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A Guide to Tankini Swimwear and tankini tops for women

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Tankini Tops For Women?

The tankini is a popular two piece swimwear style that revolutionized the women’s swimwear market starting in the early 1990s. Tankinis provide a stylish yet traditionally conservative swimwear option that doesn’t force you to choose between covering up and staying on-trend.

Tankinis are known for their modesty, which makes this style a rarity in the modern world of cheeky bikini bottoms and tiny triangle tops. Unlike bikinis and other skimpier two piece swimwear styles, tankinis provide full coverage for your midsection to help you feel comfortable and confident on the beach and by the pool.

Tankini, Tankini Swimwear Tops | HauteFlair

Tankini Swimwear Top - Panache Stripe Bandeau Tankini Swim Top 



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