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Tankini Tops & Tankini Swimsuits

What is Tankini?

The tankini is a popular two-piece swimwear style that revolutionized the women’s swimwear market starting in the early 1990s. Tankini swimsuits provide a stylish yet traditionally conservative swimwear option that doesn’t force you to choose between covering up and staying on-trend.

Tankinis are known for their modesty, which makes this style a rarity in the modern world of cheeky bikini bottoms and tiny triangle tops. Unlike bikinis and other skimpier two piece swimwear styles, tankinis provide full coverage for your midsection to help you feel comfortable and confident on the beach and by the pool.

Tankini vs. Monokini

Monokinis are a relatively new swimwear style that has become more popular within the last decade. These one-piece bathing suits are very similar to traditional one-piece swimwear styles. However, the defining feature of the monokini is that this swimwear style includes a clearly defined—albeit connected—top and bottom and often features large cutouts and strappy latticework.

Tankinis and monokinis prove that the modesty of a bathing suit is not determined by whether it’s a one-piece or a two-piece. Even though the top and bottom of tankinis are separate, most tankini styles provide significantly more coverage than a modern monokini. In fact, many trendy monokini styles are only connected by a very thin piece of fabric and show off just about as much skin as a two-piece bikini.

Both tankinis and monokinis are flattering, stylish swimwear options. If modesty and full coverage are important to you, though, a tankini style is probably your best bet. Plus, the complicated cutouts and strappy designs of monokinis can lead to some silly-looking tan lines that you definitely want to avoid.

Tankini vs. One Piece

While monokinis are included within the category of one piece swimsuits, they are notable differences between monokinis and traditional one pieces. Unlike monokinis, classic one-piece swimsuits match tankinis in terms of their modesty and the coverage they provide.

Tankinis originally evolved from one piece swimwear and are considered to be a transitional style that lies somewhere between traditional conservative one piece styles and more revealing bikinis. In the early 1990s, tankinis emerged as a unifying swimwear option for women who felt uncomfortable in skimpy bikinis but wanted to wear something more modern than the traditional conservative one piece style.

Today, both tankinis and one pieces are trendy styles on the women’s swimwear market. They both offer full coverage and are considered to be two of the most conservative modern swimwear styles. One functional difference between the two styles is the amount of mobility they allow. Most tankinis offer more comfortable mobility than one piece styles, which makes them a popular choice among active women who prefer to do more than lounge around and tan in their bathing suit.

Is a One Piece or Tankini More Flattering?

There is no definitive right answer to this question. Tankinis and one pieces are both objectively flattering swimwear styles. Every woman’s body is unique, and the style that best complements your figure is probably not the most flattering style for your best friend. Because there are so many different styles under the umbrella of tankinis and one pieces, finding the most flattering style for your figure can seem daunting.

There are some general guidelines that can help you determine which swimwear style to choose. One piece styles make your legs appear longer and accentuate your curves. Tankinis slim your waist and add balance to your figure. Both one piece and tankini styles offer full coverage that conceals any imperfections around your midsection for a smooth, sexy finish.

Are Tankinis in Style?

Tankinis are a timeless swimwear style. Even as trends change, tankini bathing suits continue to line the shelves every year as summer approaches. With that being said, tankinis are not as popular as they once were and their sales have declined significantly in recent years. That doesn’t mean that tankinis are no longer in style, though. Much of the drop in tankinis’ recent sales can be explained by the increasing popularity of one piece swimwear over the last few years. Despite their decreasing sales, tankinis are still considered a classy, modest swimwear style that doesn’t look off-trend or out of place among the most stylish swimwear options.

When you’re shopping for a new bathing suit, pay less attention to how objectively trendy a certain swimwear style is and focus more on how that style flatters your figure. If a tankini helps you feel more confident in your own skin, you’ll be happier in the long run if you choose that style instead of chasing after the newest fleeting swimwear trend. If you’re usually a very trend-conscious shopper, though, you can take comfort in knowing that tankinis won’t be fading out of the mainstream swimwear market anytime soon. Keep your eye out for modernized tankini styles—like the ultra-stylish high neck tankini that has become one of the major swimwear trends of 2018—that will help you stay comfortable, confident, and fashion-forward all summer long.

Tankini Swimwear Styles

There are countless different tankini styles. Different tankini styles are designed to complement different body types in order to flatter the unique figures of as many women as possible. Check out a variety of tankini swimwear styles before you choose your next bathing suit. If you weigh your options carefully, you’re guaranteed to find a tankini style that fits and flatters your figure and meets all your swimwear needs in terms of support and mobility.

Tankini with Skirt

Skirts are a popular swimwear bottom style and are frequently paired with tankini tops. They are one of the more conservative types of bottoms, so they complement the modesty of a tankini. These skirts offer extra coverage around your lower midsection, hips, and upper thighs. They subtly smooth and conceal any imperfections in this area while adding a flirty, feminine finish to your swimwear look.

High Waisted Tankini

High waisted styles are currently trending in the world of women’s swimwear. When paired with a cropped tankini top, high waisted bottoms expertly slim your waist and smooth your tummy. Plus, these stylish bottoms instantly transform any tankini into an on-trend look.

These bottoms can complement any figure, but they are particularly flattering for curvier women with wide hips and a large bust. High waisted bottoms draw attention away from your bust so you don’t look top-heavy and make your waist look tiny while accentuating your curvy figure for a smooth and sexy finish.

Plus Size Tankini

Tankinis look great on women of all shapes and sizes, but this swimwear style is especially flattering for curvier plus size women. The full coverage tankinis offer conceals your midsection while accentuating your sexy curves, and their two-piece design brings balance to your figure.

Plus size tankini tops prioritize support and security for curvy women with large busts. They are generally available in standard bra sizes and include extra support features like underwire, padding, and wider adjustable straps to maximize your comfort and confidence.


A camkini is a tankini top style that’s modeled after a standard camisole tank top. Its snug fit offers full coverage as it subtly smooths and shapes your midsection for a more flattering finish.

One of the most common complaints about looser, flowy tankini tops is that they tend to float up when submerged in water, exposing your midsection while you swim. If this exposure makes you uncomfortable and you want to keep your tummy hidden, a camkini might be the best tankini style for you. Camkini tops fit securely and cling to your midsection in the water.

High Neck Tankini

High neck tankinis are by far the trendiest tankini style of summer 2018 Tankini tops with high halter necklines offer more coverage around your chest, which eliminates the risk of accidental nip slips for bustier women. This added coverage can help you feel more comfortable and secure at all times, whether you’re swimming laps or competing in a lively game of beach volleyball.

Even though they provide more coverage in front, high neck tankini tops do not look old- fashioned or boring. The trendiest high neck tankini styles feature stylish strappy detailing, bright patterns, or cutouts to add interest to these full-coverage tops. High neck tankinis are very comfortable and provide a smooth, streamlined finish that’s perfect for busty and active women.

Tankini Underwire Top

If you have a larger bust, finding supportive swimwear can be a major challenge. The lightly lined, flimsy material that makes up the majority of modern bikini tops does not provide nearly enough support and security for bustier women.

Many tankini tops feature underwire lining to offer a more comfortable and supportive option for women with larger breasts. This lining keeps your breasts lifted and minimizes bouncing to keep you comfortable and secure whether you’re splashing in the waves or lounging poolside.

Bra Sized Tankini Top

Bra-sized tankini tops include built-in bra cups that usually come in standard bra sizes A through DD. These tops offer extra support and security for women with larger breasts. Even if you aren’t busty, bra sized tankini tops offer a more flattering fit by lightly lifting and shaping your breasts for a perky, rounded finish.

Open Back Tankini Top

Like other tankini styles, open back tankini tops provide full coverage in the front. However, unlike more modest styles, these tops include cutouts, strings, or strappy detailing that leave most of your back exposed. Many open back tankini styles feature only a halter neck and a single tie in the back to hold the top on your body.

Open back tankini tops are a great option for women who feel uncomfortable exposing their midsection on the beach but don’t want to look too conservative. They still conceal your tummy, but their revealing back adds a modern, flirty twist to the traditional tankini swimwear style.

Bandeau Tankini Top

Bandeau tankini tops are a strapless style that is modeled after classic tube tops. Bandeau tops minimize your risk of developing pesky tan lines after being out in the sun all day. Wearing a bandeau tankini top allows you to achieve a natural, even tan without worrying about pesky straps and necklines getting in your way.

Because they lack the extra support that straps provide, bandeau tankini tops do limit your mobility. Bandeau tops are probably not the best tankini style for you if you plan to swim or do anything that requires more support and security than you need while relaxing on a beach towel or chaise lounge. With that being said, many bandeau tankini tops come with removable straps to give you the best of both worlds.

Handkerchief Tankini Top

Handkerchief tankini tops refer to flowy top styles that fit very loosely around your midsection. Most handkerchief top styles feature a fitted bust for added support and security above a panel of loose-fitting material that covers the rest of your midsection. This tankini top style is particularly flattering for curvier women who want to conceal the shape of their tummy underneath their bathing suit.

One important note about flowy handkerchief tankini tops is that they have a pesky habit of floating up in the water and exposing your midsection while you swim. If you want to stay completely covered at all times, take extra care when you enter deeper water while wearing a handkerchief-style top.

Sheer Tankini Top

Sheer tankini tops are one of the sexiest, most scandalous tankini styles on the market. They straddle the line between the modern bikini and the traditionally modest tankini style.

Don’t let their description fool you; these tops are not completely sheer. Most sheer tankini styles feature a solid, lined bust with a see-through lace or mesh panel that covers the rest of your midsection. Sheer tankini tops allow you to sexy and show off some skin without dragging you too far out of your comfort zone.