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Sexy Bathing Suits, Bikinis & Swimwear

There is no such thing as one type of sexy swimwear. Of course, certain swimwear styles are considered to be sexier than others: a triangle bikini is usually thought to be more stylish and flattering than an athletic one-piece. That being said, every woman’s body is different. A swimsuit that fits and flatters one woman’s figure might not be the most flattering choice for another woman with a different body type. Depending on your body type, shape, and size, the sexiest swimwear for you is likely very different from the sexiest style for your sister or your best friend. The wide variety of women’s swimwear styles on the market are designed to flatter as many different figures as possible.

This collection of sexy bathing suits is extremely varied to show just how many different types of swimwear exist. The variety of styles you’ll find here demonstrate how wide the definition of ‘sexy swimwear’ can really be. It is a collection of the sexiest swimsuits styles we have to offer for women of every body type, shape, and size. It includes the current trendiest styles all in one place to make the challenge of shopping for a stylish, flattering bathing suit more simple and less frustrating. If you’re in the market for a new bathing suit that will turn heads on the beach this summer, explore the pieces in this collection to find the most flattering, sexiest styles for your unique figure and swimwear preferences.

Sexy Two Piece Swimsuits 

Two-piece bathing suits are the pinnacle of sexy swimwear. From classic string bikinis to more modest tankinis to ultra-scandalous thong bikini bottoms and tiny triangle tops, this collection has it all when it comes to sexy two-piece styles to flatter every figure.

Sexy One Piece Swimsuits

One-pieces were once dismissed as frumpy and overly modest, but these styles are becoming much more popular in the world of sexy swimwear. Athletic one-pieces still might not be the most flattering swimwear option, but there are many one-pieces on the market that are ultra-sexy.

This collection includes a variety of stylish and flattering one-piece sexy bathing suits that prove just how sexy one-pieces can really be. These one-pieces feature sexy designs with cut-outs, plunging necklines, and snug, flattering fits that hug and accentuate your curves.

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