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High Waisted Thong

High waisted thongs are currently one of the most popular women’s panty styles on the market. These high rise thongs are a currently hot trend. This collection includes a wide selection of high waisted thong panties that are hand-picked from top designers on the women’s lingerie market for inclusion in this collection.

This collection includes a diverse selection of both casual high waisted thong panties for everyday wear and sexy high waisted thong panties that double as bedroom attire. Browse through the expansive inventory in this collection to discover your new favorite panty styles for everyday wear and to show off your figure in the bedroom.

High Waisted Cheeky Thong Panties

Cheeky thong panties offer slightly more coverage than thong panties with their cheeky cut that shows off only part of your backside instead of baring it all.

The high waisted cheeky thong panty styles you’ll find in this collection are especially flattering for women who want to enhance and draw attention to the curves of their backside. They are also perfect for women whose lingerie preferences veer toward more modest lingerie but who want to give more revealing thong lingerie a chance.

High Waisted G-String Thong Panties

G-string thong panties are skimpy thong panties that consist of a thin string waistband and a narrow strip of fabric that attaches to the waistband in front and back and offers coverage in the crotch area.

This collection of high waisted thong panties includes a selection of high waisted G-string thong panties that help define the curves of your midsection and accentuate your waistline.

High Waisted Shaping Thong Panties

This collection includes a selection of high waisted shaping thong panties. These high waisted tummy control shapewear thongs are designed to provide gentle smoothing and sculpting for your lower midsection.

The high waisted shaping thong panties you’ll find in this collection are crafted with double-layer material or made from special firming and shaping materials that gently smooth and sculpt your lower midsection to slim your waistline, sculpt your hips, smooth your love handles, and flatten your tummy with natural-looking results.

High Waisted High-Cut Thong Panties

High-cut thong panties have high-cut leg openings that naturally make your legs appear longer than they really are. High waisted thong panties gently smooth and sculpt your lower midsection. As such, high waisted high-cut thong panties lengthen your legs and smooth and sculpt your figure.

The high waisted high-cut thong panties you’ll find in this collection are ultra-flattering for a wide range of figures. These panties combine a high waistline with high-cut leg openings to create some of the most universally flattering thong panty styles on the market. Try them for yourself to see how these high waisted, high-cut thong panties can flatter your figure.

Plus Size High Waisted Thong Panties

The women’s lingerie market is unfairly targeted toward slimmer women, so it can be necessarily challenging and frustrating for plus size women to simply find High waisted thong panties can flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.

This inclusive collection features a wide selection of both practical and ultra-sexy high waisted thong panties that are available in plus sizes. Many of the high waisted thong panty styles you’ll find in this collection come in plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X in addition to a normal range of standard sizes. Browse through this collection to discover your new favorite plus size panty styles.

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