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Montelle Intimates Panties S / Black Montelle Brazilian Cheeky PantiesMontelle Intimates Panties Montelle Brazilian Cheeky Panties
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Yay Panties Tanga Panties XS / Nude Yay Panties Invisible Tanga PantyYay Panties Tanga Panties Yay Panties Invisible Tanga Panty
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Tanga Panties 

There are so many types of women’s panties on the market that it can be hard to keep track of all the different styles. Tanga panties are a somewhat obscure women’s panty style, at least in the name. Even if you’ve never heard of tanga panties before, chances are actually pretty good that you’ve got at least one pair in your collection. Tanga panties are one of the many types of thongs on the women’s underwear market.

Tanga panties make up a category in and of themselves, but they are often interchangeably advertised as Brazilian panties or under the umbrella of classic women’s thong panties. Before they were popularized in the U.S. and across the world, tanga cut panties originated in Europe. They have a classic European silhouette an offer more coverage than classic thongs but less coverage than traditional American bikini panties. As such, tanga panties are often known as full coverage thongs, which might seem like an oxymoron but makes sense considering the in-between coverage these panties offer.

Tanga underwear offers the convenience, discretion, and sexy style of thong panties along with the comfort and practicality of bikini underwear. Check out the wide variety of tanga panties for women available in this collection to find some new favorites to add to your at-home everyday underwear and/or lingerie collection.

Seamless Tanga Panties

No one wants to deal with VPL—visible panty lines—underneath their clothes. Wearing seamless panties is the number-one key to keeping your panties invisible underneath even the tightest bottoms and dresses.

This tanga panty collection includes multiple seamless tanga panties that are designed to be discreet underneath virtually any outfit. Many of the tanga panties in this collection have other features that maximize their discretion, including flat seams and raw-cut edges. Some of these ultra-discreet tanga panties are also available in multiple shades of nude to remain invisible under both tight and light-colored dresses and bottoms.

Low Rise Tanga Panties

Most tanga panties have a classic European silhouette, which includes a low rise waist. This collection includes a broad selection of traditional tanga panties that offer a flattering low rise fit around your hips.

These low rise tanga panties are naturally flattering and effortlessly accentuate the curves of your hips and waistline. They also expand your wardrobe options by remaining completely discreet and invisible underneath low rise bottoms.

Cheeky Tanga Panties

Tanga underwear naturally has a cheeky cut in the back. The in-between coverage that tanga panties offer shows off a flattering amount of skin that accentuates the shape your backside while still offering comfortable coverage in front and back.

Cheeky tanga panties naturally flatter your backside while offering a comfortable fit that is practical for all-day wear on an everyday basis.

Tanga Thong Panties

Tanga cut panties are technically a type of women’s thong underwear. Although they offer more coverage in the back than classic thong panties, they are included under the umbrella of thong underwear for women.

Because of the in-between amount of coverage they offer in back, tanga panties are ideal for women who don’t want panties that are as full-coverage as bikini underwear but feel uncomfortable wearing classic thongs. Tanga panties are discreet and practical for wear under tight bottoms like leggings and skinny jeans, but they are more comfortable in the back than traditional thong panties. Plus, they naturally flatter your backside while still offering a comfortable amount of coverage that doesn’t show off too much bare skin.

Lace Tanga Panties

Lace adds flirty, feminine style to any panties. The selection of lace tanga panties you’ll find in this collection are ultra-sexy and are perfect for comfortable everyday wear or for the bedroom.

Some of the lace tanga panties in this collection are crafted from all-over, semi-sheer stretch lace. Others are made from an opaque material but feature lace trim or detail for a more subtle, feminine and flirty finish. Many of the sexy lace tanga panties you’ll find in this collection also include strappy details, satin bows, mesh panels, cut-outs, and other sexy accents.

Cotton Tanga Panties

Cotton is by far the best material for women’s panties in terms of comfort, hygiene, and safety. Cotton is super soft and breathable. It promotes healthy airflow around your most sensitive areas to help minimize odor and risk of infection in those areas.

This collection includes multiple tanga panties that are made from 100% cotton or a cotton-dominant blend of materials to maximize comfort and hygiene and minimize odor and risk of infection for everyday wear. Even the sexy tanga panties in this collection that are made from all-over lace, mesh, satin, or other non-cotton material include cotton gussets that help improve the comfort and hygiene of non-cotton tanga panties available in this collection.

Crotchless Tanga Panties

Add excitement to your lingerie collection and your life in the bedroom with one of the pairs of crotchless tanga panties that are available in this collection. Crotchless panties are ultra-sexy and scandalous. They are daring and bold, and they’re sure to make your partner’s jaw drop when you wear them in the bedroom.

The crotchless tanga panty styles in this collection are designed with a classic tanga cut back for comfort and coverage but feature a slit opening at the crotch to reveal some bare skin in your most sensitive areas. Explore the crotchless tanga panties in this collection to discover super sexy styles with lace and mesh material, strappy details, and other additions that add to the scandalous style of these panties.

Plus Size Tanga Panties

Tanga panties are universally flattering for women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. They’re cute, comfortable, practical for everyday wear, and versatile enough to be worn as lingerie in the bedroom, too. Every woman should be able to enjoy the comfortable, flattering fit of tanga cut panties, regardless of the size they wear.

This collection offers a wide selection of tanga cut panties in an inclusive range of sizes that includes both standard sizes and plus sizes from 1X to 3X.