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Push Up Bikini & Padded Bikini Tops

Searching for a bikini that fits and flatters your figure can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Many women with smaller busts feel exposed and under-confident in bikini tops that emphasize their flat chest. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for these women to find push up bikini tops that offer lift and padding but look natural and feel comfortable. This problem also goes both ways. Many full-busted women also feel slighted by the limited options for padded bikini tops available on the current women’s swimwear market. Women with large busts don’t feel that unlined bikini tops that lack padding do not provide the support and security they need to feel comfortable in their swimwear.

This collection features top-quality push up and padded bikini tops that prioritize comfort, support, and style and are designed to fit and flatter women of all shapes, sizes, and body types. Whether your bust is large or small or somewhere in between, the bikini tops you’ll find in this collection will help enhance your bust in a way that looks completely natural to boost your body confidence without forcing you to sacrifice in the realms of comfort, support, and security.

Push Up vs. Padded Bikini Tops

This collection includes both push up and padded bikini tops. Before you decide which bikini top(s) are right for you, it’s important to understand how these two styles are similar and how they are different. So what exactly is it that differentiates push up bikini tops from padded bikini tops?

The main difference between push up and padded bikini tops lies in the amount of padding they include. Both padded and push up bikini tops include padding that offers extra cushioning, support, and security for your bust. Push up bikini tops simply include more padding than standard padded bikini tops.

While padded bikini tops feature padding primarily to provide support, security, and potentially gentle shaping for your bust, push up bikini tops include much more padding in order to not only offer support and security for your bust but also to lift your bustline and enhance your cleavage. Push up bikini tops generally feature extra padding in the bottom of the cups in order to—as their name suggests—push up your breasts and create the illusion of a larger, fuller bust with more cleavage.

Furthermore, while padded bikini tops tend to include a uniform amount of padding all over, most push up bikini tops include extra padding near the bottom of their cups in order to provide maximum lift for your bust.

The bottom line is as follows. If you’re looking for extra support, stick with a standard padded bikini tops. If you’re hoping to make your breasts look bigger or make your bust appear more lifted and full, go for a push up bikini top.

Push Up Bikini Sets

Many of the push up and padded bikini tops you’ll find in this collection are available with matching or coordinating bikini bottoms in various styles to help you create two-piece complete swimwear sets.

The matching bikini tops and bottoms available in this collection are sold separately. This arrangement allows you to choose whether you want to buy a complete two-piece swimwear set or mix and match the bikini tops in this collection with bikini bottoms that you already own. The choice is yours.

Push Up Triangle Bikini Tops

Triangle bikini tops are one of the most popular bikini top styles for women. They’re simple, stylish, and ultra-versatile—you can pair a classic triangle bikini top with bottoms of virtually any style. With that being said, triangle bikini tops are not known for the support they provide. In fact, triangle bikini tops have a reputation for not providing very much support and only being able to accommodate very small busts.

This collection features push up triangle bikini tops that offer the best of both worlds. These tops provide enough padding and support features to secure both small and large busts while providing lift and cleavage enhancement that looks completely natural for any woman.

Underwire Push Up Bikini Tops

Underwire is a very polarizing concept among women. Some women love the lift, support, and security it provides, while other women actively avoid bras and bikini tops that include underwire because they find it to be uncomfortable.

The widespread lack of underwire in most bikini tops is one of the reasons why it is so difficult for large-breasted women to find bikini tops that support their bust. As such, many of the padded and push up bikini tops you’ll find in this collection feature underwire lining in order to provide support and security for full-busted women who feel that bras and bathing suit tops that lack underwire just don’t offer the support and security that they need to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. All of the bikini tops in this collection that include underwire are designed to provide gentle support without digging into your skin or causing discomfort in any way.

Push Up Bandeau Bikini Tops

Bandeau bikini tops are a timeless classic in the world of women’s swimwear. They’re simple and straightforward—after all, they’re basically just a band of fabric that circles around your chest—but they’ve managed to hold their own as a top trend in women’s swimwear fashion since their original rise to popularity in the 1950s.

Bandeau bikini tops don’t traditionally provide much lift or support, in large part because of their strapless style. However, the push-up design of the bandeau bikini tops in this collection are designed to offer lift, support, and security for women of all bust sizes.