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Determining the size of a G cup is essential if you’re trying to figure out whether a G cup is the right size for you. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem for G cup boobs. The size of a G cup varies significantly between different brands and sizing systems.

In the US, a G cup bra is sized to fit women whose bust measures approximately seven inches more than their ribcage. For example, if your ribcage measurement is 35 inches and your bust measures 42 inches, your ideal bra size should be a 36G (always round up your above the bust measurement to determine your perfect band size).

UK (United Kingdom) and EU (European) sizing is slightly different. Even if you live in the US, you might come across different sizing systems, especially if you shop online. A G cup bra size translates to a nine-inch difference between your bust and ribcage in the UK. EU sizes dictate a G cup size as a seven-inch difference, which matches the US sizing guidelines.

Bra sizing gets even more complicated when you take into account the discrepancies between the sizing of different brands. A bra is never guaranteed to fit you just because it matches the size you’re used to wearing. Most women’s bra size varies depending on which brand they wear. Whenever possible, try on a bra before you buy it. If you’re ordering a bra online, make sure you order from a website with a good return policy so you can exchange it for another size if needed.

Is There a G Cup Bra Size Equivalent for G Cup Boobs?

A G cup bra size in the US is equivalent to an F cup size in the UK. Within the US sizing system, there are also sister sizes with a cup volume that is equivalent to a G cup, even though the cup letter is different.

Sister sizes have the same cup volume, but their band sizes are different. These alternative sizes offer more options for women who cannot find a band size that fits them and corresponds to the cup letter they wear. The most common sister sizes to a 34G cup bra are 36F, 38E, 40D, and 42C. While these sizes are not equivalent to a 34G because their band sizes are different, all of these sizes have the same cup volume as a G cup in the US sizing system.

What is the Difference Between FF and G Cup Sizes?

The traditional US bra sizing system does not include an FF cup size. It jumps from DD to DDD/F to G. The UK sizing system, however, does include this size.

In the UK, an FF cup size translates to an eight-inch difference between your bust and your ribcage. It is equivalent to an H bra cup size in the US and EU sizing systems.

What is the Difference Between DDD and G Cup Sizes?

DDD is the largest size sold by most mainstream lingerie brands that do not carry plus sizes. In the US and EU sizing systems, DDD is the cup size just below G. It translates to a six-inch difference between your bust and ribcage. The UK sizing system does not include a DDD cup size and jumps straight from DD to E.

When you get professionally sized at a mainstream lingerie store, be wary if they tell you that DDD is your ideal size. Most lingerie stores that do not carry sizes above DD or DDD will not tell customers that they should be wearing a bigger bra size. If your measurements translate to a bra size that is larger than the sizes they carry, they will direct you toward the largest bra size they offer. Many women end up wearing bras that are too small for them because they have been told that a DD or DDD cup bra should fit them best, when in fact they should be wearing a G cup size. If you wear a DD or DDD and feel like it might be too small for you, don’t be afraid to check out plus-size lingerie brands and explore larger sizes.

Are G Cup Size Boobs or Breasts Natural?

It is a common misconception that women who wear a G cup size do not have natural breasts or boobs size. The truth is that many women have natural G cup size breasts. Even though the standard range of bra sizes carried by the most mainstream department and lingerie stores only goes up to DD or DDD, having a natural G cup size is not at all uncommon. In reality, G cup sizes are much more common than most people think. Many favorite plus-size lingerie and swimwear brands cite a G cup size as the most common size they sell.

Undergoing breast augmentation to increase your breasts or boobs to a G cup size is indeed possible. However, many plastic surgeons are wary of performing breast augmentation to create size G cup breasts. Increasing the size of your breasts by one cup size requires adding approximately 150 to 200 CCs (cubic centimeters) of volume with saline or silicone implants. Many plastic surgeons are hesitant to implant more than 400 or 500 CCs into breast augmentation patients for reasons of safety, longevity, and proportional aesthetics.

That means that, unless your natural cup size is a DD, E, or higher, it might be difficult to find a plastic surgeon that will offer you a G cup size. In fact, it is much more common to get a breast reduction to reduce the size of G cup breasts than to undergo breast augmentation to increase your cup size to a G.

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Understanding the sizing of G cup bras and the corresponding sizes in different countries is crucial for finding the right fit and ensuring optimal comfort and support. The size of a G cup can vary significantly between brands and sizing systems, making it important to try on bras before making a purchase or to shop from websites with flexible return policies.

In the United States, a G cup is designed to fit women with a bust measurement approximately seven inches larger than their ribcage. However, in the United Kingdom, a G cup corresponds to a nine-inch difference, while in the European Union, it matches the US sizing guidelines with a seven-inch difference. It's important to keep these variations in mind when shopping for bras, especially when shopping online or encountering different sizing systems.

Furthermore, understanding sister sizes can provide more options for women who struggle to find a band size that fits them properly while maintaining the cup volume they require. Sister sizes have the same cup volume but differ in band size. For example, if your true size is a 34G, you can explore sister sizes such as 36F, 38E, 40D, and 42C, which all offer the same cup volume as a G cup in the US sizing system. This allows for more flexibility in finding a bra that fits well and provides the desired level of comfort and support.

It's worth noting that the UK sizing system includes an FF cup size, which translates to an eight-inch difference between the bust and ribcage. In the US and EU sizing systems, the cup size just below G is DDD, which corresponds to a six-inch difference. These differences in cup sizes between countries highlight the importance of understanding and navigating different sizing systems when shopping for bras.

Lastly, it is important to debunk the misconception that G cup sizes are unnatural or uncommon. Many women have natural G cup size breasts, and plus-size lingerie and swimwear brands often cite G cup as one of their most common sizes. While breast augmentation is possible to increase cup size, it can be challenging to find a plastic surgeon willing to perform such procedures beyond certain limits due to safety, longevity, and proportional aesthetic considerations. Breast reduction surgery is more commonly sought after to reduce the size of G cup breasts.

In summary, finding the right bra size, particularly for G cup breasts, requires understanding the sizing systems, exploring sister sizes, and considering individual body proportions and preferences. Embracing and celebrating one's natural size is important, and there are plenty of options available in the market to cater to a wide range of sizes and needs. By being knowledgeable about bra sizing, women can make informed choices that lead to comfort, support, and confidence in their lingerie selections.

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