Women's Pajama Shorts & Sleep Shorts

Rhea Pajama Set
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Rhea Pajama Set $77.95 USD
Celina Bra Set
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Celina Bra Set $57.95 USD
Doreen Pajamas
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Doreen Pajamas $57.95 USD
Renee Pajama Top
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Renee Pajama Top $32.95 USD
Renee Pajama Bottoms
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Claire Pajamas
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Claire Pajamas $57.95 USD
Renee Top
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Renee Top $27.95 USD
Emily Pajama Set
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Emily Pajama Set $72.95 USD
Grace Pajama Set
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Grace Pajama Set $82.95 USD
Evangeline PJ Set
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Evangeline PJ Set $74.95 USD
Esme Collared PJ Set
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Esme Plus Size PJ Set
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Esme PJ Set
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Esme PJ Set $67.95 USD
Elie PJ Set
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Elie PJ Set $49.95 USD
Nora PJ Set
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Nora PJ Set $52.95 USD
Estelle Pajamas
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Estelle Pajamas $68.95 USD
Lucile PJ
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Lucile PJ $68.95 USD

Pajama Shorts

This collection is dedicated to pajama shorts for women. It includes both individual pajama shorts styles and pajama shorts

Women’s Sexy Pajama Shorts

When you think of pajama shorts, ‘sexy’ is probably not the first descriptive word to come to mind. However, that doesn’t mean pajama shorts can’t be sexy. In fact, the sexy pajama shorts in this collection show just how alluring some pajama shorts can be.

These sexy pajama shorts you’ll find in this collection are available in a wide variety of styles. Many of these pajama shorts are crafted from all-over lace or feature lace details. They are designed with a flattering fit for a wide variety of figures and flirty detailing—like ruffles and satin bow accents—that gives them their sexy, feminine style that is sure to catch your partner’s eye in the bedroom.

Women’s Cotton Pajama Shorts

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for pajamas, sleepwear, and loungewear. It is comfortable, soft to the touch, it isn’t itchy or irritating, and it is one of the most breathable materials.

The cotton pajama shorts for women in this collection are breathable, comfortable, and will keep your skin cool and dry all night long. They are also available in fun solid colors and patterns, combining fashion and functionality to help you look cute while you get a great night of sleep.

Women’s Pajama Sets

Pajama shorts are great and you can mix and match them with T-shirts and sleepwear tops in your collection. However, many women want a complete matching sleepwear set to wear to bed.

If you’re looking for a complete coordinating sleepwear set, look no further than the women’s pajama sets in this collection. This collection includes a broad selection of women’s pajama sets that are designed to act as complete sleepwear sets. These sleepwear sets include a top and pajama shorts as bottoms. These sets include many

different top styles—sleeved, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, button-up, pullover, etc.—that are paired. If you’re not into mixing and matching, check out the complete sleepwear sets in this collection to complete your pajama shorts look.

Women’s Lounge Shorts

Let’s face it. If you’re like most women, you probably don’t justwear your pajama shorts to sleep. Most women spend a good amount of time lounging around in their pajama shorts on lazy Sunday afternoons, after a long and especially stressful day at work, etc. etc.

You don’t have to wear the pajama shorts in this collection to sleep. These pajama shorts for women double as women’s lounge shorts that you can wear at any time of day or night whenever you want to be comfortable—whether you plan on sleeping anytime soon or not.

Women’s Boxer Shorts

Why should men get all the comfort? Women’s boxer shorts are modeled after classic, ultra-comfortable men’s boxer shorts with a stylish feminine twist.

The women’s boxer shorts in this collection are designed for comfortable lounging. They don’t show panty lines, they are ultra-comfortable, and they’re great for sleeping.

Women’s Long Pajama Shorts

Not all pajama shorts have to be short. This collection includes pajama shorts of various lengths, ranging from super short to long.

The long pajama shorts in this collection extend down to your mid-thigh or are even women’s knee-length pajama shorts. These long pajama shorts are just as stylish and flattering as shorter pajama shorts—just with a longer length.

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