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Commando Underwear 

Commando is a renowned lingerie company that is known primarily for their selection of top-quality panties and shapewear. They craft their pieces with only materials of the highest quality to create durability and the look and feel of luxury. Commando cares about the women who wear the pieces they design. They maintain that self-confidence —especially body confidence—is of the utmost importance to a woman’s mental and physical health as well as her general well-being. Commando strives to design and distribute lingerie and shapewear that helps women look and feel their very best to reduce body insecurities and promote self-confidence. Their ultimate goal is to make every woman feel beautiful every time she looks in the mirror.

HauteFlair is proud to be a retail distributor for Commando to help them accomplish their goal of helping women become their best, happiest, and most confident version of themselves. In this collection, you’ll find an expansive, hand-picked selection of some of the best, most popular panties and shapewear that Commando has to offer.


This collection includes a broad range of Commando panty styles. Commando specializes in seamless panties, and the selection of styles they offer demonstrates that no show underwear doesn’t have to be boring or plain.

From high-rise tummy control panties to sexy lace panties, the Commando underwear you’ll find in this collection is all seamless. Their seamless design keeps these laser cut Commando panties one hundred percent invisible, even under the tightest bottoms. When you’re wearing Commando panties—whether it’s in the bedroom or on an everyday basis—you never have to worry about visible panty lines.


In addition to individual panties and various types of shapewear, Commando also carries bralettes. The Commando bralettes in this collection are sexy, on-trend, and surprisingly supportive.

Nothing that comes from Commando is flimsy, and their bralettes are no exception to this rule. The bralette styles you’ll find in this collection are flirty and feminine but still offer the support and security you need for comfortable, practical everyday wear.


The Commando shapewear you’ll find in this collection is designed to gently and effectively slim and sculpt various parts of your body—midsection, backside, legs, etc.— while remaining totally discreet. Commando offers an impressively wide and creative variety of shapewear pieces, most of which are available in this collection. They sell many standards, high-quality shapewear pieces like short shapers, shaping panties, etc.

However, Commando also gets creative with the shapewear they design in order to help women who are skeptical about wearing shapewear feel more comfortable in ultra- discreet shaping pieces. In this collection, you’ll find shaping leggings, shaping skirts, shaping bodysuits, shaping tank tops, shaping tights, and many more discreet shaping styles that are revolutionizing the way women wear and think about shapewear.

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