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Waist Trainer - Women's Waist Trainers

What is a Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is a shaping garment that is used for waist training. The most commons uses for waist trainers are as aids for losing weight and shaping your figure. Most waist trainers are designed specifically for women, although some men waist train as well. Waist trainers encircle your midsection and provide cinching coverage for your waist, tummy, hips, and love handles. They cinch your midsection to instantly shape and sculpt your figure—just like shapewear. However, waist trainers can also help you achieve more lasting, long-term weight loss and fitness goals by making you sweat more while you work out or even during your everyday life, which in turn can jumpstart your metabolism, help you burn more calories, and help catalyze targeted fat loss from hard-to-tone areas around your midsection. Waist trainers can also help improve your posture, reduce back pain, and even help correct the alignment of your spine.

Waist training is a subject that is under much debate and scrutiny, especially as a weight loss and/or fitness strategy. Many people doubt its effectiveness as a reliable and valid weight loss strategy and write off waist trainers as gimmicky products that are designed to scam desperate women out of their money. Even with all of the criticism out there, waist trainers are continuing to gain popularity among average women and celebrities alike. Notable fitness and fashion icons, including all of the Kardashian sisters, rapper and model Nicki Minaj, model and actress Amber Rose, and others, have publicly expressed their support for waist training and shared their own results following habitual use of their favorite waist trainers. The verdict seems to be that waist training doesn’t work the same for every woman—some love it, and some hate it—and it’s up to you to decide whether or not waist training is right for you.

Shopping for a Waist Trainer

Maybe you’re interested in trying waist training for the first time. Or, maybe you’ve tried out waist training in the past and have been disappointed or underwhelmed with the results—or lack thereof—you’ve achieved. Maybe you’ve even had bad experiences with waist training in the past and have suffered through discomfort or even pain in your attempts to reach your weight loss and/or fitness goals by ‘training’ your waist.

How you shop for a waist trainer helps determine the success—or lack thereof—that you’ll have once you start waist training. There are many important things to consider when shopping for a waist trainer—where to buy your waist trainer, which type of waist trainer to buy, which size waist trainer to buy, etc. The shopping process can be very overwhelming, especially if you’re new to waist training. Use the information in this article to help guide you toward the right waist trainer for you.

Where to Buy a Waist Trainer

One of the first challenges many women who are new to waist training struggle with is where to buy a waist trainer. A lack of options is generally not an issue. You can find waist trainers to choose from everywhere from department stores to lingerie stores to TV commercials to online boutiques. There is no right or wrong place to buy a waist trainer. However, there are key things to keep in mind when choosing where to buy your waist trainer to ensure you end up with a high-quality waist trainer at a fair price.

Many women are hesitant to order a waist trainer from an online store. While having concerns about online shopping—especially for something you’re going to wear on your body—is perfectly understandable, specialized online retailers can actually be some of the best, most reliable sources for waist trainers. Online, you can find waist trainers in virtually any type, style, and size. Plus, shopping for a waist trainer online gives you the freedom to browse a broad selection of styles and stores without having to leave the comfort of your home. This privacy that online shopping provides is a benefit, especially for women who feel nervous or self-conscious shopping for waist trainers in a brick-and-mortar department or lingerie store.

Which Materials Should a Waist Trainer Include?

When you start shopping for a waist trainer, one of the first things you might consider is which materials your waist trainer should include. Most waist trainers are made primarily from latex. Latex is the ideal material for waist trainers because it is strong enough to be very durable and flexible enough that it won’t restrict your movement, even if you’re working out. Plus, wearing a snug layer of latex around your midsection helps you sweat more, which in turn can help you burn more calories and fat and lose more weight more quickly and easily.

If you want to ensure that your waist trainer is as comfortable as possible, look for a waist trainer that includes inner cotton lining. Cotton lining adds comfort and breathability to waist trainers to prevent irritation. If you plan on wearing your waist trainer to the gym, choose one with cotton lining if only for its breathability. Don’t settle for a waist trainer with nylon lining for comfort, as nylon does not add the same level of breathability that cotton does.

Which are the Best Waist Trainer?

There really is no “best” type of waist trainer on the market. The best waist trainer for you depends on your body, your comfort level, how and when you plan to wear your waist trainer, and what results you hope to achieve from waist training.

It’s important to do your own research before shopping for a waist trainer to determine which type or style of waist trainer will help you reach your goals most efficiently. That being said, the information in this article can definitely help guide you in the right direction toward the best waist trainer for you.

Which Waist Trainers are Safe?

From misconceptions about infertility risks to back pain, there are a lot of scary rumors floating around out there about waist training and its safety—or lack thereof. The truth is that there are no real, conclusive studies or scientific evidence that points toward any adverse health effects as a direct result of waist training. Like anything—especially anything used as an aid for weight loss—waist trainers can be dangerous and potentially damaging to your health if you use them incorrectly. In terms of waist training, incorrect use can refer to anything from wearing a waist trainer that does not fit you correctly to wearing your waist trainer for too many hours on a single day. There is no specific type or style of waist trainer that is more or less safe than others. However, high-quality waist trainers with a lot of high ratings and reviews from past customers to back them up are always your best bet.

Of course, if you experience any pain or discomfort while waist training, don’t ignore it. Take a step back and re-evaluate whether your waist trainer fits you correctly, whether you’re wearing your waist trainer too often or for too many hours at one time, etc. If you feel as though you are using your waist trainer safely and continue feeling pain or discomfort, stop waist training and consult your doctor for guidance. Also, you should take a break from waist training during your pregnancy. While wearing a waist trainer while you’re trying to get pregnant should not affect your fertility in any way, wearing a waist trainer while you are actively pregnant is not recommended.

Which Waist Trainers are Best for Weight Loss?

Most waist trainers are effective as weight loss aids. Of course, it’s very important to remember that waist training is not a cure-all for weight loss woes. In order to see any noticeable physical results from waist training, you need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and a regular exercise routine as well.

However, when it comes to getting a waist trainer that will act as an effective weight loss aid for you, the quality and size of the waist trainer you get matter more than its style. As long as you choose a high-quality waist trainer that fits you and use it correctly as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, you should start noticing faster and easier weight loss with continued regular use.

Which Waist Trainers are Best for Shaping?

If you’re primarily interested in waist training in order to shape and sculpt your midsection, a steel-boned waist trainer is probably your best bet.

Like most waist trainers, steel-boned waist trainers are generally made from latex on the outside. They include an inner core of steel boning that keeps the waist trainer rigid and effectively cinches your midsection to flatten your tummy, slim your waist, and sculpt your hips. They also often feature an inner cotton lining for added comfort to prevent the steel boning from irritating your skin or causing discomfort.

How Should a Waist Trainer Fit?

Getting a waist trainer that fits you correctly is key to a comfortable, safe, and effective waist training experience. If you are ordering a waist trainer online, check the online store you’re ordering from to see if a fitting guide is listed on the site. If so, measure yourself before you start shopping and choose a size accordingly. If you’re shopping for a waist trainer in a brick-and-mortar department or lingerie store, get measured professionally if possible or at least try on multiple sizes to make sure you get the best one for your figure.

A common mistake many women make when shopping for a waist trainer is to buy the tightest waist trainer they can find. Do NOT purchase a waist trainer that is too small in the hopes that it will sculpt your figure more intensely and lead to faster, more noticeable results. Waist trainers that are too big or too small are usually ineffective and can lead to discomfort, pain, and even more serious health problems. Both too-big and too-small waist trainers will restrict your mobility, making it more difficult to work out in them or go about your everyday life while waist training. Waist trainers that are too big are also more difficult to hide discreetly underneath your everyday clothing.

A waist trainer should fit snugly—somewhere in between feeling suffocating and hanging loosely off of your frame. You should be able to fit one to two fingers—but not more—comfortably between your skin and your waist trainer. If your waist trainer leaves red marks, dents, or other irritation around your midsection after you’ve been wearing it for a few hours, that’s a clear sign that it is either too small or that you need to choose a waist trainer with inner cotton lining for added comfort and padding.

Waist Training Corset & Weight Loss

There is no magic trick for instant weight loss. Losing weight and keeping it off requires a certain level of determination and perseverance that no gimmicky diet pills or fitness scams can match. Maintaining a balanced, moderate diet alongside a consistent exercise routine is the only key to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

While you can’t expect to drop a dress size overnight, there are ways to speed up and stimulate your weight loss process outside of your diet and exercise routine. Many women find that regularly wearing a waist trainer corset helps them lose more weight more quickly while simultaneously slimming and shaping their midsection.

Waist Training Corset & Comfort

Waist training corsets are not usually renowned for their comfortability. Many women think that feeling constricted in their corset is the price they have to pay for the weight loss benefits this shaping garment brings.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no reason for you to feel suffocated in your waist trainer. The corsets in this collection defy the stereotypes of uncomfortable waist trainers with their soft, flexible design that doesn’t affect your mobility and keeps you comfortable all day long. The corset styles you find here are made of flexible material and an inner cotton lining that keeps them feeling ultra-soft against your skin. The thermal rubber core built into these corsets ensures maximum breathability even during a workout.

When you choose a waist trainer from this collection, you won’t have to dread putting on your corset every day. In fact, the corset styles here feel so natural against your skin that you might even forget you’re wearing yours until the time comes to take it off at the end of the night.

Waist Trainer Shapewear Function

The purpose of waist trainer Shapewear is to promote faster, easier weight loss and semi-permanently shape your midsection to slim your waist and smooth your curves.

The waist trainer in this collection has a high-compression fit that gently and gradually slims and shapes your figure without making you feel constricted. All of the corset styles here are adjustable and feature multiple rows of hook-and-eye closures. This adjustability allows you to wear your corset comfortably from the start and makes sure that it continues to provide effective compression as your weight loss journey continues.

Waist Trainer Styles

This collection includes multiple waist trainer styles, including workout corsets and everyday corsets in standard sizes. This selection allows you to find a style that best complements your lifestyle and weight loss goals to help you achieve the most noticeable results in the shortest amount of time.

A popular weight loss technique involves wearing a waist trainer corset while you work out to stimulate sweat production and slim your figure more quickly. You can find corset styles here that are designed specifically to be worn to the gym or your next pilates class. If you like to work out in just a sports bra, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about your waist trainer corset being in plain sight while you exercise. The corsets designed for workout wear in this collection are available in a selection of bright, stylish colors and patterns that are meant to be seen.

Wearing a waist trainer corset on a daily basis might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with the everyday corset styles in this collection. Crafted from soft, breathable material and offering comfortable but powerful compression, these corsets are ideal for daily wear. You don’t have to wear your corset every single day for it to be effective, but the everyday waist trainer corsets in this collection are designed for effortlessly comfortable all-day wear.

Commonly Asked Questions About Waist Trainer

Waist training is a fairly new contemporary weight-loss trend inspired by the support of major celebrities—including most of the Kardashian sisters—who have raved about the fitness strategy and discussed how they incorporate it into their own workout routines.

Despite its extreme popularity in the modern fitness world, many women remain skeptical of this hyped-up weight loss technique. If you’re curious about waist training, how it works, and how well it works, keep reading to learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about waist trainers and waist training.

Are Waist Trainer Results Permanent?

One of the biggest questions about waist training is whether or not it actually helps you look slimmer and lose weight when you’re not actively wearing your trainer.

While your waist won’t look quite as slim and your tummy won’t look as flat once you take your waist trainer off, waist training does have permanent and semi-permanent results. It helps you burn calories and lose weight more quickly easily. Plus, its compression also semi-permanently slims and shapes your hips, tummy, and waist if you waist train regularly.

Can Waist Trainers Help With Love Handles?

Waist trainers do not directly target fat on your midsection, so waist training alone does not guarantee fat loss from your love handles or tummy.

However, waist training does help you burn more calories and drop pounds. If you combine wearing your waist trainer with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan, you should experience more targeted fat loss as well.

Can Waist Trainers Cause Back Pain?

A common misconception about waist trainers is that they cause back pain. If you wear a good-quality waist trainer correctly, you should not experience any related back pain.

In fact, waist training can actually decrease any back pain you experience because it helps align your spine and improves your posture.

Can Waist Trainers be Worn Under Clothes?

You can most certainly wear a waist trainer under your clothes. In fact, the majority of waist trainers are designed to be worn invisibly underneath your clothes when you’re exercising or going about your daily life.

If you feel comfortable showing off your waist trainer and want to avoid dealing with an extra layer while you’re working out, you can also choose a trainer that is designed to be worn by itself. Some of the waist trainers in this guide feature bright colors and stylish patterns that encourage you to show them off at the gym without covering up.

Do Waist Trainers Work? What Waist Trainer Works Best?

There is no single answer to the question "do waist trainers work?" or "which waist trainers are most effective?" Of course, some waist trainers are better than others, and a low-quality trainer probably won’t yield visible.

The waist trainer that will work or be most effective for you is the one that is best suited for your unique body and fitness goals. Check out the diverse range of waist trainers detailed earlier in this guide to find one that meets all of your needs.