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Sexy Thongs, Sexiest Women's Thong Underwear & Hot Skimpy Thongs

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Sexy Thongs & Thong Underwear

In this collection, you’ll find a wide variety of high-quality, functional, and women's sexy thongs from some of the top designers on the modern lingerie market. The collection includes sexy lace thong, cotton thong, g string, Brazilian thong, seamless, low & high rise thongs.

Before you start browsing, keep reading to learn more about the ins and outs of thongs and explore the benefits of the different thong styles that you’ll find in this collection.

Thong Panties FAQS

Thongs are one of the most popular women’s panty styles on the market and have been for many years, but there is still a lot of misinformation about these styles floating around out there.

The answers to these common questions about the benefits and drawbacks of thongs can help you make more informed decisions about which thong styles are best for you as you browse through this collection.

Are Thongs Comfortable?

Thongs get a bad rap for being one of the most uncomfortable types of panties on the market. However, thongs don’t have to be—and really shouldn’t be—uncomfortable as long as you choose the right styles. It’s really a matter of preference, though, and depends heavily on the thong style you choose.

Many women find that super skimpy G-string thongs lead to discomfort with daily wear, while other women never have comfort problems with any type of thong. If you are sensitive to discomfort when you wear thongs, try styles like seamless thongs or cheeky thongs that are more comfortable but just as effective at eliminating visible panty lines under tighter clothes. Also, try to buy thongs made from cotton over any other material whenever possible, especially if you are sensitive to discomfort. Cotton thongs for women are softer against your skin and are less likely to irritate your skin or contribute to the development of a bacterial vaginal infection.

Are Thongs Bad for Your Health?

One of the most popular misconceptions about thong panties is that they are inherently bad for your health. The truth is that, while some thongs can cause health issues like bacterial vaginal infections or UTIs for women who are already prone to these problems, not all thong styles pose this risk.

Even if you choose a thong that is not 100% cotton, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at a higher risk for developing an infection when you wear it. As long as you change your underwear frequently—especially right after you work out—and are careful to maintain your hygiene down there, you shouldn’t run into any problems even if thongs are your go-to choice for everyday underwear.

Why are Thongs so Popular?

Despite concerns about comfort and even safety—most of which have been debunked anyway, as discussed above—thongs are consistently ranked as one of the most popular women’s panty styles on the market. Any issues with comfort and safety should disappear if you are picky about your thongs and only shop for high-quality styles like the ones you’ll find in this collection. Millions of women choose thongs as their panty style of choice and many women even report that they prefer to wear thongs exclusively and feel uncomfortable wearing any other panty style.

There are many reasons for the significant popularity of thongs. For one thing, they are one of the sexiest styles on the market. Even the simplest, most basic thongs can double as sexy, scandalous bedroom wear. Thongs are also ultra-versatile. They are ideal for everyday wear under tight bottoms like skinny jeans or leggings because their skimpy cut eliminates visible panty lines.

Thongs offer a refreshing balance of sexy style and functionality that makes them the perfect panties to have in both your everyday underwear collection and your lingerie drawer. The countless types of thongs on the market—from everyday seamless thongs to scandalous g-strings thong to sexy, sheer lace, low & high rise thongs, Brazilian thong styles and —just increase the versatility of these panties.

Thong Panty Styles

Thongs aren’t exactly a panty style in and of themselves. In fact, there are countless different types of thongs. These different styles make thongs surprisingly versatile. Even if you’ve tried out a couple of thong styles and haven’t been too impressed with them, that doesn’t mean you should write off thongs for good. If you explore other thong styles, you might discover some that are a better match for your sense of style and comfort level.

This thong collection includes some of the most popular thong styles on the market. Keep reading to learn more about these styles, and browse through this collection to explore them in more detail.

Sexy Thongs

This collection includes a wide variety of sexy thongs that are made from semi-sheer lace or feature sexy detailing like silk bows or straps.

Most of these sexy thong styles also double as functional everyday pantiesthat get rid of visible panty lines and give you a boost of confidence throughout the day. The sexy thongs and hot thongs in this collection are made from a variety of different materials, but they all feature a cotton gusset for comfort and hygiene.

G String Thongs

String thongs, or G-strings, are some of the skimpiest thong styles on the market. While some women find them uncomfortable, others don’t experience any issues with comfort and like the discreet, sexy style of string thongs.

You’ll find a variety of high-quality, comfort-focused sexy and everyday string thong styles here in this collection.

Nude Thongs

Every woman needs at least one—or five—nude thongs in her everyday underwear drawer. Nude thongs are the ultimate subtle, discreet panty style that will never go out of style and will always come in handy the next time you’re searching desperately for a pair of panties that won’t show underneath a light-colored body-con dress or a tight pair of white jeans.

The nude thongs you’ll find in this collection are simple, discreet, and stylish. Many of them feature subtle detailing like scalloped lace edging for added style. You can find several pairs of nude thongs here that are made from 100% cotton with comfort and hygiene in mind. These cotton thongs are ideal if you are sensitive to discomfort or infection from everyday thong wear.

High-Waisted Thongs

High-waisted thongs are versatile, functional, and offer comfortable coverage for your midsection while still minimizing visible panty lines. They are ideal for women who feel uncomfortable and exposed in super skimpy thongs and prefer a little more coverage on top.

The high-waisted thongs in this collection have discreet shaping properties that gently slim, smooth, and sculpt your waist, hips, and tummy. Plus, they are sexy and stylish as well as functional. In this collection, you will find effective high-waisted shaping thongs with wide waistbands crafted from semi-sheer lace thong that offers a discreet and sexy finish.