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Elegant Moments Micro Bikini O/S (ONE SIZE) / GOLD Luci Gold Micro Bikini Thong SetElegant Moments Micro Bikini O/S (ONE SIZE) / GOLD Luci Gold Micro Bikini Thong Set

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Thong Bikinis & Sexy Thong Swimsuits

Sexy Thong Bikinis & Thong Swimsuits

Turn heads this summer in a sexy thong bikini. Whether you’re swimming in the ocean or tanning poolside, you are sure to make an impression in the ultra-scandalous thong bikini swimsuits styles in this collection. Thong swimwear shows off your backside and accentuates your curves to add a sexy finish to any summer swimwear look. Be bold and rock a thong bikini on your next trip to the lake or the beach, or keep things more private and wear it for line-free tanning sessions in your backyard.

All of the thong Bikinis in this collection are crafted from durable, high-quality water-safe materials that ensure a close, flattering fit for any figure. They are available in multiple fun patterns and colors that keep up with the latest trends in women’s swimwear fashion. This collection features various thong bikini styles—including classic thong bikinis, string thong bikinis, Brazilian Bikini, and hipster thong bikinis—to give you plenty of opportunities to find the perfect thong bikini that will help you feel sexy and confident all summer long.

Classic Thong Bikini Swimwear

The classic thong bikinis in this collection are designed just like traditional bikini bottoms, except for their thong cut in the back.

These thong bikinis feature a standard waistband and offer full coverage in front like any other bikini bottoms. In the back, however, their thong cut adds a sexy edge to these revealing bikini styles and sets them apart from other more modest swimwear bottoms.

String Thong Bikinis

String thong bikinis feature a narrow string waistband that ties on both sides. They are slightly more revealing than classic thong bikinis because their waistband is so thin. Plus, they include less material and offer less coverage in front. Some string thong bikinis put even more bare skin on display with a string in place of material in the back. These ultra-scandalous, sexy bikinis show off your entire backside, leaving very little to the imagination.

Because string thong bikinis tie on each side, their fit is easily adjustable. These bikinis are especially flattering for women who have trouble finding a bikini that fits their waist well.

High Waisted Thong Bikinis

If you have a curvy figure, consider one of the high waisted thong bikini styles in this collection to fit and flatter your frame. High waisted thong bikinis feature an extra-wide waistband that hugs your hips. This hip-hugging fit instantly slims your waist and smoothes your curves for a sexy finish that shows off your shapely figure.

Even if you’re not naturally curvy, High waisted thong bikinis can help you enhance the curves you do have and conceal your insecurities at the same time. Some of the hipster styles in this collection also feature shirred material at the top to hide any bulkiness around your midsection.

How to Wearing a Thong Bikini Swimsuits

As women’s fashion trends veer toward more scandalous, revealing pieces, thong bikinis are becoming much more popular as standard summer swimwear styles. While few women would even think to flaunt their backside in a thong bikini at a public beach or pool a decade or so ago, thong bikini styles now tend to be the rule rather than the exception. While some public pools, beaches, and lakes still frown upon thong swimwear, most have abandoned their “No Thongs” rules and begun to embrace the scandalous swimwear that has been thrust into the spotlight by sexy style icons like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

Thong bikinis aren’t just for celebrities. Believe it or not, you can wear a thong bikini on the beach and feel sexy and confident at the same time. If you’re interested in rocking a thong bikini yourself, take advantage of this guide to help you choose the best on-trend thong bikini style for your body and keep your motivation high by learning about the many benefits of wearing a thong bikini this summer.

Thong Bikini Swimsuits Styles

There are many different thong bikini styles, each of which are designed to fit and flatter different figures in order to help women of every body type, shape, and size feel sexy and confident in scandalous swimwear. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the most popular—and most stylish and flattering—thong bikini styles of this season.

Tanga Thong Bikinis

The tanga thong bikini style offers a twist on the classic thong bikini cut. Tanga bikini bottoms are slightly more conservative than traditional thong bikinis, but they still show off plenty of skin for a sexy, flattering finish.

Tanga bikini bottoms offer cheeky thong coverage in the back with a small triangle of stretchy spandex material that clings to your skin to fit and flatter your curves. The front and back of tanga bottoms are connected by a string or narrow strip of spandex, and the front offers coverage for your private areas with another small triangle of material.

Brazilian Thong Bikinis

The Brazilian thong bikini is the most popular thong bikini cut this season. These bikinis are super sexy and offer enough coverage to make you feel comfortable without covering up too much skin. Plus, Brazilian thong bikinis are very flattering. They hold their shape well and don’t sag at all in the back, thereby eliminating the risk of dreaded “diaper butt” that stems from loose bikini bottoms bagging around your rear.

Defining the Brazilian thong cut can be somewhat confusing, as it is very similar to the traditional tanga thong style. Brazilian thong bikinis have a cheeky cut. They usually feature a narrow waistband—but not a string—that is cut high up on your hips. These bikinis feature a small triangle of material in front and back that offers the perfect amount of coverage in the front and creates a sexy, comfortable cheeky cut in the back.

Micro Thong Bikinis

Micro bikinis are the most scandalous thong bikini style. Out of all the thong bikini styles on the market, micro bikinis offer the least coverage and show off the barest skin. These ultra-revealing bikinis feature two tiny triangles in front and back connected by a very thin string. They cover the absolute minimum amount of skin required to still be considered legally decent.

It takes a lot of courage to wear a micro-thong bikini. Micro bikinis are not even allowed at many public pools and beaches because of how revealing they are. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a micro bikini in public, you can still rock this scandalous style to swim in your hot tub or pool or tan without fear of tan lines in your own backyard.

String Thong Bikini

String thong bikinis are just bikinis with a thong cut that are connected by a string rather than a strip of material. That means that the waistband of these bikini styles is extremely narrow, which makes the entire bikini more revealing when combined with its thong-cut back.

The majority of thong bikinis are string bikinis. The design of a string bikini complements the skimpy back of classic thong bikinis to create a sexy style that looks streamlined and balanced.

G String Thong Bikinis

Although their names sound almost the same, there are key differences between the G- string and string bikini styles.

While string thong bikinis refer to any bikini with a thong cut and a string waistband, G- string bikinis have a super revealing thong cut that includes only a string between your buttocks instead of a more modest triangle of material. Like string bikinis, G-string bikini styles usually feature a narrow string waistband and a small triangle of material in front.

Micro Scrunch Thong Bikinis

Micro scrunch bikinis put an additional sexy twist on the classic micro bikini. These scandalous bikinis feature the same itsy-bitsy back of traditional micro bikinis. They offer minimal coverage and feature tiny triangles of materials in the front and back that are usually connected by a narrow string.

The material of micro scrunch bikini styles is ruched and gathered in the back to enhance your hips, accentuate your waist, and draw extra attention to your backside. This gathered material also helps add balance to your rear end and draw attention away from any flaws or imperfections.

Why Wear a Thong Bikini Swimwear

Thong bikinis are extremely revealing, and wearing such a scandalous swimwear style —especially out in public—is intimidating for many women. No matter what your body looks like, you can rock a thong bikini.

If you need a little extra encouragement before you’re ready to strut the shoreline in a thong bikini style, here are five reasons why you should gather your courage and wear a thong bikini this summer.

1. Flatter Your Figure

Contrary to popular belief, thong bikinis are not just for supermodel bodies like the ultra-slim figures of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. These scandalous bikini bottoms are actually flattering for a wide variety of figures.

Celebrities with curvier figures—like Kim Kardashian West and Ariel Winters—have also been known to rock thong bikinis in magazine spreads and on their personal vacays. While thong bikinis obviously look different on these women with larger backsides than they do on tiny-reared models like Kendall Jenner, they look equally as sexy. By showing off as much skin as they do, thong bikinis are actually surprisingly forgiving and effortlessly flatter a diverse range of figures from tiny and thin to curvy and voluptuous.

Of course, thousands of other normal women with bodies of all types, shapes, and sizes —that are usually less trim and toned than those of the prominent celebrities mentioned above—also brave the beaches in sexy thong swimwear, and you can too. Experiment with different thong bikini styles to find the one that fits and flatters your unique figure best and makes you feel confident without feeling like you need to change your body.

2. Avoid Tan Lines

There are few things more frustrating than returning home from a day at the beach or a few hours out tanning by the pool and discovering stark, noticeable tan lines around your backside in the shape of the swimwear you wore that day.

Thong bikinis help you avoid tan lines altogether. In ultra-revealing bikini bottoms, you can effortlessly achieve the even, natural-looking bronzed skin of your dreams. Just be sure to apply sunscreen everywhere when you put on a thong bikini to protect your backside from harsh, damaging UV rays. Although it might eventually transform into a golden tan, a nasty sunburn on your rear should never be your end goal.

3. Fade Flaws

Have you ever noticed that flaws in your skin are more noticeable on your backside? That’s because stretch marks, cellulite, and other natural physical imperfections are more clearly visible on areas of your skin that don’t get much sun exposure. Unless you’ve always worn thong bikinis, your rear end is likely one of the few areas of your body that rarely sees the sun.

Wearing a thong bikini not only helps you become more comfortable with your flaws, it actually helps them disappear. Exposing your rear end to the sun when you tan in a thong bikini outside can significantly fade spots and stretch marks and decrease the visibility of cellulite. Just make sure to always apply sunscreen to your backside before exposing it to the sun in a thong bikini. Sun damage will only create more flaws, not fade them.

4. Stay in Style

Thong bikinis are among the most on-trend modern swimwear styles. Brazilian cut thongs are the most popular bikini bottom style this season, and alternative thong styles are not much lower on the trend charts.

The bottom line is, it’s tough to find a thong bikini that isn’t trendy. If you want to keep up with swimwear trends, you definitely can’t go wrong with any of the thong bikini styles detailed in this post.

5. Embrace Your Body

Thong bikini styles do not allow you to hide your body. In fact, these ultra-revealing bikini styles put way more of your bare skin on display than you’re probably accustomed to showing to the world. Showing so much skin is naturally nerve-wracking for many women, especially those who are used to relying on more conservative swimwear to conceal their physical insecurities.

When you wear a thong bikini, there’s no way to hide your natural bodily “imperfections”. Cellulite and stretch marks on your hips and backside can’t be concealed in a revealing thong bikini, but not being able to hide every little thing you don’t love about your body can actually turn out to be a positive thing.

While working up the courage to dare to wear a thong bikini can be difficult, rocking thong swimwear can do wonders for your body confidence. Wearing a thong bikini teaches you that you don’t have to hide your body, even the parts of it that make you feel insecure or unattractive. After you overcome initial nerves and feelings of insecurity, rocking a thong bikini can boost your self-confidence and help you remind yourself— and others—that your body is beautiful and sexy enough to show off proudly just the way it is.