Plus Size Bodysuits

Sheer Lace Teddy Bustier
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Sheer Lace Teddy Bustier $44.95 USD $45.00 USD
Hazel Plus Size Teddy
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1 review Hazel Plus Size Teddy $44.95 USD
Camellia Plus Size Teddy
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Camellia Plus Size Teddy $43.31 USD $50.95 USD
Clover Plus Size Teddy
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Clover Plus Size Teddy $48.41 USD $56.95 USD
Gillian Plus Size Teddy
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Gillian Plus Size Teddy $50.96 USD $59.95 USD
Maxine Plus Size Teddy
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Maxine Plus Size Teddy $45.86 USD $53.95 USD
Peony Plus Size Teddy
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Plus Size Bodysuits

Bodysuits are one of the sexiest lingerie styles for curvy plus size women. These tight-fitting pieces hug your figure without squeezing to enhance and show off your natural curves. Plus, bodysuits are no longer just for the bedroom. Recent trends have placed bodysuits in the spotlight for women’s everyday fashion as well; you can rock a bodysuit as part of your everyday outfits for a casual, trendy look.

This collection includes an expansive range of sexy bodysuits and bodysuits for everyday wear, all of which are designed specifically to fit and flatter the curvy figures of real plus size women. These bodysuits are available in plus sizes up to 3X for most styles. From plus size fashion bodysuits to plus size bodysuit shapewear, this collection features all the bodysuit styles you need in your everyday wardrobe and your lingerie drawer.

Plus Size Lace Bodysuits

The plus size lace bodysuits you’ll find here will instantly revitalize your lingerie collection. These styles range from flirty and feminine semi-sheer lace and mesh to bold and ultra- scandalous open-front leopard print. You won’t have any trouble finding a sexy plus size lace bodysuit style here that matches your lingerie preferences and keeps you within your comfort zone.

However, you might even feel like stepping out of your regular comfort zone once you explore the sexy styles in this lace bodysuits collection. Confidence is key in the bedroom, and these sexy sheer bodysuits will instantly boost your self-confidence to ensure that you enter a night of sexy fun feeling great about your figure.

Fashion Bodysuits

The fashion bodysuits in this collection are designed for everyday wear outside of the bedroom. These stylish bodysuits fit seamlessly into virtually any trendy, casual look.

Pair them with high waisted jeans, boots, and a cardigan on a chilly fall day or a high waisted mini skirt and sandals in warmer weather. Most of the fashion bodysuits you’ll find here are plus size thong bodysuits. Their thong cut eliminates the risk of panty lines, even under tight jeans or leggings.

Plus Size Bodysuit Shapewear

Many of the styles in this collection are plus size bodysuit shapewear. These shaping bodysuits gently and subtly smooth and sculpt your curves. Their special stretchy firming fabric flattens your tummy, sculpts your hips, slims your waist, and eliminates love handles without feeling restrictive or suffocating.

The shapewear bodysuits in this collection can be layered under another top to subtly smooth your figure and help boost your body confidence no matter what you're wearing. Their discreet design keeps them invisible, even under tighter tops that hug your figure. However, the plus size body shapers in this collection are also designed to be worn alone as part of everyday outfits. The shaping bodysuits you’ll find here double as fashion bodysuits to gently smooth and shape your figure and help you feel more comfortable and confident showing off your curves in a form-fitting top.

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