Plus Size Sports Bra

Women's Plus Size Sports Bra

Whether you’re running on a treadmill or playing tennis, moving around and getting active puts a lot of stress on your chest. Without an adequate amount of support and security, this stress can cause major discomfort. For women who are active regularly or have a larger bust, strain on your chest can even lead to chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain over time. That’s why finding a sports bra that offers plenty of support and security is so important.

Sports bras in every size should be equipped with the support features necessary to keep your bust secure, but maximum security is especially crucial in plus size sports bras that are designed to reduce bouncing for curvier women. If you have a full bust, more support is required to keep your bust secure. As a plus size woman, a sports bra can be one of the most challenging types of bras to buy. Finding a sports bra that offers a comfortable fitandkeeps your bust lifted and securely in place isn’t easy.

This plus size sports bras collection offers a wide selection of sports bra styles that are designed specifically for real plus size women to reduce bounce and comfortably support and secure large busts up to size 46J.

High Impact Plus Size Sports Bra

The plus size sports bras in this collection are built with a variety of special support features that are designed to keep your bust secure through even the high impact, most vigorous, and motion-intensive workouts.

Special support features in these ultra-secure sports bra styles include a high neckline for maximum coverage, wide padded straps and band, covered elastic for extra support, compression stretch material for security, and more.

Cool and Dry Comfort

In addition, to offer maximum support for high impact workout and security, the styles you’ll find here also provide a comfortable fit that defies expectations of comfort for plus size sports bras. These sports bras don’t squish and suffocate your breasts or dig painfully into your skin.

Instead, they are designed specifically with comfort and freedom in mind. Their lightweight, moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry through a sweaty workout. Contoured cups keep your breasts secure without feeling restrictive. Some of these sports bra styles are even built without wire for an extra soft and comfy fit. The styles that do include underwire encase the wire in padded compartments that prevent it from digging into your skin.

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