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Plus Size Christmas lingerie & Sexy Santa Costume - HauteFlair

Sexy Christmas Lingerie & Plus Size Sexy Santa and

Holiday lingerie adds festive, playful fun to your bedroom during the Christmas season. Plus size women often have trouble finding themed lingerie in sizes that not only fit them but flatter their figure to create a look that is sexy rather than ridiculous. Holiday lingerie is a market dominated by retailers who cater only to women who fit into standard sizes. This, unfortunately, leads to an abundance of holiday lingerie pieces on the market that were designed for slimmer women and are unable to really flatter the curves of women who fit into plus sizes. Women of all shapes and sizes should be able to enjoy holiday-themed lingerie. In this plus size holiday lingerie collection, you will find a wide variety of gorgeous holiday-themed pieces and sets designed to accentuate the bodies of curvy women. 

Designed to help you and your partner get in the holiday spirit with some festive, sexy fun, holiday lingerie is lighthearted and should not be taken too seriously. These pieces combine sexiness and amusement together to create themed lingerie looks that show off your sexy body while spreading holiday cheer through your bedroom. While dressing up like Santa Claus might seem like the opposite of sexy, well-designed holiday lingerie costumes can be much more alluring than you might imagine. 

Of course, not all holiday lingerie is so over the top. Sexy Santa costumes are a lot of fun, but they don’t fit everyone’s style preferences. There are plenty of holiday lingerie pieces that are subtly holiday-themed but don’t include any Santa hats or gift bows. Many of pieces can easily be worn outside of the holiday season. You can find both subtle and extremely festive holiday lingerie pieces and sets in this expansive and inclusive holiday plus size lingerie collection. 

Sexy Holiday & Santa Costumes

Roleplaying can be a lot of fun in the bedroom at any time of year, but sexy holiday lingerie costumes add a dimension of festivity to these fantasies that can make the experience more fun for both you and your partner. This collection includes multiple sexy holiday-themed lingerie costumes that will capture your partner’s attention in the best way. 

The holiday lingerie costumes in this collection are designed for lighthearted festive fun, but they are also made to look classy and elegant. You’ll never feel silly or ridiculous in any of these costumes. The collection features multiple classic holiday-themed costume styles, including a sexy Santa chemise and a gift-wrapped bra and panty set. All of the costumes in this collection are designed to flatter curvy women so you can feel sexy and confident while you’re having fun dressing up. 

Panties and Babydolls

This plus size holiday lingerie collection includes many other lingerie styles apart from sexy costumes. Panties and babydoll are two of the more subtle holiday-themed styles featured in this collection. If you’re looking for lingerie that will add some festive cheer to your bedroom this holiday season but don’t want to spend money on a look you can only wear a few times per year, check out the panties and babydolls here.

The sexy panty styles in this collection include open crotch pearl string lace panties. Crafted from red lace and embellished with satin bows, these panties make the perfect holiday surprise for your partner but also have a design that is simple enough for you to wear them appropriately at any time of year. Similarly, many of the babydoll styles you can find in this collection are made from versatile red lace that stays sexy after December 25th.