Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.

Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Tummy Control Shapewear

Shapewear for Tummy Control, Muffin Tops & Love Handle

Some of the most common areas to find extra fat on your body are your tummy and around your waist and hips. Much to the dismay of women everywhere, females naturally carry more fat around the lower part of their midsection for evolutionary and reproductive reasons. That’s why almost every adult woman has an extra layer of fat around her midsection. It’s extremely easy to accumulate fat that forms a tummy and “muffin top” or “love handles”. While fat in these areas is easy to develop, it can be very difficult to get rid of once you have it. Many women trying to lose weight or get in shape find burning excess fat from their stomach, waist, and hips to be much more challenging than losing fat in other areas.

The fact that developing an extra layer of fat around your midsection is biologically natural and even expected doesn’t make carrying that layer around or trying to get rid of it any less frustrating or discouraging. While you’re working to burn fat from your midsection, you can get temporary control for your tummy and muffin top with Body Shaper or shapewear designed specifically to target visible bulges in these areas.