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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Cyber Monday Lingerie, and Black Friday Lingerie Shopping 2018

Lingerie Cyber Monday, Lingerie Black Friday 

Many women consider buying lingerie for themselves to be an unnecessary, frivolous expense that they can’t justify. Far too many women get stuck in an endless rotation of the same two or three ratty, worn-out bras because they feel like buying prettier, well-fitting lingerie for themselves is irresponsible. This common perspective is understandable, but also short-sighted. Buying lingerie for yourself might be more frivolous than replacing your broken dishwasher, but it comes with its own benefits. Buying yourself a bra or panties that you love is fun, it’s an excellent form of self-care, and picking out and purchasing a gorgeous lingerie set for yourself can significantly boost your body confidence.

Similarly, many men hesitate to buy expensive lingerie for their wife or girlfriend out of the same fear of excessive frivolous spending. Beautiful lingerie is virtually a no-risk gift for any woman. Almost every woman would be thrilled to receive a sexy bra-and-panty set or an intricate lace bodysuit for any special occasion. Unfortunately, great quality lingerie is pretty expensive, which can deter many men from taking the plunge to buy it as a gift for their significant other on Valentine’s Day or a birthday.




Lingerie Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Fortunately, there is one day of the year when you can cleanse yourself of feeling guilty for frivolous spending and buy the gorgeous lingerie set you know would look perfect on yourself or the special woman in your life. If you’re going to buy lingerie for yourself or your loved one, there is no better time to do it than on Black Friday. Black Friday is notoriously the biggest shopping day of the year. However, many people get so caught up in trampling other shoppers in Walmart to snag the cheapest new TV that they forget to even think about buying lingerie.

Don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers this Black Friday. Most lingerie pieces sell for less money than the highest-tech TV on any given day, but that doesn’t mean that they are exempt from significant Black Friday deals. Many pieces from a range of notable lingerie brands go on sale or clearance for ridiculously reduced prices as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Thanksgiving.

Lingerie Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Montelle Intimates 

If you don’t want to brave a brick-and-mortar lingerie store or, god forbid, a crowded shopping mall on the morning of Black Friday, there are plenty of online shopping options for lingerie. HauteFlair carries pieces from notable designers like Cosabella, Addiction Nouvelle, and Montelle Intimates offers significantly discounted pieces in the sale section of their online store. Plus size lingerie is no exception. No matter what size you are, you can find gorgeous lingerie for cheap online or in-store on Black Friday. Check out some of the top plus size lingerie options for this season here

If you really want to get the best online lingerie deals from the comfort of your home, try shopping on Cyber Monday. While many online stores offer great deals on Black Friday, many of them save their most discounted clearances for the Monday after Black Friday. Once you plan to splurge on lingerie on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you want to make sure you buy pieces of the highest quality that also look unique and special. Check out this list of top quality

Valentine’s Day lingerie and this post about the best plus size Valentine’s Day lingerie if you’re in the market for new lingerie for the upcoming romantic holiday. Or peruse this list of the best online stores where you can buy high-quality lingerie pieces without ever leaving your couch. If you need some guidance on successful online lingerie shopping, find relevant advice from fifty lingerie experts here 

Black Friday Lingerie Shopping

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