Brazilian Panties

Brazilian Panties 

Brazilian cut panties are panties that offer coverage that’s somewhere in between that of bikini panties and thong panties. As such, Brazilian panties are an ideal panty style alternative for women who are in the market for panties that are more discreet than traditional bikini panties but that offer a little more coverage than classic thong panties. Although they offer more coverage than that of a classic thong, Brazilian panties are generally considered to be one of the types of thongs on the women’s underwear market. They are also sometimes considered cheeky panties because of the in-between amount of coverage they provide for your backside.

As their name suggests, Brazilian panties for women originated in Brazil as a popular cut for Brazilian women’s underwear. You may also have heard of Brazilian jeans and Brazilian cut bathing suit bottoms, both of which are styles that also originated in Brazil and spread to become stylish top trends for women all over the world. Today, Brazilian panties are beloved in many different countries across the world for their flattering fit, style, comfort, and versatility. They are known as some of the best women’s underwear on the market. Brazilian underwear can be worn comfortably and discreetly as everyday panties for all-day wear, and they can be flaunted in the bedroom as lingerie that teases a bit of bare skin on your backside. This collection of Brazilian panties for women includes a wide range of panty styles from hipsters to bikinis—all with a Brazilian cut in back—to help you update your at-home everyday underwear and lingerie panty collections.

Brazilian Cheeky Panties

By nature, Brazilian cut panties are cheeky panties because of the amount of coverage they offer in the back that is in between the amount of coverage thongs and bikinis provide.

The Brazilian cheeky panties you’ll find in this collection offer sexy, flattering cheeky coverage in back and discreet, visible panty line-free coverage in front.

Brazilian Lace Panties

Brazilian panties are comfortable for everyday wear, but sexy enough to double as lingerie for the bedroom. The selection of Brazilian lace panties in this collection are crafted from all-over semi-sheer stretch lace or feature lace trim or detailing.

These Brazilian lace panties have a flirty, feminine finish that is universally flattering and ultra-versatile. These versatile sexy panty styles transition seamlessly from comfy panties for everyday wear to flattering panties for sexy fun in the bedroom.

Brazilian Brief Panties

Brazilian briefs offer the best of both worlds for women who value both comfort and sexy style in the panties they wear on an everyday basis.

The Brazilian brief panty styles available in this collection feature a classic cheeky Brazilian cut in back and offer full coverage in front like traditional brief panties to guarantee comfort for everyday wear and a sexy, flattering fit in the back.

Brazilian Boyshorts Panties

Boyshorts panties are known as one of the most conservative types of underwear for women. Classic boyshorts offer full coverage in both front and back, but Brazilian boyshorts panties put a flattering twist on the traditional boyshorts style.

Brazilian boyshorts panties look like classic boyshorts in front but offer cheeky coverage in back to show off a bit of bare skin on your backside and create a more flattering fit that keeps visible panty lines at bay.

Brazilian Bikini Panties

The Brazilian bikini panty style is one of the most popular Brazilian panty styles. Brazilian bikinis are also sometimes referred to as Brazilian minikinis because they don’t provide the full amount of coverage that classic bikini panties offer.

Brazilian bikini panties look just like classic bikini panties in front and offer cheeky coverage in the back that naturally fits and flatters your curves for a sexy finish.

Brazilian Hipster Panties

Hipster panties naturally accentuate your sexy curves and sit flat against your hips to eliminate the risk of visible panty lines.

This collection includes multiple Brazilian hipster panty styles. These Brazilian hipster panties feature a classic cheeky Brazilian cut in back and are designed to be ultra- discreet and remain invisible under even the tightest bottoms and dresses.

High Waisted Brazilian Panties

High waisted panties are currently one of the most popular types of women’s panties on the market. They are beloved for the comfort and smoothing coverage they provide.

The high waisted Brazilian panties available in this collection offer gentle smoothing for your midsection and provide cheeky coverage in back to flatter your backside while comfortably slimming and sculpting your lower midsection—with no visible panty lines.

Plus Size Brazilian Panties

Brazilian cut panties are universally flattering for women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. This Brazilian underwear collection includes many diverse Brazilian cut panty styles that are available in a wide, inclusive range of sizes.

The panty sizes you’ll find in this collection include both standard sizes and plus sizes 1X through 3X in order to fit and flatter a wider range of women’s sexy figures.

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