the cups that stabilizes your bust without digging into your ribs while you work out. This sports bra comes in extended sizes up to 42DD/E.

5. Parfait Casey Plunge Moulded Plus Size comfort Bras

Parfait Casey Plunge Molded Plus Size Bra

Parfait Casey Plunge Moulded Plus Size Bras $46.00

This cute, simple molded bra is a fun and practical choice for everyday wear. Its cups are seamless and contoured with a plunging, V-neck design that looks sexy underneath more revealing, low-cut tops. The plunging design is still supportive due to the bra’s padded, comfortable panels, boning, and wires.

The bra comes in two feminine styles options: a cute, black floral pattern and a bright blue color with subtle lace detailing. Its sizing is available in 30D to 44G.

4. Dominique Anais Seamless Breathable Plus Size Bra

Dominique Anais Seamless Breathable Bra 7200

Dominique Anais Seamless Breathable Bra $49.00

This breathable bra ensures that you will never again feel suffocated in your bra on hot or active days. It features stretchy satin cups that are soft, comfortable, and seamless for invisibility under most clothes. The sides and back of the bra are lined with microfiber fabric for a softer fit.

The Anais bra comes in both gray and nude neutral shades. It is available in sizes from 32B up to 42G.

3. Cosabella Never Say Never Bralette Sweetie Plus Size Bras

Cosabella Never Say Never Bralette Sweetie Plus

Cosabella Never Say Never Bralette Sweetie Plus  $60.00

Plus-sized and large-breasted women can get in on the bralette trend, too. This extended-size bralette is completely wireless and unlined. It features scalloped lace edges and all-over sheer lace that feels smooth and comfortable against your skin.

The bra is available in three shades: a sultry black, feminine blush, and flattering white. It can be worn underneath clothing or by itself as sexy lingerie for the bedroom. The bralette comes in 1X, 2X, and 3X sizes to accommodate women with larger band sizes.


2. Parfait Carole Unlined Wire Plus Size Bras

Parfait by Affinitas Carole Unlined Wire Bra 3102

Parfait Carole Unlined Wire Bra 3102 $49.00

This bra combines the support of a wire bra with the comfort and sex appeal of an unlined bra. It's padded wiring lifts and lightly shapes your breasts while the unlined cups add sexy intrigue.

The unlined bra includes extra-wide straps, boning, and seams for added comfort and security. It is available in the black and pink-toned nude in sizes ranging from 30D to 40G.

1. Dominique Talia Front-Closure Plus Size Bra

Dominique Talia Front-Closure Bra 3900Dominique Talia Front-Closure Bra 3900

Dominique Talia Front-Closure Bra 3900 $52.00

This racerback, a front-closure bra is all about comfort and practicality. It is easy to take on and off with its front closure, and its racerback design provides you with extra support.

The bra is constructed with microfiber fabric that is both breathable and comfortably soft. Its cups are lined with foam that provides extra support and volume for the bra’s plunging neckline. This front-closure bra comes in a range of sizes between 32B and 42F.




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