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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Swimsuit Cover Up

Swimsuit Cover Ups

No summer swimwear look is complete without a cover up. Swimsuit cover ups offer convenient coverage for your bare skin—they are quick and easy to take on and off of both wet and dry skin. In addition to offering more coverage than your bikini, swimsuit cover ups also protect your skin against damage from the harsh rays of the sun.

Many women of all body types, shapes, and sizes feel uncomfortable and insecure in their bathing suits. Having a selection of swimsuit cover ups to pair with your bathing suits on hand can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your swimwear and might just encourage you to take more risks with your swimwear styles.

This collection is dedicated to swimsuit cover ups for women. It is home to a wide, diverse collection of swimsuit cover up styles that range from swimsuit cover up dresses to swimsuit cover up shorts to swimsuit cover up rompers and more. The swimsuit cover ups you’ll find in this collection are available in a range of both standard and plus sizes in order to fit and flatter as many women’s unique figures as possible.

The swimsuit cover ups you’ll find in this collection were hand-picked from top designers on the women’s swimwear market for placement in this collection. They are all of the highest quality and are in line with current top trends in the world of women’s swimwear. Keep in mind while browsing through this collection of swimsuit cover ups can mix and match all of these stylish swimsuit cover ups with the trendy bathing suits that are available in our diverse swimwear collection. Browse below to find your new favorite swimsuit cover up styles just in time for summer.

Swimsuit Cover Up Dresses

Dresses are the most popular swimsuit cover up style on the market. Swimsuit cover up dresses are very convenient and stylish. They fit loosely, so they don’t feel restrictive, itchy, or uncomfortable against your skin—even if your skin is wet and/or sandy. They’re easy to take on and off and they offer full coverage with just one piece, so you don’t have to worry about matching multiple cover up styles together for one swimwear look.

This collection includes a wide variety of swimsuit cover up dress styles, including shorter dresses for more casual occasions and longer maxi cover up dresses that are easy to dress up for a beachside dinner or other less casual settings.

Swimsuit Kimono Cover Ups

Kimono cover ups are another swimsuit cover up style that is currently a top trend on the women’s swimwear market. In fact, kimono styles are currently trending in the women’s fashion industry as a whole as cute and casual styles for everyday wear. Kimono cover ups for swimwear are made with sleeves and an open-front design. They are very easy to slip on and off, but offer full coverage over one-piece and two-piece swimwear.

The swimsuit kimono cover up styles in this collection are bright, colorful, and trendy. Browse through this collection to discover your new favorite kimono cover up styles, patterns, and colors.

Swimsuit Cover Up Skirt

Swimsuit cover up skirts offer coverage specifically for your bottom half, including your hips, backside, waist, and lower midsection area as a whole. Skirted cover up styles are ideal for women who want to mix and match tops and bottoms as cover ups. Some swimsuit cover up skirts are waterproof as well. These skirted bottoms can be worn in the water like any normal bathing suit style.

Browse through this collection to explore the variety of swimsuit cover up skirts that are available here.

Swimsuit Cover Up Shorts

Swimsuit cover up shorts are one of the most practical cover up styles. Like swimsuit cover up skirts, many cover up shorts styles are waterproof in order to offer coverage both in and out of the water.

The protective coverage these shorts offer are ideal for women who are active in their swimwear—such as for women who surf, swim in the ocean, etc.

Swimsuit Cover Up Rompers

A swimsuit cover up romper offers carefree, casual coverage over your bathing suit. These one-piece swimsuit cover ups eliminate the need to put effort into putting together a top and bottoms to put on over your swimsuit. Instead, just toss a swimsuit cover up romper into your beach bag and you’re all set.

Cover up rompers are one of the trendiest swimsuit cover up styles. Not only are they ultra-convenient, but they are also super stylish. Browse through the swimsuit cover up rompers that are available in this collection to discover the hottest cover up romper styles to rock over your swimwear this summer.

Sheer Swimsuit Cover Ups

It might seem like wearing a sheer swimsuit cover up defeats the purpose of wearing a cover up over your swimwear in the first place, but sheer swimsuit cover ups still offer protective coverage for your skin. Plus, they are ultra-sexy, stylish, and universally flattering for any body type.

This collection includes a variety of swimsuit cover ups that are made with sheer or semi-sheer material for a sexy, stylish finish.

Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Ups

This inclusive swimsuit cover up collection includes a wide, diverse selection of swimsuit cover ups that are available in plus sizes for curvy and busty women. The women’s swimwear market is targeted unfairly toward slimmer, smaller-busted women, which leaves many plus size women feeling insecure in their summer swimwear.

The plus size swimsuit cover ups that are available in this collection are designed to help curvier women feel more comfortable and confident in their swimwear. These plus size cover ups are designed to fit real plus size bodies and offer full, flattering coverage over one-piece and two-piece swimwear styles.