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Bra for Sagging Breasts, and Saggy Boobs

Sagging Breasts or Saggy Boobs

Sagging breasts or Saggy Boobs are an extremely widespread problem among women. Aging is the most common cause of sagging breasts. For many women, saggy boobs are one of the unwelcome but inevitable changes in your appearance that develop as you approach middle age. Like wrinkles, weight gain, and drooping skin, sagging breast are just one of the many visible signs of aging that women are horrified by and resistant to as they grow older. In fact, they can be one of the most frustrating side effects of aging for many women.

Breasts are a large part of women’s sexuality and many women experience a severe drop in confidence when they start to notice that their breasts are not as perky as they once were. While the natural process of aging is by far the most common cause of saggy boobs, women experience a loss of perkiness in their breasts for many reasons. Causes of sagging breasts include dramatic changes in weight, hormonal shifts, genetics, smoking, breast size, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and severe sunburn. If you struggle with sagging breasts for any reason, you are not alone. Fortunately, saggy boobs are not impossible to change. Women who are unhappy with their saggy boobs have a wide range of options for restoring perkiness to their breasts.

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Bra for Sagging Breast

Sagging Breasts Solutions

There are multiple options for remedying or masking sagging breasts, some of which are more practical than others. Every woman has different breasts, different preferences, and different lives. Therefore, the same sagging breasts solution won’t be the best option for all women. Taking steps toward remedying saggy boobs is a very personal choice and it’s important to choose the solution you think is best for you.


The most extreme option involves undergoing plastic surgery to lift or augment your breasts. Many plastic surgeons offer surgical procedures in which they remove excess skin from your chest in order to position your breasts higher up on your chest.

However, the surgical route can be very expensive and also requires serious medical procedures and recovery time. Furthermore, plastic surgery to lift breasts yields the most noticeable results for women with small breasts and is not always effective for women with larger or heavier breasts. The downsides of plastic surgery prevent it from being a viable option for most women.


Exercise is often touted as a “home remedy” for sagging breasts, but the true effectiveness or lack thereof of strength and cardio workouts for lifting your breasts is highly controversial and widely debated. Supporters of exercising to get perkier breasts encourage women to devote time to strengthening and toning their pectoral muscles to get their chest muscles in shape and hopefully pull their breasts up higher.

There’s nothing wrong with adding more exercise to your daily routine. However, doing fifty pushups every morning for the sole purpose of lifting your breasts will likely leave you disappointed. While there is no concrete evidence that exercising is ineffectual at lifting breasts, the results you see—if any—from this practice will probably be minimal and very slow to appear at all.

Creams/Pills/Homeopathic Remedies

There is no cream or oil you can smear on your breasts and no over-the-counter pills or vitamins you can swallow that will have any lifting effect on your breasts. These solutions are widely marketed as “magic” remedies that claim to dramatically lift your breasts in a very short amount of time.

Unfortunately, they don’t actually work that way—or at all. The only thing these gimmicky products effectively lift is money out of your wallet.

The Right Bra to Wear for Saggy Boobs

Your bra can have a significant impact on how perky your breasts look. Changing the bra you wear is the easiest, most practical and effective solution to sagging breasts for most women. Buying a new bra that makes your breasts look significantly perkier is very inexpensive and does not require any permanent alterations to your body or a bodybuilder lifestyle.

Wearing the right bra can completely hide your sagging breasts and allow you to show off a lifted, balanced bust to the world without undergoing any type of surgery or other invasive medical treatment or change your current lifestyle in any way. Plus, because so many women struggle with sagging breasts, there are many bras on the market that are designed specifically to gently and comfortably lift your bust to a perkier position. All you have to do is determine the best and most effective lifting bra for your unique sagging breasts.

How to Measure Bra Size for Sagging Breasts

The first and most important step in finding a lifting bra for your sagging breasts is correctly measuring your bra size. A well-fitting bra can remedy the appearance of and even prevent sagging breasts. On the other hand, regularly wearing a bra that doesn’t fit correctly can cause or worsen sagging. Women with saggy boobs often struggle with accurately measuring their bra size because standard self-measurement instructions are targeted toward women with perky, balanced breasts and often don’t accommodate for other breast types and shapes. If your breasts sag, there are certain things you should keep in mind while choosing bras in order to find one that effectively lifts and supports your breasts.

When measuring sagging breasts for a new bra, it can be difficult to get an accurate measurement of your bust and ribcage. It is helpful to enlist the help of a bra-fitting professional or even just a friend to take your measurements for you while you hold your breasts in position against your chest. If you want to measure yourself alone, wear a thin—preferably unlined—bra while measuring. The bra will secure your breasts in the right place and allow you to measure around your ribcage and bust. Just beware that measuring your breasts over a bra can yield numbers that are slightly skewed.

Pay special attention to the band of any bra you’re considering buying. One of the most important parts of a bra—especially for sagging breasts—is the band. The band of a bra is responsible for most of the support the bra provides. When you wear a bra, you should not be able to fit more than two fingers underneath its band. If you can, try a bra in a lower band size and higher cup size. However, the band of your bra should not pinch or dig into your skin. This discomfort is a sign of a band that is too small. A good rule of thumb for finding the right band size for you is to add two to three inches to the base measurement of your ribcage.

Bras for Sagging Breasts Reviews

There are countless bras on the market that are advertised as “lifting bras” and claim to restore perkiness to sagging breasts. The endless range of options can be overwhelming. Every woman’s breasts are different, and identifying the needs of your unique breasts is key to finding the most effective lifting bra for you.

Best Bra for Lifting Breasts

Plunge bras are designed with very low-cut cups so that you can wear a dress or top with a deep neckline without worrying about your bra showing. These bras are also ideal for lifting your breasts because the angled design of their cups automatically push your breasts upward and create the illusion of natural perky cleavage.

The Infinite T-Shirt Bra from Le Mystere is a comfortable, supportive plunge bra. It features soft microfiber contoured cups that gently shape your breasts and compressed bonded edges that ensure a significant lift. This bra’s casual T-shirt design and wide availability in sizes ranging from 32B to 40G solidifies it as a comfortable, versatile lifting bra for everyday wear.

Best Bra for Saggy Deflated Breasts

Breasts have a tendency to sag and deflate at the same time, especially after breastfeeding or significant weight loss. Finding a bra that effectively lifts and adds volume to saggy, deflated breasts while providing a good fit and offering enough support can be a challenging feat.

BareNecessities’ Olga Luxury Lift Bra is an ideal choice for women with this breast type. Its unlined underwire cups don’t constrict your breasts, but their powerful fabrication provides necessary shaping and support. The bra’s straps are adjustable and its closure features three columns with two hooks in order to ensure that the bra and your breasts remain securely in place during wear. The Luxury Lift bra caters to women with cup sizes ranging from 36C to 42DD.

Best Bra for Small Sagging Breasts

You don’t have to have a D+ cup size to experience sagging breasts. Even if they start out extremely perky, small breasts sag too. Unfortunately, most lifting bras are targeted toward full- busted women to meet the higher demand among that demographic. These skewed options leave women with small sagging breasts in the lurch when trying to find a well-fitting lifting bra.

The Bra-llelujah Demi Lift Bra from Spanx is designed to lift breasts of all sizes, starting at 32A. The amount of lift of this bra varies depending on your cup size; the smaller your breasts are, the more lift you’ll receive. The Bra-llelujah bra provides you with a visible lift while retaining the comfortable fit and no-bra feel to which many small-breasted women are accustomed. It does

not include any uncomfortable metal hardware and features straps that won’t dig into your skin throughout the day, making this quality bra a smart choice for women with small sagging breasts.

Best Bra for Large Sagging Breasts

Women with large busts often experience extreme sagging in their breasts, especially as they age. Large breasts are heavier and therefore pull harder on the skin of your chest, causing pronounced sagging in many cases.

The Panache Envy Full Cup Bra meets the lift and support needs of women with large sagging breasts. It has full cups that are divided into four sections to ensure maximum support. To effectively and comfortably lift your breasts, the bra also includes lined bottom cups with a supportive inner sling. As an added bonus, this Envy bra defies the stereotypes of drab, unattractive bras for large-busted women. It features floral lace trim and overlay and is available in multiple statement colors like red, light blue, and navy.

Best Push Up Bra for Sagging Breasts

Not every woman with sagging breasts wants to wear a push up bra. However, push up bras are a great choice for women who are looking for a bra that lifts their sagging breasts and enhances the size and shape of their cleavage.

Dominique’s Front Closure Push Up Bra is a lifting push up bra that is designed for everyday wear. Its front closure and racerback design gives the bra a carefree and casual finish, while its deep plunge closure accommodates low-cut tops and helps lift your breasts. With foam-lined cups crafted from fine stretch microfiber, this bra—unlike many other push up bras—is comfortable enough for everyday wear to lift and enhance your breasts no matter the occasion.

Which Type of Bra is Best for Heavy Breasts?

Sagging occurs more frequently in women with heavy breasts. By nature of gravity, the weight of heavy breasts slowly stretches the skin of your chest and pulls your breasts to a lower position over time. While larger breasts weigh more than smaller breasts, size is not the only factor that determines how heavy your breasts are. If your breast tissue is particularly dense, your breasts are likely heavy enough to eventually sag no matter what size they are. Plus, the shape of your torso and your height can affect how heavy your breasts feel and how they sag over time.

If you have heavy breasts that are also fairly small—below a D cup—demi cup and balconette bras can provide you with the support you need. These bras include all of the support features of a full-coverage bra, but their half-cup design ensures a sexy and comfortable finish. The style of demi cup and balconnette bras also shape and lift to give sagging or deflated small breasts a perky, round finish.

Women with larger heavy breasts should go for a full-coverage bra. You don’t necessarily have to buy a lifting bra just because you have heavy breasts. All you need is a bra that offers enough support to keep you comfortable and prevent your breasts from straining the skin of your chest. Look for lined bras that feature underwire, padded straps, and sectioned cups that cover your

entire breast. Bras with these features are well-equipped to provide adequate support for breasts that are both large and heavy.

Which Type of Bra is Best for Preventing Saggy Breasts

If you have noticed that your breasts are beginning to sag or are just worried that they might sag in the future, there are steps you can take with your current bra-wearing habits to keep your breasts perky and lifted. Put simply, the best type of bra for preventing saggy breasts is a supportive bras. Supportive bras take strain off of your breasts and prevent their weight from pulling the skin of your chest downward over time.

Adequate support is vital for preserving the perkiness of your breasts, especially if you have larger breasts that are more likely to sag over time. If you have a full bust, make sure that the bras you wear on a daily basis are sectioned and include support features like support panels, padded straps, and at least three closure hooks.

Although support is particularly essential for larger, heavier breasts, it is important no matter what size your breasts are. Many women with small busts make the mistake of wearing unsupportive bras or no bra at all. Going braless or flaunting pretty, flimsy bralettes are perks of having smaller breasts. However, it’s still important to wear supportive bras when performing more rigorous activities, like exercising or even just walking for long distances. Women with an A, B, or C cup don’t need to worry about wearing bras with extra support features. Just make sure your everyday bras are well-fitting, lined, and include underwire or snug elastic band.

Even if you buy the ideal bra for preventing sagging breasts, it still won’t be effective if you don’t take good care of it. Never put your bras in the dryer. The heat and movement of the dryer can stretch out bras and warm them, thereby reducing the support they provide. Wash your bras on a delicate setting and let them air-dry instead. Also, accept that your bras do wear out; after you wear a bra for a while, it eventually “dies” and stops adequately supporting your breasts. You should replace bras that you wear regularly every six to nine months and switch out bras you don’t wear on a daily basis after about one hundred wears. Purchasing a supportive bra and taking care of it well can effectively prevent saggy boobs as well as offer comfort, support, and lift to breasts that have already sagged.

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