Bridal Corsets & Low Back Backless Bustier & Corset For Wedding Dress

What is a Bridal Corset?

As their name suggests, bridal corsets are corsets that are designed to be own by brides on their wedding day. Corsets are very popular undergarments for brides to wear under their wedding dress during their ceremony, reception, and into their wedding night.

Bridal corsets have been worn by blushing brides for centuries. Like the wedding dress itself, bridal corsets have a long traditional history. While corsets of centuries past were incredibly uncomfortable and restrictive, modern bridal corsets prioritize comfort and are designed to smooth and perfect brides’ figures without restricting their movement or breathing in any way. They are designed to help brides look and feel their best without causing distracting discomfort that detracts from the celebration itself.

A bridal corset can smooth and perfect your figure underneath your wedding dress to help you look and feel your very best on your big day. Bridal corsets are traditionally white and often feature lace and mesh detailing or embroidery that add an intricate, delicate, feminine finishing touch.

The bridal corsets in this collection also double as bridal lingerie that you can wear to make a sexy statement in the bedroom once your wedding day is over and your wedding night has finally begun.

This collection includes some of the best corsets for wedding dresses. If you are a bride-to-be who is still on the fence about wedding day undergarments and wedding night lingerie, browse through this expansive collection of bridal corsets and bridal bustiers to find your perfect fit for your big day.

Bridal Corsets vs. Bridal Bustiers

This collection includes both bridal corsets and bridal bustiers. Both corsets and bustiers are popular undergarments for brides to wear under their wedding dress. While the structures of corsets and bustiers are very similar, these two undergarment styles are not exactly the same.

Whether you choose to wear a corset or a bustier on your wedding day depends on why you want to wear the corset or bustier in the first place. The main difference between bridal corsets and bustiers are how they affect the way your figure looks. Corsets are traditionally designed to smooth your midsection to cinch your waist in order to make your waistline appear smaller and give your figure the illusion of a classic hourglass shape.

Bustiers, on the other hand, are designed primarily to lift your bust and enhance your cleavage while simultaneously shaping your midsection. They often feature molded, underwire cups that help lift your breasts and define their shape under your wedding dress. Bridal bustiers are also known as longline bridal bras.

In this collection, you can explore a wide selection of bridal corsets and bridal bustiers to determine which style works best for your figure, wedding dress, and personal style preferences.

White Bridal Corsets

White is the color of light, innocence, and purity. It is also the color that is most traditionally associated with new brides on their wedding day. While the idea of white being associated with brides because it represents purity may seem archaic, white very much perseveres as the unofficial bridal color. As such, most bride corsets—including most of the bridal and wedding corsets you’ll find in this collection—come in white. In fact, most bridal undergarments designed for wedding-day wear are white in order to remain discreetly hidden underneath the bride’s white wedding dress.

Not every bride is interested in wearing white on her wedding day, though. As times and traditions change, more and more modern brides are branching out to wear non-white wedding dresses on their big day. Many of the bridal corsets in this collection are available in alternative colors—i.e. ivory, nude, black, etc.—to accommodate brides who choose to subscribe to the tradition of wedding-day white and those who choose to break that mold.

Low Back Bridal Corsets

Low back and backless wedding dresses are very trendy right now, which means that many brides are struggling to find undergarments that will remain invisible underneath their revealing wedding dress.

This collection features a wide selection of low back and backless bridal corsets that are designed specifically to be worn underneath more revealing wedding dresses that show off more of your bare back.

Bridal Underbust Corsets

Like low back bridal corsets, bridal underbust corsets are designed to accommodate more revealing wedding dresses. Unlike most corsets, these corsets do not extend up over your bust. Instead, they only offer coverage for your midsection to cinch and slim your waistline without providing coverage or support for your bust.

The bridal underbust corsets you’ll find in this collection are ideal for brides who want to pair a specific bra with their wedding dress, brides with wedding dresses that feature built-in bras, or brides with wedding dresses that feature plunging necklines or are otherwise revealing in front and would not invisibly accommodate a classic bridal corset.

Bridal Corset Sets

In addition to individual bridal corsets, this collection features a selection of bridal corset sets. Many of the bridal corsets you’ll find in this collection are available with matching panties to create an ultra-sexy two-piece set for your wedding day and into your wedding night.

Bridal corset sets that feature coordinating or matching panties are ideal for brides who want to extend their bridal corset wear into their wedding night. Bridal corset sets make excellent bridal lingerie looks, allowing you to take care of your undergarments for your ceremony and your wedding night lingerie with just one set.

Plus Size Bridal Corsets

Your size should not limit your undergarment options on your wedding day. Corsets are designed to help brides of all shapes, sizes, and body types look and feel their very best on their wedding day.

This collection includes a diverse selection of bridal corsets and bridal bustiers in a wide range of plus sizes in order to comfortably accommodate brides of all sizes.

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