Plus Size Corsets

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Plus Size Corsets | Sexy Plus Size Corset Lingerie

Many women dismiss corsets as outdated, out of fashion, or uncomfortable, but don’t write off corsets just yet. While a Victorian corset of centuries past might not be the most practical option to add to your everyday lingerie wardrobe, modern corsets get a bad rap that they don’t deserve.

Modern corsets can be classy, elegant lingerie styles that are ultra-flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. In fact, corsets can be especially flattering for curvy and plus size women. They are an ideal option for plus size intimate apparel, as they effortlessly smooth curves to create an instant hourglass figure with a refined finish.

All of the plus size corsets for women in this collection are designed specifically for plus size women with curvy figures and full busts. They are constructed with comfort, support, and modern sexy style in mind. Plus, these corsets are crafted from the highest quality materials sourced from top designers on the lingerie market. Including corset bridal lingerie to scandalous underbust corsets to sexy corset costumes and more, this collection can be your ultimate hub for top-quality plus size corsets of any style.

Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

Corsets are a classic bridal lingerie style. Wearing a sexy corset as your bridal lingerie puts you in good company—brand new brides have worn corsets on their wedding night or even under their wedding gown for hundreds of years. The corset bridal lingerie styles in this collection combine elegant traditional style with a modern flair to help you create ultra-sexy and classy lingerie looks that will calm your wedding-night nerves and make you feel like your very best, sexiest, most confident self on your special day—and night.

This collection includes multiple plus size corsets that are designed as beautiful plus size bridal lingerie. Many of these corsets can also double as everyday lingerie, so they won’t get stuck in the back of your closet after your wedding is over.

Plus Size Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets are ultra-versatile lingerie styles. They only extend up to the top of your ribcage and offer zero coverage for your bust, which allows you to pair these corsets with any bra of your choice.

You can even go completely bare on top if you prefer to show off more skin with scandalous lingerie looks. An underbust corset paired with nipple pasties creates an ultra-sexy lingerie look with a daring, scandalous finish. Many of the underbust corsets you’ll find in this collection come with matching pasties that complete your scandalous lingerie look.

Plus Size Sexy Costumes

Classic corset styles are subtle sexy costumes in and of themselves. Reminiscent of corsets from centuries past—but with a few important differences, like not being made of steel and not fitting so tightly that they squeeze your internal organs—modern corsets give any lingerie look an intriguing, vintage-inspired finish.

Wearing a sexy corset costume can add an instant spark to your life in the bedroom. Unleash your inner rebellious Renaissance woman in sexy satin, lace-trimmed bustier-style corset or a racerback brocade corset with a bold lace-up back.

Plus Size Corset Lingerie Sets

In addition to individual corsets that you can mix and match with other pieces in your at-home lingerie wardrobe, this collection also includes a variety of plus size corset lingerie sets.

These corset lingerie allow you to easily put together more cohesive lingerie looks without having to piece together different styles yourself. The sexy corset lingerie sets in this collection include two-piece corset and matching G-string sets, plus size underbust corset and pasties sets, and more.

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