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Yoga Pants 

This yoga pants collection includes a diverse selection of stylish, comfortable, and versatile yoga pants for women.

What are Yoga Pants?

As their name suggests, yoga pants are designed to be worn comfortably while doing yoga. While yoga pants began as activewear, they have become quite popular as casual everyday wear, too—especially with the rise of the athleisure trend in women’s fashion.

Yoga pants have skyrocketed in popularity as the athleisure trend has gained ground in the world of women’s fashion. The athleisure trend revolves primarily around the comfort and style of yoga pants and leggings for loungewear or casual everyday wear and largely ignores their functionality as activewear for workouts or other rigorous physical activity.

While yoga pants are still popular for women heading off to a yoga class, the functionality of yoga pants has expanded significantly since these ultra-comfortable and effortlessly flattering bottoms hit the market. Yoga pants are simultaneously activewear, loungewear, and athleisure styles. They are comfortable, flexible, and versatile bottoms that you can rock anywhere from the gym to the mall.

Yoga Pants vs Leggings

Many people—even those who wear both yoga pants and leggings on a regular basis—get yoga pants and leggings confused. It can be very difficult to distinguish between yoga pants and leggings, especially because yoga pants and leggings are often used as interchangeable labels by mainstream retailers of activewear, loungewear, and sporty-chic apparel for women.

There are many similarities among yoga pants and leggings, but there are also some key differences between them that set these two styles apart from each another. Traditional yoga pants have slightly flared bottoms, while classic leggings are form-fitting all the way down to the ankles. With that being said, the semi-relaxed fit of yoga pants is not as universal as it once was. There are many yoga pants styles on the current market that are fitted from top to bottom just like leggings.

One thing that makes the confusion over which bottoms count as leggings and which count as yoga pants even more intense is the existence of something known as ‘yoga leggings’. The term ‘yoga leggings’ was coined to refer to bottoms that have all of the characteristics of yoga pants but that are fitted around the ankles instead of maintaining the standard relaxed ankle fit of traditional yoga pants. As yoga pants styles have expanded and yoga pants that are fitted all the way down have become more common, however, the term yoga leggings has become less common. This collection includes many different yoga pants styles, some of which have a relaxed fit around the ankles and others that are fitted all the way down.

As a general rule, yoga pants also tend to be more comfortable and flexible than leggings. While it can be difficult to find leggings that are not see-through— especially for curvy and plus size women—most yoga pants are made from thicker material that remains opaque in any light. Yoga pants also offer more support around the waist and midsection than classic leggings, as yoga pants feature a thick waistband that you can choose to fold over for a better, more supportive fit if desired.

Another key difference that sets yoga pants apart from leggings is the polarizing debate over whether or not leggings actually count as pants. Some people believe leggings should be treated the same way as jeans or other pants for casual everyday wear. Others maintain that leggings are inappropriate for casual everyday wear and should be reserved for the gym and worn strictly as workout wear. Some people even argue that wearing leggings with cropped or standard- length tops is indecent and that leggings should be worn only with long tunic- style tops or dresses that cover the wearer’s backside. To be fair, this debate is definitely dying down and more and more people seem to be crossing over to the “leggings count as pants” side as leggings become more and more popular. However, there is still a stigma regarding wearing leggings as pants that don’t exist to the same degree for yoga pants.

As compared to the debate that exists over leggings, there is not as much disagreement over how to wear yoga pants appropriately. Yoga pants are pretty widely accepted as versatile styles that effortlessly double as activewear and casual everyday wear. Plus, it’s pretty hard to argue that yoga pants shouldn’t count as pants—especially seeing as the word ‘pants’ is literally in their name.

Because yoga pants are made from thick, completely opaque material and have a more relaxed fit, they tend to be more widely accepted than leggings are as being appropriate for casual everyday wear.

Whether or not you’ve ever set foot in a yoga studio, yoga pants are a must-have for every woman who values style, comfort, and functionality in her clothing. In this yoga pants collection, you will find an ultra-diverse selection of yoga pants for women. From loose yoga pants to fitted yoga pants, from plain black yoga pants to bright galaxy yoga pants, from yoga pants for fitness to yoga pants you can actually dress up and wear to work, this collection has it all. The diverse range of styles you’ll find here can fulfill all of your yoga pants needs. These yoga pants styles are sourced from top designers on the women’s activewear and athleisure market. They are all well-made and never see-through. The yoga pants you’ll find in this collection are simultaneously comfortable, ultra-durable, functional as both loungewear and activewear, in line with current trends, and effortlessly flattering for women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.

Loose Yoga Pants

Classic yoga pants are loose yoga pants. These traditional yoga pants are somewhat form-fitting and don’t fit as loosely as sweatpants, but their fit is semi-relaxed from top to bottom. Loose yoga pants also flare out slightly at the bottoms to provide a looser fit around the ankles. These boots cut yoga pants are made of stretchy, flexible material and show off the shape of your legs and backside without clinging too tightly to your figure.

This collection includes multiple loose yoga pants styles. These loose yoga pants are comparable to stylish, more flattering versions of sweatpants. They are ideal for lounging around the house, heading out on a casual errand to the grocery store, or wearing for low-intensity workouts—including yoga classes.

Fitted Yoga Pants

In addition to loose yoga pants, this collection includes a wide selection of fitted yoga pants. Fitted yoga pants are form-fitting from top to bottom. They don’t flare out at the bottom like traditional yoga pants and remain form-fitting around the ankles.

Fitted yoga pants are perfect for casual everyday wear. Their form-fitting nature makes them look less like loungewear and more like stylish, modern bottoms that are made to show off outside the comfort of your home. Unlike fitted leggings, the fitted yoga pants in this collection are never see-through—even for curvier and plus size women. Their thick cotton material clings to your figure to flaunt the shape of your sexy curves while remaining completely opaque. Pair the fitted yoga pants in this collection with trendy kicks and a crop top to create a stylish, streamlined casual everyday look that’s appropriate for everything from a casual lunch date to a day of shopping with your best girlfriends.

Shaping Yoga Pants

Many of the yoga pants in this collection have special shaping properties that allow them to double as ultra-discreet shapewear. Traditional yoga pants are made from thick material—usually cotton—with a high waistband that can be folded down for extra support.

The shaping yoga pants in this collection share these key characteristics. They are made from a blend of thick, breathable cotton and stretchy spandex materials and gently hug from top to bottom to comfortably and imperceptibly smooth and sculpt your legs and backside. They also feature an extra-wide waistband that automatically slims your lower midsection to boost your confidence for casual everyday wear.

Black Yoga Pants

Plain black yoga pants are the most versatile yoga pants. They match with virtually anything, and you can dress them up or down to take advantage of their versatility. Even woman needs at least one—or five—pair(s) of yoga pants in her wardrobe at home.

This yoga pants collection includes a diverse range of black yoga pants styles, from loose black yoga pants to fitted black yoga pants to black yoga pants with pockets or mesh detailing. Browse through

White Yoga Pants

White is another popular color for yoga pants. It is effortlessly flattering for a wide range of skin tones and matches or coordinates with virtually any outfit.

However, many women are wary of wearing white athleisure styles, mostly because it is very difficult to find white leggings that are not see-through. The white yoga pants in this collection are guaranteed to remain fully opaque under any light to keep you confident and comfortable all day long no matter what you’re doing.

Colorful Yoga Pants

In addition to plain black and white yoga pants, this collection includes a selection of yoga pants in a variety of different colors and patterns. These bright and colorful yoga pants add style, interest, and a pop of color to any outfit for activewear or casual everyday wear.

Browse the styles in this collection to find color block yoga pants and yoga pants in multiple pastels, neutral, and bright solid colors. In this collection, you can also find patterned yoga pants with designs ranging from galaxy yoga pants to yoga pants with bright floral prints.

Yoga Pants with Details

While all of the yoga pants in this collection are made from cotton or a cotton- dominant blend of materials, many of the yoga pants you’ll find here also feature mesh trim or mesh panels. This mesh detailing adds interest, style, and breathability to these unique mesh yoga pants.

This collection also includes yoga pants with pockets that add interest, convenience, and functionality to these classic yoga pants styles. These yoga pants with pockets can securely hold your phone, keys, or other essentials whether you’re working out or shopping at the grocery store.

Plus Size Yoga Pants

The yoga pants in this collection are designed to fit and flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. Finding leggings that truly fit and flatter real plus size bodies without instantly turning see-through can be a frustrating challenge for curvier women.

Yoga pants are ideal for plus size women who want to explore the athleisure trend. The women’s plus yoga pants in this collection remain opaque on curvy women of all shapes and sizes. They are available in plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X.