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Denim Leggings - HauteFlair

Denim Leggings

Get the comfort of leggings and the style and functionality of jeans with the perfect in-between style: denim leggings. Denim leggings look virtually indistinguishable from regular jeans if you style them right, but their cotton material is soft and flexible to ensure maximum mobility and breathability.

As much as you might love leggings, they are an undeniably limited style. Although the ‘leggings as pants’ crusade has definitely gained ground in recent years, there’s still something about basic black leggings that scream ‘lazy day at home’. If you’re among the thousands of women who look longingly at the comfy leggings in your drawer as you pull out a pair of jeans for a day at work, denim leggings could be your perfect solution. You automatically look more put-together in denim leggings than in basic black leggings —less like you’re ready to crawl back into bed and more like you’re ready to face the day ahead of you.

Unfortunately, denim leggings tend to get a bad rap. While many other denim leggings on the market may look cheap and inauthentic, the high-quality denim leggings in this collection are anything but tacky. These styles are on-trend and can keep you comfortable in both casual and professional settings—depending on how you style them.

Shaping Leggings

Many of the denim leggings in this collection have special, hidden shaping properties. While regular jeans tend to feel suffocating and create unflattering bulges in your curvier areas, these denim leggings are flexible and hug your figure for a snug but comfortable fit that never feels restrictive.

A high waistband on these shaping leggings styles offers light compression that effectively slims your midsection, including your hips, love handles, waist, and tummy. These gentle shaping properties shapewear sliming leggings enhance your natural curves without concealing them.

Different Washes

Just like standard denim jeans, the denim leggings in this collection are available in several different washes. As you’re choosing your favorite style, you can also choose your desired wash—black, white, dark blue, and lighter blue. All of these washes have a special finish that is designed specifically to mimic the look and texture of regular denim jeans.

These different washes allow you to expand your style options. With multiple washes at your disposal, you can pair them with virtually anything in your wardrobe to wear your denim leggings every day of the week without worrying about looking repetitive.