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Best Spanx For Tummy, Tummy Control, Thong Shapewear

Since its founding in 2000, Spanx has risen to become one of the most popular and well-respected brands for body-shaping clothing. Much like ‘tissues’ and ‘Kleenex’, the words ‘Spanx’ and ‘shapewear’ are now virtually interchangeable due to the pervasive influence of Spanx on the modern shapewear market. Offering a wide selection of body- shaping products ranging from subtle pieces for everyday wear to collections of full- coverage compression shapewear, Spanx has something for everyone.

The various shaping pieces Spanx offers provide varying levels of support and target different areas depending on your unique body and its needs. Tummy Thong control shapewear is one of the most popular types of shapewear among almost every shapewear brand. If you’re a loyal Spanx fan looking to increase your options for tummy control shapewear, consider expanding your search to include other high-quality shapewear brands as well. Check out the best shapewear for muffin top and tummy control below to ensure that you don’t miss out on the one-of-a-kind, personalized shaping benefits these unique shapewear collections can provide.




Best Spanx For Tummy Control, Tight & Muffin Tops

Best Spanx For Tummy & Tight Dress 


1. High-Waisted Tummy Control Shapewear Boyshort 

From the Waist region up, this high waisted shapewear boyshorts sculpt your entire torso. This shapewear features anti-slip grip lining that keeps everything in place and allows for strapless support. The subtle shapewear features a panel that shapes your waist and extends up past your belly button to smooth out your tummy and love handles. The shapewear provides firming support for your waist and backside while slimming your midsection to leave you with the perfect curvy figure.

These body shapers are the perfect choice to wear underneath a tight skirt or dress. They function effortlessly as both comfortable tights for practical everyday wear and effective shapewear that smooths out your unwanted lumps and bumps under any clothing.

best shapewear for tummy and waist



2. Squeem "Curve Emotion" Mid Waist Slimming Waist Shaper - Body Shaper For Women Tummy, Tummy Control, Muffin Tops

Flatten your tummywithoutflattening your rear in this mid-waist boyshort shaper from Squeem. The upper part of this shaper is crafted from two-way stretch fuse fabric that firmly hugs your midsection to slim your waist, smooth your hips, conceal your love handles, and flatten your tummy. Below your hips, it is made from stretchy polyamide and elastane materials that offer a comfortable, breathable fit to smooth your rear and inner thighs without flattening your curvy backside.

This boyshort shaper is stylish as well as functional. It is trimmed with intricate scalloped lace to help you feel sexy and confident in your shapewear. These lace-trimmed shaper shorts are designed for discrete wear underneath tight clothes as well as shorts and short skirts and dresses. For added discretion, this shaper comes in both black and nude to remain invisible under light and dark clothes.




Squeem "Body Allure" Women's Tummy Control Mid Thigh Short $65.00 

 (Available in Nude & Black)


3. Commando Tummy Control Waist Shaper Thong

Target your tummy without feeling suffocated or constricted in this ultra-lightweight thong shaper from Commando. This thong’s high waistband extends up past your belly button to effortlessly slim your waist, conceal your love handles, smooth your hips, and flatten your tummy.

Don’t let the comfort of this thong shaper fool you. Its material is made from a blend of luxury European microfiber fabrics—including nylon, spandex, and cotton. This stretchy, breathable blend of materials offers effective but gentle compression around your midsection. Plus, its ultra-lightweight material molds to your figure to smooth and enhance your curves without hiding them.

You don’t have to worry about what you wear with this thong shaper. Its seamless, elastic-free construction eliminates the risk of any visible panty lines, so you can pair it with even the tightest tops and bottoms while maintaining a discreet finish.

Commando Tummy Control Thong Shaper

Commando Tummy Control Thong Shaper $38.00  (Available in Nude & Black)

4. Yummie Hidden Curves Firm Control Shaping Half SlipShapewear Skirt Slip

Finding effective shapewear to pair with a dress or skirt can be a major challenge. This shaping slip from Yummie is designed to be worn invisibly underneath even the tightest skirts and dresses without showing any tell-tale panty lines. Its seamless construction, no-slip grip tape, and adjustable straps keep it ultra-discrete.

This slip shapewear offers full-coverage shaping for your entire midsection, rear, upper thighs, bust, and back. It is made from fine gauge fabric that offers a high level of compression and ensures a smooth finish for your figure. Plus, it features a two-ply bonded shaping panel around the midsection to slim your waist and flattens your tummy, and its bonded support at the bustline offers lift, shaping and cleavage enhancement. If you want to wear a fitted high-waisted skirt to the office or a body-con dress for the club, this half-slip is the perfect shapewear choice for you. 

The slip is reversible so you can turn it inside out and have two different options every time you wear it. It comes in Nude/Frappe or black

Hidden Curves Firm Shaping High Waist Skirt Slip

 Hidden Curves High Waist Two Timing Half Skirt Slip $58.00  (Available in Nude & Black)


5. Yummie Seamlessly Shaped Shapewear Tank Tops

You don’t have to wear anything over this shaping tank; just wear it by itself as a simple top with added slimming and control benefits. The tank top is crafted from stretchy, comfortable cotton and provides invisible smoothing for your tummy, back, and love handles.

Pair this extremely versatile and simple tank top with a blazer in a professional setting or a pair of high-waisted shorts for everyday wear. The tank is available in several different neutral colors, including black, navy, taupe, nude, and more.

Yummie Seamless Convertible Cami Shelf bra

Yummie Seamlessly Shaped Convertible Camisole Tank Top $34.00  (Available in Nude & Black)


6.Yummie Hidden Curves Tummy Control Thong Shapewear 

Shape your midsection and look sexy at the same time in this tummy control thong shapewear. The shapewear features a high-cut backside that removes any visible panty lines while still providing support for your back, sides, and tummy. It includes a double-lined panel at the front to offer extra compression for your tummy. It comes in both black and nude.


Yummie Hidden Curves High Waist Thong YT2-338

tummy control thong shapewear - Yummie Hidden Curves Firm Shaping High Waist Thong

Yummie Hidden Curves Tummy Control Thong Shapewear Thong $52.00    (Available in Nude & Black)



7. Squeem "Perfect Waist" Tummy Control Waist Cincher

Get discrete shaping coverage for your entire midsection with this waist cincher from Squeem. Designed to subtly contour your curves, this cincher extends from the top of your midsection down to your hips to effectively target your waist, hips, back, tummy, and love handles. Its firming material is made from a blend of cotton and natural rubbers specifically to smooth and conceal back fat and love handles, which can be tough to hide even with shapewear.

In addition to slimming your midsection, this cincher also helps improve your posture with its unique design that compresses your midsection from all sides to keep your spine straight and properly aligned. Plus, good posture automatically helps your tummy appear flatter. Although this contouring cincher offers full curve-enhancing, slimming coverage for your entire midsection, it can be worn discretely under tight clothes, short dresses, sleeveless tops, etc. It is even available in two colors—black and beige—for an invisible finish under both light and dark clothing.

Squeem Perfect Waist Tummy Control Contouring Cincher

Squeem Perfect Waist Tummy Control Contouring Cincher $60.00   (Available in Nude & Black)



8. Yummie Hidden Curves Tummy Control High Waist Shapewear Short

These shorts provide full-coverage slimming and shaping for your thighs, backside, tummy, back, and love handles. Their all-over, double-layer fabric construction both shapes and smooths underneath even the tightest clothing.

Crafted from a blend of nylon, spandex, elastane, and cotton, the shorts are breathable, comfortable, and effective for shaping and wearing your favorite tight dress. They are available in classic black or invisible nude.

Hidden Curves Tummy Control High Waist Thigh Shaper

Yummie Hidden Curves tummy control  shapewear High Waist Short $58.00    (Available in Nude & Black)

9. Squeem "Rio Style" High Waisted Briefs Shapewear, and Strapless Bodysuit Shapewear

Shapewear underwear doesn’t have to be unattractive. These brief panties offer full-coverage shaping, slimming, and smoothing for your tummy, back, and muffin top but feature mesh and lace detailing for an attractive finish.

These briefs are high-waisted and extend from your upper thighs up past your waist to provide all-over shaping and support. They feature graduated panelling that shapes your midsection to create a smooth and slim finish. The panties are available in Beige and Black


Spanx for stomach "Rio Style" High Waist Brief Bodysuit Shaper

Squeem "Rio Style" High Waist Brief Bodysuit Shaper $80.00  (Available in Nude & Black)


10. Yummie Tummy Control Shaping Shortie

Wear these versatile, flattering shaping shorties from Yummie to the gym, as pajama bottoms, or underneath your everyday clothes. They come in multiple stylish colors— including pink, two shades of nude, black, and white—and are made from an ultra-lightweight nylon material that is stretchy, breathable, and molds to your figure for a better, more flattering fit. Plus, their seamless construction keeps them invisible under even the tightest clothes and eliminates any concern of visible panty lines.

These shaper shorts extend up to your belly button and are designed to target your tummy, hips, love handles, backside, and upper thighs. They feature a double-lined, extra-wide waistband for more effective shaping around your midsection to slim your waist, flatten your tummy, and conceal your love handles. The lightweight material of these shorts also gently smooths and lifts your backside and sculpts and slims your thighs in addition to shaping your midsection.

Yummie Tummy Control Shaping Shortie | HauteFlair

 Yummie Tummy Control Shaping Shortie

 Yummie Tummy Control Shaping Shortie $18.00  (Available in Nude, Black, Almond)


11. Yummie Tummy Control Thong Shapewear

No one will ever know you’re wearing shapewear in this ultra-discrete thong shaper. This shaper looks just like any other pair of simple, thong-style panties—except it is designed with a high waist for effective tummy control. Its extra-wide waistband is made from firming, lightweight nylon and spandex-blend material and extends up to your belly button to flatten your tummy, slim your waist, and conceal your love handles.

This simple shaping thong is the perfect addition to your everyday underwear collection. These panties are ultra-flattering, practical, and comfortable. Their material is stretchy, breathable, comfortable to mold to offer a comfortable fit that effortlessly molds to your figure. Plus, the edges of this thong are seamless to ensure zero panty lines and complete invisibility even under tight clothes. This thong shaper is available in fun colors —like purple—for style, but it also comes in black and multiple shades of nude for added discretion.

Commando Tummy Control Thong Shaper

Yummie Tummie Shaping Thong | HauteFlair

Yummie Control Thong Shaper $18.00 (Available in Nude & Black)


12. Commando Lower Tummy Control Classic Short Shaper 

Get comfortable full coverage shaping for your midsection, rear, and upper thighs with this short shaper from Commando. This shapewear focuses on lower tummy control, but slims and smooths your entire midsection from the top of your waist to the bottom of your hips. These shorts also gently smooth and slim your inner thighs and sculpt and lift your rear without flattening your curves. They are made from a luxury European microfiber blend of nylon and spandex materials that offer a stretchy, comfortable, breathable fit.

These shaper shorts extend down to your lower thighs, so they are incompatible with short skirts and dresses. However, you can wear still wear them invisibly under most clothing. The elastic-free, raw-cut construction of these shaper shorts ensure discretion under longer skirts and dresses and tight bottoms like jeans or leggings.

Commando Lower Tummy Control Classic Short Shaper

 Commando Lower Tummy Control Classic Short Shaper $58.00 (Available in Nude & Black)


13. Commando Tummy Control High Waisted Briefs Shapewear

Designed to smooth and conceal bulges around our midsection, these shaping brief panties from Commando are simple, comfortable, and effective. They are made from a luxury European microfiber blend that includes nylon and spandex materials. This blend offers a soft, stretchy, breathable fit that is comfortable enough to wear on an everyday basis.

These brief shaping panties provide light to moderate compression for your midsection. They extend up above your belly button to slim your waist and hips, conceal your love handles, and flatten your tummy for an all-around smooth, bulge-free finish. Their lightweight, elastic-free and raw-cut material eliminates the risk of telltale panty lines under even the tightest bottoms.

These brief panties are the perfect addition to your everyday underwear collection. They are simple and flattering and effectively shape your midsection without drawing too much attention or showing visible panty lines. Plus, they come in a black and nude color that keeps these panties discrete even under light-colored clothing.

 Commando Classic Control Brief Shaper

Commando Tummy Control high waisted briefs shapewear $48.00 (Available in Nude & Black)


14. Yummie Ultralight Seamless High Waist Brief Panty

If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight shaper, try these shaping brief panties from Yummie. Their nylon-spandex blend material is 40% lighter than other popular shaping panties on the shapewear market. Plus, this nylon-spandex blend is stretchy and breathable for a comfortable, flattering fit.

In spite of their thin, lightweight construction, these high-waisted panties are still very effective at shaping, slimming, and smoothing your midsection. Their high waistband extends up to your belly button and targets your hips, waist, tummy, and love handles. The lightweight material of these panties offers gentle compression that smooths and sculpts your curves without flattening your backside or hiding your figure. Plus, their seam-free design helps keep these shaping briefs invisible underneath even the tightest clothes. These brief panties are available in two different shades of nude as well as black for added discretion under light-colored clothing.

Yummie Ultralight Seamless Shaping Brief Panty

Yummie Ultralight Seamless Shaping Brief Panty

Yummie Ultralight Seamless High Waist Shaping Brief Panty $18.00  (Available in Nude, Black, Almond)


15. Squeem Seductive Open Bust Tummy Control Bodysuit Vest

If you're looking for heavy-duty shapewear, you've found it with this full-coverage tummy control vest. Crafted from a blend of natural rubber and cotton, this vest can slim your waist by multiple inches. In addition to slimming your waist, it also smooths your hips, love handles, and back fat and flattens your tummy. The cotton-blend material of this vest is much more breathable and comfortable than most other high-compression shapewear pieces and doesn't make you feel suffocated or restrict your mobility like these pieces tend to do.

The firm construction of this high-compression, open-bust vest helps improve your posture to straighten and realign your spine for a flattering, naturally slimming finish. Plus, its open-bust design allows this vest to effectively shape and slim your midsection without flattening your bust. However, the vest features adjustable bra straps for added comfort and extends up to the top of your ribcage to lift your bust.

Available in Black and Nude

Squeem Seductive Open Bust Tummy Control Bodysuit Vest

16. Cosabella Never Say Never Sexy Shapewear Thong

This ultra-sexy shapewear thong doubles as everyday shaping underwear and alluring lingerie. No one will be able to tell that this sexy thong is technically shapewear, even if you wear it by itself in the bedroom.

The extra-wide waistband of this shaping thong is crafted with an overlay of gorgeous floral lace and trimmed with scalloped lace edging for an extra touch of delicate, feminine style. A power mesh tummy control panel is layered underneath the semi-sheer lace of this thong's waistband for effective shaping coverage that slims your waist, smooths your hips and love handles, and flattens your tummy. The thong cut of these panties flatters your backside and allows for discrete wear underneath tight bottoms. This shaping thong comes in classic, sexy black and subtle, delicate blush.

Cosabella Never Say Never Sexy Shapewear Thong

Cosabella Never Say Never Sexy Shapewear Thong $61.25 (Available in Nude & Black)


17. Spanx Leggings, Flawless Velvet Shaping Leggings

These unique velvet leggings shape and slim your legs and midsection while helping you make a fashion statement at the same time. They are high-waisted and feature a wide band that extends up past your belly button to slim and smooth your tummy and sides. The velvet fabric of the leggings feels soft against your skin and fits snugly to flatter and slim your legs.

The versatile leggings are perfect for comfortable everyday wear when you want an extra bit of shaping and support. They are available in three neutral shades of black, midnight blue, and grey.

Spanx Flawless Velvet Leggings

Best shaping Leggings


Other Tummy Control Shapewear Options



(Available in Nude & Black)




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