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Cheeky Underwear & Sexy Cheeky Panties, Hipster, plus size - HauteFlair

What are Cheeky Panties?

There are so many different types of women’s underwear that differentiating between similar styles can be extremely confusing. Cheeky panties are one of the most popular underwear styles for women—both as everyday panties and as lingerie—but are still often mistaken or confused with similar types of panties. To put it simply, cheeky panties are panty styles that provide more coverage than classic thong panties, but still show off at least a peek of your cheeks. Most cheeky panty styles reveal at least half of your cheeks. Some styles show less, and others offer so little coverage that they look almost indistinguishable from a thong. The amount of coverage a cheeky panty offers depends completely on the brand and style you choose.

Cheeky panties are a flirty, functional everyday style. They offer more coverage than thong panty styles, so they won’t irritate your sensitive skin or cause uncomfortable pinching or wedgies. However, cheeky styles also rise up high enough on your backside to prevent visible panty lines even under form-fitting bottoms. They’re the perfect solution for women who are looking for the freedom of thong panties with the comfort and coverage of more conservative styles.

While sexy cheeky panties are a practical choice for everyday wear, they are also one of the sexiest lingerie panty styles. They’re not overly modest and are far from conservative, but they don’t show off everything at once and leave something to the imagination in the bedroom. Cheeky underwear styles are revealing enough to be sexy and attention-grabbing, but offer enough coverage to make them a tantalizing tease that leaves your partner yearning for more.

Cheeky Panties vs. Cheekinis

One of the reasons that cheeky panties can be difficult to recognize is that they go by slightly different names. Cheekinis are technically cheeky panties, but there are some key differences between the two styles.

Cheekinis tend to be more revealing than classic cheeky panties. If you see a panty style advertised as a cheekini rather than just cheeky, chances are that style offers thong-like coverage that shows off the majority of your cheeks. The coverage that classic cheeky panties offer varies more widely and can range from slightly more than thong coverage to a little less than bikini coverage.

Cheeky Panties & Underwear Styles

Not all cheeky panties are the same. As stated before, they vary significantly in the amount of coverage they provide. Plus, these panties come in countless different styles —from high waist underwear to low rise to seamless to hipster and more—that give you plenty of options to choose the most flattering and practical style for you.

Brazilian Cheeky Panties

Cheeky panties with a Brazilian cut are some of the most revealing cheeky panty styles. They show off your backside with coverage that is wider than a thong, but only slightly.

Brazilian cheeky panties can be confusing because they look just like many other panty styles that are just labeled as “cheeky”. When you see cheeky panties advertised as “Brazilian”, however, you can expect them to offer minimal coverage in the back with a cut that is much closer to a thong than a bikini.

Cotton Cheeky Panties

Whenever possible, choose cotton cheeky panties over cheeky styles made from nylon, spandex, or polyester. Cotton panties are very lightweight and breathable and offer a more comfortable fit than panties made from other materials. They also protect against itching, infection, and other discomforts in your most sensitive areas.

Cheeky panty styles should be comfortable enough for all-day wear. A cotton construction ensures that you can wear your cheeky panties all day long without any irritation or discomfort. If you want cheeky panties as lingerie to wear in the bedroom, it is not as essential that they be made from cotton because you won’t be wearing them for as long as you wear your everyday underwear. However, cotton is still the healthiest, most comfortable choice for cheeky panties whether they’re for practical everyday wear or strictly for the bedroom.

High Waist Cheeky Panties

High waist cheeky panties are flattering for every figure. Their extra-wide waistband rises up over your hips and tummy to offer additional coverage that conceals any imperfections around your midsection. These sexy panties double as discreet shapewear that slims your waist and smooths your midsection to accentuate and enhance your curvy figure.

Cheeky high waist styles are ideal for women who want slimming coverage around their midsection but don’t want to look like they’re wearing “granny panties”. Their high waist design gives your tummy a smooth, flat finish, while their cheeky cut in back adds sexy style to these panties. You can wear cheeky high waist panties comfortably as everyday underwear, or rock them confidently in the bedroom to hide your insecurities while still showing off some skin.

Low Rise Cheeky Panties

Low rise cheeky panties sit at the bottom of your waist, exposing your entire midsection and accentuating your hips.

These low rise panties are practical for women who wear bottoms that sit low on their hips. You can wear these panties underneath low rise pants, shorts, or skirts without worrying about any visible panty lines. If you want to show off your toned midsection in the bedroom, pair low rise cheeky panties with

Plus Size Cheeky Panties

Sexy cheeky panties are an especially flattering style for plus-size women. They draw attention to your curvy backside in the best way possible without highlighting your insecurities.

You can find virtually any cheeky panty style in a plus size. Some of the most flattering plus size cheeky panty styles include hipster cheeky panties and high waist cheeky panties. These styles offer slimming coverage for your waist, hips, and tummy while accentuating the sexy curves of your rear for a smooth, shapely finish.

Seamless Cheeky Panties

By design, classic cheeky panty styles do not cause prominent panty lines under most bottoms because they rest so high up on your backside. If you really want to eliminate the possibility of any panty lines, though, seamless cheeky panties are your best bet.

Seamless cheeky panties ensure a smooth finish even under skin-tight clothes like leggings or body-con dresses that tend to make even the slightest panty line noticeable. These seamless styles are also extremely comfortable. They don’t dig into your skin or ride up like many seamed styles, making these panties ultra-comfortable and easy to move in underneath everyday clothes or workout wear.

Hipster Cheeky Panties

Classic hipster panties sit approximately two to three inches below your natural waistline. They feature a wide waistband that sits comfortably around your hips.

Cheeky hipster panties have a natural slimming effect on your figure. Their high-cut leg openings add instant length to your frame, while their wide waistband draws attention to your hips and midsection in all the right places for a sexy, curvy finish.

Cheeky BoyShorts

Cheeky boyshort panties are quirky and comfortable. These panties are slightly more modest than classic cheeky styles because they provide full coverage around your hips and the tops of your thighs. They look just like classic boy short styles, except with a revealing cheeky cut that adds a surprising, flirty edge.

Pair cheeky boy shorts with a sports bra or a plain tee to create a sexy, teasing casual PJ set. Or, rock them in the bedroom under a babydoll or chemise to put a tantalizing extra layer of material to remove between your lingerie and your bare skin.