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Swim Dress
Modest Swimwear

Ultimate Guide to Swim Dresses: Stylish and Modest Swimwear for Women

Swim dresses offer a perfect blend of style, elegance, and functionality, making them a sought-after choice for women looking for versatile swimwear. With their origins rooted in the early 20th cen...

BikinisSheer Bikini, See Through bikini, & Sheer Swimwear | HauteFlair

The Allure of Sheer Bikinis: Unveiling the Sensuality of See-Through Swimwear

Sheer bikinis represent a bold and empowering swimwear style that celebrates sensuality and body positivity. With their blend of classic materials and see-through mesh fabric, these bikinis offer ...

Modest SwimwearSwim Shorts for Women: A Fashion-Forward Choice

Swim Shorts for Women: A Fashion-Forward Choice

Swim shorts for women have emerged as a stylish and functional swimwear choice, offering versatility, comfort, and fashion-forward designs. With their ability to adapt to different water activities...

Modest SwimwearSwim Shorts for Women: Your Essential Guide to Beachside Elegance

Women's Swim Shorts: Stylish and Functional Swimwear for Every Occasion

Swim shorts for women have become a popular choice for their versatility, functionality, and style. Whether you're a water sports enthusiast, an active beachgoer, or simply looking for a modest yet...

BikiniThe Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Bikini Swimwear

Bikini Swimwear 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Ideal Beach Look

Shopping for the perfect bikini can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience, especially when doing it online. With so many options available, it's important to know how to navigate the vast sea ...

BikinisHigh Waisted Bikini Swimwear | HauteFlair

What is a High Waisted Bikini and How to Wear One

High waisted bikinis are by far one of the trendiest styles on the current women’s swimwear market. While high waisted bikinis fell out of fashion with the rise of less modest low-rise bikinis in ...

Swimwear Shopping GuideThong Bikini, Thong Swimwear, & Thong Swimsuit | HauteFlair

Best Thong Bikinis & Thong Swimsuits To Shop Online

As women’s fashion trends veer toward more scandalous, revealing pieces, thong bikinis are becoming much more popular as standard summer swimwear styles. While few women would even think to flaunt ...

Swimwear Shopping GuideCasual Beach Dresses, and Beach Cover-Ups | HauteFlair

A Guide to Women’s Beach Fashion for Summer 2023

Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it sunshine, warmer weather, and daydreams of splashing in the ocean or sunbathing in the sand. Whether you’re headed off on an exciting tropical vacation ...

Swimwear Shopping GuideTankini, Tankini Swimwear, Tankini tops | HauteFlair

A Guide to Tankini Swimwear and tankini tops for women

Tankinis provide a stylish yet traditionally conservative swimwear option that doesn’t force you to choose between covering up and staying on-trend. Tankini Swimwears are known for their modesty, ...

Lingerie ShoppingString Bikini Triangular Swim Top | HauteFlair

A Guide to String Bikinis Swimwear

String bikinis, G String Bikinis or Tiny Bikinis are considered the classic go-to swimwear style for women heading out for a day poolside or on the beach. The simple, adjustable style of String Bik...

Fashion TipsMicro Bikini Online Shopping, Microkini & Thon Bikini Swim Online Shopping

Micro Bikini Online Shopping

Micro bikinis, or microkinis, are an extraordinarily scandalous and skimpy bikini style. They are usually designed to cover the absolute minimum amount of skin that allows the wearer to avoid illeg...

Lingerie ShoppingBathing Suits, and Swimwear, How to shop for a bathing suits

A Guide to Bathing Suits and Swimwear Online Shopping 2018

The most important part of finding the best bathing suit for you is to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever swimwear you choose. Next time you head out swimsuit shopping, t...

Bra Fitting NewsPanache Bras, Panache Sports Bra, Panache Bra Sizing, Panache Bra Online Shop

Panache Bras, Sports Bra, Swimwear Sizing: Support for Fuller Busts

Over the past thirty years, Panache has shown continuous dedication to designing new innovative styles that stay in line with current trends and successfully meet the changing lingerie needs and p...

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