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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


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Micro Bikini 

Swimwear styles have completely transformed over the past several decades. Stylish bathing suits have evolved from modest one-piece suits in the 1950s to the popular cheeky bikini style that reigns as the queen of modern swimwear today.

Micro bikinis are not as widespread or popular as their cheeky cousins, but they have gained significant ground in the women’s swimwear world throughout the last decade. These extreme swimwear styles are ultra-sexy and scandalous and offer the absolute minimum when it comes to coverage. They cover just enough of your body to be considered legally decent but leave the rest of your skin on display.


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Micro Bikini 

Even if you don’t feel comfortable heading to the beach or the lake without more coverage, you can still rock your micro bikini in more private situations. These skimpy bikinis are the perfect apparel for backyard tanning; you’ll end up with an even tan and zero awkward tan lines. You can also wow your partner by slipping on a skimpy micro bikini to enjoy an intimate evening in your hot tub or swimming pool.

Contrary to popular belief, there is nobody type that is required to pull off a micro bikini. Curvy women look just as sexy in these skimpy swimwear styles as women with thin frames, and vice versa. All it takes to look fabulous in a micro bikini is courage, confidence, and a style that flatters your unique figure. In this collection, you’ll find a wide selection of micro bikini styles, including G-string sets, monokinis, and individual micro tops and bottoms. You’re guaranteed to find a style in this collection to fit and flatter your figure and turn heads everywhere you go.

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