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String Bikinis, Sexy String Bikini & String Swimwear

String Bikinis, Sexy String Bikinis & String Swimwear

String bikinis are versatile, sexy, and functional swimwear styles. Moving on from full- coverage swimwear of the first half of the 20th century, women all over the world began experimenting with more revealing bikini swimwear beginning in the late 1940s and early 1950s. These bikinis were primarily high-waisted and usually featured full-coverage bra-like tops with skirted or boyshort-like bottoms. String bikinis themselves did not rise to popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s as more modest bikini styles fell out of fashion. Over the past few decades, string bikinis have remained one of the trendiest and most common types of swimwear.

Today, these bikinis are considered the classic go-to swimwear style for women heading out for a day poolside or on the beach. The simple, adjustable style of string bikinis is appealing to a wide range of women across many demographics. These bikinis can also be worn in multiple ways and are available in a multitude of styles, which makes them flattering for many different body types.

Types of String Bikinis

There are multiple different types of string bikini tops and bottoms that can be easily mixed and matched to create your ideal custom combination. These variants of the same bikini design provide women of different preferences and body types, shapes, and sizes with a range of options to help them find the style that makes them feel the most comfortable and is most flattering for their figure.

String Bikini Tops

Triangle String Bikini

When you think of a string bikini, a picture of a triangle string bikinistyle is likely the first thing that comes to mind. As its title suggests, triangle string bikini tops are made from two fabric triangles connected by strings. They feature a string that ties around your ribcage and one that ties in a halter style around your neck.

The simplicity of triangle string bikini tops ensures that your figure, not your swimwear, remains the center of attention. These no-nonsense tops are also comfortable to wear and effortlessly trendy.

Ruched String Bikini

Ruched string bikini tops are similar to standard triangle tops, but they are slightly more adjustable. These tops feature triangles of fabric that can be gathered and moved around the main string of the bikini. This design allows you to alter the position of the triangles and adjust how much of your chest they cover.

The adjustability of ruched string bikini tops provides you with a more accurate fit customized specifically for your body. The gathered fabric of these tops also adds interest to the bikini and makes it more eye-catching than a standard triangle top.

Padded String Bikini

Standard string bikinis don’t provide much support, which can be a deal-breaker for many full-busted women. If supportive swimwear is a necessity for you, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on string bikinis.

Although most string bikinis only feature light lining that doesn’t offer much security for large- breasted women, you can find string bikinis that are more supportive. Padded string bikinis feature lined and padded fabric that help hold your breasts in place during wear. Many string bikinis are also available with underwire that provides you with even more support.

Sheer String Bikini

Sheer bikinis are one of the most revealing string bikini styles. They can be either semi-opaque or fully transparent. You can find see through bikini tops and bottoms, but sheer bikini tops are generally more popular as well as more acceptable than see through bottoms in a wider range of public areas.

See through bikinis are generally made from a semi-transparent lycra material. They are unlined and do not include any underwire or other features that provide support. While see through string bikinis are very sexy and flattering, you should only choose this bikini style if you’re comfortable and confident with rocking swimwear that provides little to no coverage or support.

Strappy String Bikini

Strappy string bikinis revolutionize the classic simple string bikini. They are designed with strappy detailing that adds interest to the bikini.

For women who like to wear eye-catching swimwear, a strappy string bikini is an ideal choice. The tops of these bikinis often include criss-cross straps on the chest or extra strings around the neck. The bottoms commonly feature multiple straps on each side. Strappy string bikinis add interest and focal points to your swimwear look without compromising the design of a classic string bikini.

String Bikini Bottoms

Standard String Bikini

Standard string bikini bottoms are still the most popular type of bikini bottoms, although skimpier cheeky and thong cuts are also rising in popularity. These bottoms have a classic bikini cut that covers the majority of your backside.

Other bikini styles with similar cuts tend to sag or cut too tightly into your backside. The design of string bikinis, however, allows you to adjust the fit of your bottoms so that they fit snugly against your backside without gapping or squeezing.

Thong String Bikini

Thong string bikinis are one of the skimpiest string bikini bottom styles. They are designed to put your backside on display

There are multiple different thong string bikini styles. Most thong string bikinis feature a small triangle of fabric in the back. However, G-string bikini swimwear bottoms forgo this triangle and only include fabric in the front connected by string around the sides and back to reveal even more skin.

Brazilian String Bikini

Brazilian string bikini bottoms have a cut that is in between a standard bikini and thong bikini swimwear in terms of coverage. These bikini bottoms have a cheeky cut that flatters your curves and shows off your backside without putting too much skin on display.

You don’t have to worry about breaking the public pool or beach swimwear regulations in a Brazilian bikini. This style provides enough coverage for you to feel comfortable wearing it in public places while still allowing you to feel sexy and attract just the right amount of attention to your figure.

Micro String Bikini

Micro string bikinis are by far the most revealing swimwear style you can wear. Popularized by the attire commonly worn by models in the photo spreads of magazines like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, these skimpy bikinis are designed to reveal the maximum amount of skin possible without crossing the line into public indecency.

The bottoms of micro string bikinis are cut extremely low at the waist and include a very thin strip of fabric with a G-string back. The tops of this bikini style feature tiny triangles of fabric in front that are designed only to cover your nipples and leave the rest of your chest on display. These fabric triangles are connected by very thin strings and straps that are almost undetectable. Wearing a micro string bikini is definitely a bold choice that can be nerve-wracking for many women, but putting your body on display in this swimwear style can help you feel sexy and even increase your body confidence.

How to Choose a String Bikini

1. Pick Bikini Tops and Bikini Bottoms Separately

When you go shopping for a string bikini, consider the top and bottom pieces separately. There is no reason to buy a matching string bikini set. In fact, one of the best things about two-piece swimwear is that you can mix and match different tops and bottoms and wear them together to create a full bikini that better fits your swimwear needs and preferences.

Instead of searching for identical string bikini tops and bottoms, pick out pieces separately depending on which ones make you feel most comfortable and confident. If you feel insecure about revealing too much of your backside but want to show off your chest, pair standard string bikini bottoms with a sheer top. If you need support on top but want skimpier bottoms, go with a padded top and Brazilian or thong bottoms. Just make sure that the two pieces you pick have coordinating colors or materials so they create a streamlined set that doesn’t look too mismatched.

2. Check the Fit

When you try on string bikinis, remember that they are adjustable. A bikini that doesn’t feel like it fits you initially might feel like a better match after you adjust it to fit your frame. Always untie a string bikini before you try it on. Then, retie it as you put it on in order to fit it to your body, not the body of the person or mannequin who wore it before you.

While string bikinis are adjustable, their fit can only be altered to a certain extent. The strings of your bikini should never feel like they’re digging into your skin. If you’re unable to adjust the bikini enough to prevent the strings from sliding out of place or pinching you, try a different size. Also, there should be at least an inch of string between each side of your bikini bottoms when they are tied. If you have to tie your bottoms so tightly that the fabric meets on either side, think about going down a size.

How to Wear a String Bikini

1. Prepare First

Even string bikini styles that offer the most coverage are still notoriously revealing. That’s just the nature of this bikini style. If you want to feel more comfortable and confident in your string bikini, it’s important to prepare yourself before you wear it out in public.

If it will make you feel more confident, make sure you shave all areas that you normally keep hairless that might be visible in your bikini. However, be sure to shave at least one day before you wear your bikini to avoid showing off visible fresh razor irritation. Also, apply a generous amount of sunscreen all over your body to protect the many areas of skin your string bikini leaves uncovered. Remember that the strings of your bikini will inevitably shift slightly during wear. Account for this by applying sunscreen before you put on your bikini to ensure that you don’t miss any spots.

2. Tie it Right

How you tie your string bikini makes or breaks how you look and feel in the swimsuit. Always tie your string bikini as you put it on and untie it after each wear. This practice prevents your bikini from stretching out and helps you achieve a more accurate fit every time you wear it. Never double knot the strings of your bikini. Tight knots damage the strings and make them more difficult to adjust in the future. Instead, tie both the tops and bottoms of your bikini in simple, even bows that are secure but easy to undo.

Also, remember that the adjustability of string bikinis means that there are many different ways to tie most standard string bikinis. If you’re bored of your string bikini and want to get creative, experiment with different ways to tie it to create different looks like a razorback or crisscrossed front.