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Slips and Shapewear, Women Shapewear Skirt Slip, Half Slips | HauteFlair

Slips and Shapewear

This collection features a variety of slip shapewear styles that are designed to be worn discretely underneath form-fitting skirts and dresses for a slim and flattering finish.

What is Slip Shapewear?

It can be challenging to find shapewear that is compatible with a skirt or a dress. Many shapewear pieces don’t offer the right coverage to effectively shape your midsection in a skirt or dress while remaining invisible. Even some of the most discrete shapewear pieces tend to show telltale lines when worn underneath tight-fitting skirts and dresses. Plus, if you wear shapewear and a slip at the same time under a dress or skirt, layering so many pieces on top of one another can create an unflattering bulky look.

Slip shapewear is a specialized type of shapewear that is designed specifically to be worn underneath skirts and dresses. Slip shapewear looks virtually indistinguishable from traditional slips and can be worn the same way. However, unlike classic slips, slip shapewear is specifically designed to shape your figure in addition to helping your dress or skirt hang properly. The hidden shaping properties of slip shapewear pieces help sculpt your curves to create a slim, smooth finish for your body underneath tight skirts and dresses.

There are countless slip shapewear styles on the market, but there are two main categories: slip shapewear for dresses and slip shapewear for skirts. This collection includes multiple styles from both of these categories.

Slip Shapewear for Dresses

This collection features several slip shapewear styles that are designed to be worn underneath tight dresses. Slip shapewear for dresses tend to offer more completely coverage for your midsection than slip shapewear for skirts.

Some dress slip shapewear styles lift and shape your bust and smooth your back in addition to slimming your tummy, waist, and hips. If you want to wear slip shapewear under a strapless or low-cut dress, however, you can choose an open-bust, strapless style that stays invisible under less modest dresses.

Slip Shapewear for Skirts

Many of the slip shapewear styles in this collection are designed to be paired with skirts rather than dresses.

Slip shapewear for skirts provide coverage for your lower midsection, but only extend up to the top of your ribcage to avoid getting in the way of whichever top you choose to wear. These shapewear pieces effectively slim your waist, conceal your love handles, flatten your tummy, and sculpt your backside for a flattering finish under form-fitting skirts.