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Front Thong - Front Thong Swimsuit

Front Thongs are one of the most scandalous thong bikini styles. Out of all the thong bikini swimwear styles on the market, the front thong swimsuit offers one of the least coverage in the front and shows off the barest skin. These ultra-revealing bikinis feature two tiny triangles in front and back connected by a very thin string. They cover the absolute minimum amount of skin the front required to still be considered legally decent.

It takes a lot of courage to wear a Front Thong Swimsuit. Front Thongs are not even allowed at many public pools and beaches because of how revealing they are. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a Front Thong Swimsuit in public, you can still rock this scandalous style to swim in your hot tub or pool or to tan without fear of tan lines in your own backyard.