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20 Best Tank Tops, and Women's Tank Top Styles to Shop Online

 Tank Tops

When you think of women’s summer styles, tank tops are probably one of the first things that come to mind. Nothing beats the heat quite like a sleeveless top so as the weather gets warmer, tank tops naturally start lining the shelves in the women’s clothing section of boutiques and department stores alike.

Tank tops are always in style for women during the summer, if only by necessity. However, styles are always changing and different tank top styles fall in and out of fashion each year. This guide details some of the tank top styles currently topping the trend charts, focusing on styles that will keep you cool in the summer heat.


1. Summer Tank Top Styles for Women

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Your options for trendy tank top styles in the summertime are endless. There are more tank top styles out there than you think, which can make the process of adding new tanks to your wardrobe a little overwhelming at times. However, exploring new tank top styles is definitely worth the effort—your new favorite tank top this summer might be a style you’ve never even considered before.

Expand your mindset—and your wardrobe—by exploring the many different types of tank tops the contemporary women’s fashion market has to offer. Each different tank top style is completely unique and plays a slightly different role in your wardrobe. However, they do have a few important things in common. All of these tank top styles help keep you cool and dry on hot days and contribute both fashion and function to your summer wardrobe.


2. Crop Top Tank Tops

Hanky Panky Crop Tank Tops

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Save your crop top tank tops for those sweltering summer days when leaving your air-conditioned house feels impossible. Crop tanks are currently one of the most trendy tank top styles. They’re breezy, laid-back, and slimming to flatter your figure even if your plans to get your perfect summer beach bod by June didn’t exactly pan out.

Pair a basic, form-fitting spaghetti strap crop tank with high-waisted distressed skinny jeans to create a stylish, casual look that looks effortlessly sexy. Cinch a belt around your waist to boost your crop tank’s slimming effects on your midsection. Or, rock trendy athleisure wear in a loose cropped tank top, skin-tight high-waisted leggings, and simple sneaker flats.


3. Lace Tank Tops

Hanky Panky Evelyn Lace Tank Top

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Lace adds a touch of femininity to any tank top. If you want your look to be a little less boring and a little more girly, reach for a lace tank top style.

If you’re tired of your basic tank tops, pick out a casual tank with lace trim or lace detailing. Basic lace tank tops add interest and style to any casual look without dressing it up too much. Pair a solid, flowy lace tank with a pair of cutoff mom jeans and cute flat sandals. Or, show off your figure in a tight-fitting lace tank top tucked into a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. Finish this look with a wide belt to slim your waist and accentuate your sexy curves.


4. Dressy Tank Tops

Tank tops are usually thought of as casual wear, but some tank styles have a dressier vibe. Dressy tanks are usually made from more luxurious materials, like satin or silk. They are generally more modest than super casual tank styles and often include strappy detailing or sharper necklines for a more elegant finish.

In fact, you can dress up or professionalize even the most basic tank top if you style it the right way. Before you head to an office meeting on a summer day, throw on a fitted blazer over a lace-trimmed tank top. Or, tuck a tight tank top into a high-waisted skirt and add a denim jacket on top to create a fun and flirty look for a semi-casual first date.


5. Layering Tank Tops

Layered tank tops first topped the trend charts in the early 2000s when style icon celebrities started rocking them on the red carpets. While layering tank tops fell out of fashion before the 2010s, this trend has recently resurfaced in a new way.

Instead of layering several tight tank tops on top of each other, the modern layered tank top trend involves layering a looser tank over another shirt. Try layering a flowy, cropped lace tank top over a plain white tee tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans for a quirky, vintage look.

Layering a tank top underneath another top isn’t always outdated. This layering technique can make an overly revealing top modest and appropriate for a more conservative setting. If you’re going to wear a tank top as your bottom layer, just make sure it hugs your figure and doesn’t add too much bulk to your outfit.


6. Loose Flowy Tank Tops

Loose flowy tank tops help you stay cool and dry on a hot day. They’re feminine and stylish with a subtle boho vibe. Plus, these tanks do wonders for combatting sweat when it’s sticky and humid outside.

When you’re wearing a loose tank top, always pair it with fitted bottoms that show off the shape of your legs and your rear. Because they fit so loosely, flowy tank tops have a tendency to make you look shapeless, especially if your bottoms aren’t form-fitting either. Try pairing a loose flowy tank top with a pair of distressed skinny jeans. The fit of the skinnies will combat the shapelessness of the tank, and their distressed detailing adds balance to your outfit and keeps you from looking top-heavy.


7. Halter Tank Tops

Halter tank tops are stylish and super sexy. Even the most basic solid tank tops make a fashion statement if they have a halter neck. There are many different types of halter tank tops. Crop tanks, high neck tank tops, and V neck tank tops are common tank styles that sport a halter neck. Many halter tank top styles are backless, which makes them the perfect top choice on days when you decide to leave your bra at home.

Balance out a casual cropped halter tank top with a pair of cute, flirty cutoff denim or flowy shorts. Wear a sexy, V neck halter tank to draw attention to your bust and pair it with distressed skinny jeans for a more streamlined finish that doesn’t leaveallthe attention on your chest. Rock a loose, flowy high neck halter tank top with slim dark jeans for a laid-back, modest but flattering look with an elegant finish.


8. High Neck Tank Tops

High neck pieces have been trending for the past several seasons, and high neck tank tops are no exception. These tanks are stylish, semi-modest, and flattering for every figure.

When it comes to planning an outfit around a high neck tank top, balance is key. It’s important to always pair these tanks with eye-catching bottoms in order to balance out the tank’s high neckline and avoid looking top-heavy. Try wearing a high neck tank top with distressed skinny jeans, loose mom jeans, or flowy pants in a bright pattern to ensure a balanced, streamlined finish.


9. Camisole Tank Tops

Camisole tank tops—also known just as camisoles or camis—are the most basic, versatile tank top style. Every woman should have a collection of basic camis in her closet. These tanks are usually made from thin material and hug your figure tightly with a second-skin fit. Some camisole styles have built-in fabric shelf bras that offer an extra —albeit thin—layer of coverage over your bust if you want to go braless.

You can wear virtually anything underneath a camisole tank top. They are practical and functional as well as stylish. If you want to make another top more modest, layer a cami underneath it. Wear a camisole under an itchy or irritating top to stay comfortable without adding too much bulk or heat to your outfit. Or, just rock a camisole tank on its own with a pair of denim cutoff shorts for a super casual look.


10. Solid Tank Tops

Like camisoles, solid tank tops are a basic, versatile essential. Every woman should have solid tank tops in several different bright and natural colors in her closet.

You can wear a classic solid tank top with any bottoms. There are few tops you can pair with bright patterned flowy pants or a skirt with a tropical floral print, but a solid tank top meshes effortlessly with these eye-catching bottoms and lets them take center stage in your look without getting in the way.


11. Swing Tank Tops

Swing tank tops are virtually the same as loose, flowy tank tops. They are very loose- fitting and their free material swings subtly when you move, hence the name of this tank style. These tops are generally made from heavier material than other tank top styles in order to hang and swing naturally without moving too much as you walk.

Pair a patterned swing tank top with a pair of distressed jeans and flats for a simple, stylish feminine look. Wear a long statement necklace over a solid swing tank and add leggings and ankle boots for an elegant look with subtle boho vibes.


12. Long Tank Tops

Long tank tops are the ideal companion to slim bottoms, like leggings and skinny jeans. Pairing longer tank styles with wider bottoms tends to create a bulky, lumpy look that hides your shape. Slimmer bottoms, on the other hand, give your look a sleek, streamlined finish that flatters both thin and curvier figures.

If you feel uncomfortable when you wear leggings with a cropped or standard-length shirt, try wearing a loose, long tank top over your leggings instead. A long tank top will cover your rear and help you feel less exposed in leggings without adding excess bulk to your look.


13. Ribbed Tank Tops

Ribbed tank tops are made from soft, viscose and elastane blend material. They are super stretchy and soft, and their textured ribbed material adds interest to any basic tank and draws attention to your curves with its natural figure-hugging fit.

You can pair a ribbed tank top with any bottoms, from jeans to leggings to a skirt. Anything you would normally wear with a basic, solid tank, you can easily wear with a ribbed tank style too.


14. Racerback Tank Tops

Racerback tank tops are known mainly as athletic wear tops to wear to the gym or on a run, but these tops can also create stylish athleisure wear looks for a casual day at home or out running errands. These tops are one of the most laid-back types of tank tops. Many racerback tanks feature lighthearted graphics that add quirky fun to this tank top style.

These tanks are versatile and ultra-comfortable. Pair a loose, racerback tank top with leggings and flat sneakers to create a look that’s comfortable, casual, and cute. Just make sure to wear a racerback-style bra underneath any racerback tank you wear to prevent a sloppy, overly casual look that bares your bra straps to the world.


15. Cotton Tank Tops

Tank tops can be made out of countless different materials, including polyester, nylon, spandex, silk, satin, and cotton. Cotton is by far the most comfortable material to wear in the summertime. It’s soft, lightweight, breathable, and doesn’t encourage sweat or show moisture.

Whenever possible, try to choose a tank top that is made from one hundred percent cotton or is at least a blend that includes a high percentage of cotton material. If you look hard enough, you can find a cotton tank top in any style. You’ll thank yourself for your effort when you’re cool and dry in a cotton tank top on the hottest day of the year.


16. Tank Tops with Bra Support

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is fasten a tight, itchy bra around your chest. Fortunately, some tank tops have built-in bras that help support and secure your bust without feeling suffocating in the heat.

Many camisole tanks include a shelf bra, which is basically just an extra layer of fabric that hugs your bust. These built-in bras offer slightly more coverage, but they don’t actually provide much support. If your breasts are larger than an A cup, look for a more supportive tank top that includes molded cups, underwire, and other essential features of a real bra.


17. Athletic Tank Tops

Tank tops are very popular in the world of workout wear. They offer more coverage than a sports bra but don’t limit the mobility of your arms, back, or shoulders like some T-shirts or sleeved tops. Because so many women wear tank tops when they go on a run or head to the gym, many athletic wear companies have developed athletic tank tops that are made specifically to wear while you work out or play a sport.

Athletic tank tops are designed to keep you feeling comfortable and secure while you work out. Many athletic tank top styles are crafted from high-quality, durable materials and feature extra support features, like a racerback design and built-in bra cups. Even if you’re not a gym rat, you can still benefit from adding a few athletic tank tops to your wardrobe. You can rock an athletic tank top anywhere you would wear a normal tank top if you’re looking for a simple, higher-quality tank top style that offers more comfort and support.

Since you sweat more when you’re engaging in a rigorous physical activity, most athletic tank tops are made from special moisture-wicking fabric that helps you stay cool and dry while you work out or play a sport. This moisture-wicking material can help increase your comfort even when you’re not working out. If you live in a very hot area or tend to sweat a lot, wearing athletic tank tops on an everyday basis can help you stay comfortable and avoid embarrassing sweat stains on summer days that are especially hot or humid.


18. Shaping Tank Tops

Wearing shapewear is nothing to be ashamed of—even celebrity and style icon Kim Kardashian openly admits to regularly wearing body shapers to smooth her famous curves. However, many women still feel uncomfortable and insecure when they wear full body shapers, shaper shorts, girdles, or other classic shapewear styles underneath their clothes.

Shaping tank tops provide the smoothing and slimming benefits of classic shapewear, but they are virtually indistinguishable from any other basic tank top style. These tank tops are made from firming fabric and are designed to gently compress your midsection to flatten your tummy, slim your waist, and smooth your hips and love handles. You can wear a shaping tank top by itself or to provide smoothing support underneath a blouse or other top.

Shaping tank tops are the perfect discrete shapewear style for hot summer days. They give you the best of both worlds—smooth, slim curves and a boost of confidence without any of the insecurity many women feel when they wear classic shapewear styles.


19. Swim Tank Tops

It turns out you really can wear a tank top all summer long, even when you’re splashing in the ocean or swimming laps in the pool. A swim tank top is a simple, stylish and practical swimwear option to add to your vacation shopping list this summer. Swim tank tops set themselves apart from other popular, similar swimwear styles—like tankinis— with their clingy, flattering fit and full-coverage midsection that generally extends down all the way to the waistband of your swim bottoms.

Swim tank tops are both fashionable and functional. Their simple style allows you to pair your swim tank top with virtually any swim bottoms—from hipster boy shorts to a thong bikini. Because they are form-fitting and secure, swim tank tops won’t slip down or fall off if you’re swimming laps or playing a water sport. Plus, if you feel uncomfortable about showing off so much of your skin in a bikini or other skimpy swimwear style, you can wear a swim tank top to get more coverage for your midsection while still staying in line current swimwear trends.


20. Tank Top Dresses

Tank top dresses put a stylish, practical twist on the classic tank top style. These trendy dresses are basically just long tank tops with a hem that extends down to your mid- or upper thigh. Wearing a tank top dress is an effortless way to stay cool in the summer while still making a stylish statement with your outfit.

You can find a tank top dress in any style you want, whether you prefer a flowy tank top dress, body con tank top dress, halter tank top dress, or swing tank top dress.There are as many different types of tank top dresses as there are regular tank top styles. Plus,

tank top dresses are extremely versatile. Depending on the style you choose, you can rock a tank top dress anywhere from a first date to a beach bonfire to a cocktail party.