How to Choose Shapewear That Works for Your Body Online

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Shapewear is a special type of undergarment that is designed to temporarily manipulate your natural shape. It helps you instantly look slimmer than you really are and effortlessly smooths out your curves to give your body a streamlined finish.

Unfortunately, shapewear sometimes carries a negative stigma that discourages women from trying to wear it. Some people consider shapewear to be unattractive or undesirable. In reality, however, Shapewear helps women of all shapes and sizes feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. It encourages women to wear whatever they want without worrying about how their curves look underneath a certain dress or pair of jeans. Don’t be afraid of trying out the magic of shapewear for yourself; just learn how to choose and wear it right so that you can really pull it off.


1. Get the Right Shapewear Size For Your Body

Yummie Hidden Curves Tummy Control High Waist Thigh Shaper

Yummie Hidden Curves Tummy Control High Waist Thigh Shaper

Yummie Hidden Curves Tummy Control High Waist Thigh Shaper 

Sizing is key when it comes to shapewear. If you don’t buy pieces in the right size, they won’t work how you want or expect them to and you’ll end up disappointed. Some women purposely buy shapewear that is too small for them because they think it will provide them with more slimming and smoothing support. However, this is a misconception. In fact, shapewear that is too small often leads to more visible lumps and bumps that you don’t want.

Shapewear that is too big for you might feel a bit less constricting and more comfortable than well-fitting shapewear, but it won’t do you any good. Excessively large shapewear is often visible underneath your clothing and it doesn’t provide the snug support required for it to actually shape your body. Try on a variety of pieces until you find one that fits tightly without causing discomfort.


2. Find a Sexy Shapewear Style 


Cosabella Never Say Never Sexy Shapewear Bikini $66.00


Cosabella Never Say Never Sexy Shapewear Thong $61.25

You should feel confident and attractive in any shapewear you buy. The best shapewear is any piece that makes you feel better about yourself no matter what you’re wearing. Don’t settle for shapewear that’s practical but unattractive. Treat yourself to shapewear for the bedroom that you’d be happy to show off in front of your partner in your most intimate moments.

It’s fairly easy to find shapewear that is sexy all by itself. Try lace shapewear like this floral lace bikini (Cosabella Never Say Never Sexy Shapewear Bikini). Or, go for a shapewear thong like this (Cosabella Never Say Never Sexy Shapewear Thong) lacy revealing underwear that subtly slims your tummy.

3. Determine Your Shapewear Goal and Choose Which Shapewear Works Best

Yummie Lower Tummy Control Shapewear Shaping Shortie YT5-159

Yummie Lower Tummy Control Shapewear Shaping Shortie YT5-159

Yummie Lower Tummy Control Shapewear Shaping Shortie YT5-159 

There are countless styles of shapewear on the market and choosing one that works for you can be a daunting and overwhelming task. There is no such thing as the most effective shapewear. When it comes to picking which shapewear works best for you, it’s important to consider what you want to get out of your shapewear in the first place.

Are you just looking to flatten your stomach? Try simple, comfortable control panties like these Yummie Lower Tummy Control Shapewear Shaping Shortie. Do you want to lift up your butt and slim down your thighs, muffin top or love handle? These shaper shorts Squeem "Body Allure" Women's Tummy Control Mid Thigh Shorts are a great choice for you. Before you buy shapewear, consider your body’s unique needs and your own preferences for what shapewear can do for you.

Squeem "Body Allure" Women's Tummy Control Mid Thigh Shorts

Squeem "Body Allure" Women's Tummy Control Mid Thigh Shorts

Squeem "Body Allure" Women's Tummy Control Mid Thigh Shorts 


4. Learn How to Wear Shapewear Right

Squeem 'Sexy Body' Firm Control High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper Short 

Once you choose shapewear that works for you, you have to wear it right to really pull it off. Many women have trouble with shapewear when they first try it. Because of its extremely snug and supportive fit, shapewear can be difficult to put on and lead to frustration.

Always step into shapewear pieces. Stepping in generally proves to be much easier than trying to force tight shapewear over your head and shoulders. Also, leave the hooks, snaps, and clasps alone when putting on shapewear because it can be very difficult to fasten them once the piece is on your body. Getting dressed for the day should not turn into an Olympic sporting event, even when your outfit includes shapewear. Learning to put on shapewear pieces helps you get the most out of them without getting frustrated and discouraged throughout the process.


5. Consider the Clothes to Wear with Your Shapewear 

Fine Lines Refined Convertible Backless Thong Bodysuit Shapewear

Fine Lines Refined Convertible Backless Thong Bodysuit Shapewear 

Considering what clothes you want to wear with your shapewear is key to pulling off shapewear successfully. If you’re just looking for a piece to wear under your everyday outfits, try control panties and shaping camisole to keep your shapewear invisible under most clothing.

On the other hand, if you want shapewear to wear under a specific outfit, your best bet is to take the outfit with you to try on and choose a piece that works. Try strapless, low-backed, or backless shapewear for outfits that include less coverage. When it comes to choosing shapewear for dresses that are tight, try a shapewear thong or a seamless shapewear bodysuit that won’t result in visible lines.


6. Be Realistic in Choosing the Most Effective Shapewear For Your Body

One of the keys to choosing and buying shapewear and being happy with the results you get is to be realistic about what shapewear can and cannot do for you. The point of shapewear is to temporarily shape your body in order to help it appear slimmer, smoother, curvier, or more lifted in certain areas.

The simple answer to the common questions “Does shapewear help you lose weight?” and “Can shapewear reshape your body?” is no. Two of the top misconceptions about shapewear is that it will permanently alter your natural body shape and that it will help with weight loss. This simply is not the case. Shapewear has a temporary effect on your body that disappears after you remove it. Also, it has no real notable effect on your weight. If you want to drop pounds or change the shape of certain parts of your body, a healthy diet and exercise will get you much farther than shapewear.


7. Remember Shapewear is for Everyone

Shapewear is often only advertised for plus-sized women. However, shapewear is available in many different styles for women of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight or not. You can still benefit from the smoothing and lifting effects of shapewear. 

Wearing shapewear also doesn’t mean that you are unhappy with your body. Shapewear just helps you enhance your natural shape so that you look and feel the best you can at all times.


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