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How to Style Leggings and Leggings Outfits in the Winter

How to Wear Leggings, and Leggings Outfit in the Winter | HauteFlair

How To Style Leggings in the Winter

If you’re like thousands (probably millions) of other modern fashion lovers, leggings are your savior during the winter season. Their existence in your closet is the ultimate comfort when you’re trying to drag yourself out of bed before sunrise on a cold, dark winter morning. Leggings are the best of all worlds. They’re virtually on the comfort and coziness level of sweatpants, but they’re much more acceptable to wear to brunch, class, shopping, or even work. Leggings blend in well with almost any outfit without looking mismatched or out of place. Plus, they’re not just vaguely socially acceptable; they’re even considered trendy by modern standards. If you’re looking for some new legging options, check out this collection of some of the sexiest leggings on the market.

But without a bit of fashion inspiration, there are only so many pieces you can put on with the same pair of black leggings before your wardrobe choices start to look a little redundant. If you think you’re at the level where your friends, family, or coworkers are beginning to notice that you wear the same leggings-and-sweater combo every week, it’s probably time to switch things up a little. Fortunately, there are many things you can do with the versatile, magic wardrobe essential that is your favorite pair of black leggings. You just need some inspiration to spark your fashion creativity to shop for Best Winter Leggings

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How To Wear Black Leggings in the Winter


1. Add Accessories to Your Leggings Outfit

Adding the right accessories to your outfit can prevent similar leggings-based looks from appearing redundant. Accessories take the center stage and draw attention away from your leggings, allowing them to fade into the background of your look.

You can make the same outfit look completely different just by using different accessories. Experiment with different jewelry, scarves, beanies, knee-high socks, etc. Just make sure to keep your outfit from looking too crowded by limiting the eye-catching accessories you choose to one or two pieces.


2. Don’t Knock the Classic

It’s hard to argue that a bulky sweater with leggings isn’t a bit of an overdone combo when it comes to casual winter wear. This pairing is popular for a reason, though; it’s cozy, comfortable, and feels like putting on a giant blanket that you can wear out in public.

You can make a sweater-and-leggings combo more eye-catching and less basic by adding a focal point to your look. This focal point can be anything that draws attention, from a statement necklace to a patterned scarf.

How To Wear Leggings in the Winter

3. Cozy Up in a Cardigan

Like girls and diamonds, a cardigan is your favorite pair of leggings’ best friend. Cardigans add coziness and warmth to your outfit, which makes them the perfect choice to wear with your leggings on a cool winter day.

Pair your combo of cardigans and leggings with a fitted T-shirt or thin sweater to add balance to your look and keep your shape visible under your layers.


4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Shoes

The shoes you wear with your leggings can make all the difference between a casual, boring outfit and a trendy, put-together look.

During the cold winter months, boots of any kind are the go-to shoe choice to pair with leggings. Spice up a standard combination of leggings and a sweater with eye-catching shoes, like thigh-high suede boots or lace-up knee boots, to add instant interest. Or, dress down a busier outfit with plain combat boots or matte black booties.


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5. Experiment with Outerwear

A large part of most winter wardrobes is outerwear. Cozy outerwear kills two birds with one stone; it helps keep you warm, and it can make your outfit appear more put-together.

To prevent a bulky finish but still keep warm, start with thin layers and add outerwear on top. Try a cropped denim jacket or leather jacket to add an on-trend finish to your look. Or, go with longer, oversized pieces for more coverage and warmth.


6. Get Graphic for Black Leggings

Graphic tees fit in perfectly with the casual and carefree vibe of leggings. Plus, they add an instant focal point to your look that makes wearing essential black leggings perfectly acceptable.  If the temperature cold to go out in just a t-shirt, throw on a chunky cardigan, or a denim jacket on top to keep warm.


7. Professionalize Your Leggings Look

Believe it or not, you can wear your leggings to work without appearing entirely unprofessional. Leggings can fit in as a professional outfit if you pair them with the right pieces.

Try wearing leggings with a collared shirt and sweater. Layer an oversized blazer or trench coat on top to add coverage and professionalism.


8. Dress Up with a Dress

Pairing leggings with a dress is a great way to get some use out of your spring and summer dresses even during cold weather.

Wear a loose, patterned dress for a whimsical finish or layer on a fitted, bodycon dress if you want to get a little more formal. Be sure to wear something on top, too, like a cardigan or a denim jacket or vest. This extra top layer will balance out your look and prevent you from looking bottom-heavy.


9. Go Oversized with Your Leggings

Oversized clothing is comfortable and oh-so-comfortable and cozy to wear in the winter. However, oversized pieces also tend to make your whole outfit look bulky or sloppy.

Leggings prevent this bulky look. You can wear oversized sweaters or outerwear over your leggings without worrying about hiding your shape and getting lost in your layers. Pair large, oversized pieces with slimming shoes like tight, heeled boots to accentuate your natural body shape.


10. Wear Layers With Leggings

Layers are key to any successful winter wardrobe, and leggings make an ideal base for layering because they are so simple and unobtrusive.

Start with a thin bottom layer, like a fitted T-shirt or long-sleeve, and add on from there with a sweater, coat, etc. Pair thick layers with chunky shoes—think combat or heeled boots—to maintain balance in your outfit.

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