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iCollection Marina Bridal RobeiCollection Marina Bridal Robe

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Natori Robes S / Black /Cocoon Natori Luxe Shangri-la Long RobeNatori Robes Natori Luxe Shangri-la Long Robe

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Natori Robes S / Black Opulent Embroidered Feathers Satin Rope

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Oh La La Cheri Robe Bright White / S/M Bridal Sydney Sheer Shortie RobeOh La La Cheri Robe Bridal Sydney Sheer Shortie Robe
Natori Robes S / Sea Green Natori Plume Kimono RobeNatori Robes Natori Plume Kimono Robe
Natori Plume Kimono Robe Angebot$160.00 USD

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Bridesmaid Robes

This collection features several short Bridesmaid Robes styles. These Bridesmaid Robes extend down to your mid-thighs for a sexier, more stylish finish. The robes for bridesmaids are cropped cut is also perfect for bridal party wear 

Many of the Bridesmaid Robes in this collection are adorned with eyelash lace and other flirty detailing that adds to their stylish finish and makes these styles possible unique additions to Bridesmaids.