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Best Lingerie Brands - 2019

Best Lingerie Brands to buy in 2019

You only wear lingerie underneath your clothes, and it’s likely that only you and one other person ever see it. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest care and effort into choosing the lingerie brands that you buy. Your sexy lingerie and undergarments should make you feel attractive and confident in your skin. Finding lingerie top that you love and feel great in depends on discovering new best lingerie brands that meet your unique needs and preferences for your underwear.

10. Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese Lingerie HauteFlair

Dita Von Teese’s renowned lingerie collection offers unique pieces in a vintage burlesque style. Most of the lingerie has a retro finish inspired by the burlesque dancers of the 1950s. Satin, garters, and balconette bras are common within Dita Von Teese’s collection.

Despite the lingerie’s vintage style, its construction regarding comfort is nothing but modern. All of Dita Von Teese’s pieces are incredibly comfortable and supportive of a wide variety of sizes.

9. Calvin Klein

Lingerie Brands - Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an iconic lingerie brand and is one of the most popular bra brands out there. Lingerie is not the only type of apparel that they offer. However, the brand’s underwear collection is deliciously modern and straightforward. Calvin Klein underwear includes virtually none of the bells and whistles, such as mesh, unnecessary clasps, lace detailing, and more, that other lingerie brands love to incorporate into their pieces.

Instead, Calvin Klein’s bra and underwear sets and separates are well-fitting, high-quality, comfortable, and cute. The brand’s styles are flattering and timeless. Plus, their pieces are very versatile and flow effortlessly from everyday wear to sexy bedroom lingerie.

8. Between The Sheets

Lingerie Brands - Between The Sheets

A designer lingerie brand that only carries USA-made pieces, Between the Sheets, offers top- quality, sexy lingerie. The brand’s lingerie collections provide customers with a well-balanced mix of over-the-top mesh, thin pieces, and simple, comfortable everyday sets.

Between the Sheets offers high-quality pieces for fair prices. They carry everything from designer silk babydolls and chemises to cute barrettes that can be worn under everyday clothing. The brand also brings fun and playful extras, like garters and thigh-high socks.

7. Bluebella

Best Lingerie Brands - Bluebella

If you’re looking for a lingerie brand that keeps up with the latest trends in the world of fashion, Bluebella is one of your best bets. This brand offers unique pieces in a broad range of risky yet trendy styles that are sure to wow in the bedroom. Bluebella provides lingerie sets and separates that feature mesh, lace, straps, and other embellishments and detailing that create a sexy and streamlined look.

However, the brand is clear about their intentions for the lingerie they sell. The creators of Bluebella lingerie do not want their bras and underwear to sit in a drawer for months on end until a “special occasion” strikes. Instead, the brand hopes to empower women to continually define and celebrate their sexuality by wearing their favorite lingerie pieces whenever they want, no matter the occasion or lack thereof.

6. True & Co

Finding the style and size of bra that’s right for you, your unique body type, and your personal preferences can be a big challenge. True & Co makes this process easier. The lingerie brand offers an online quiz that helps their customers figure out which pieces they should buy based on their wants, needs, and body shape.

True & Co offers many different lingerie collections to fit all of their customers’ needs and preferences as tightly as possible. Their bras and panties sets and separates are sexy yet practical and sophisticated. The brand also offers a unique collection of sleek and comfortable bras and panties that come in a range of extended sizes.

5. Cristina Aielli

If you want to be able to happily stare at yourself in the mirror for hours on end after you put on your lingerie, go for Cristina Aielli. This lingerie brand carries pieces that are nothing short of breathtaking.

Shopping at Cristina Aielli does not come cheap; a full set of lingerie from the brand costs a pretty penny at upwards of six hundred to one thousand dollars. However, the lingerie brand is something special. Cristina Aielli’s full sets and separates are ethereal, black and ivory creations that feature lace, tulle, embroidery, and more. All of this brand’s pieces are incredibly detailed yet appear nothing short of classy, sophisticated, and unbelievably sexy at the same time.

4. Adore Me

Who says plus-sized lingerie can’t be sexy? No one should after perusing the plus-sized lingerie collections that Adore Me offers. Adore Me manages to effortlessly accomplish the challenging feat of creating lingerie that looks great on women with real bodies.

Real bodies come in all shapes and sizes, a reality which Adore Me recognizes and tries their best to accommodate. All of their lingerie pieces are designed to fit your unique body shape and size well to create a classy and flattering look for any woman.

3. Princesse Tam Tam

The lingerie available at Princesse Tam Tam, a Paris-based lingerie brand, is a delightful mix of playful and subtle. Many of their pieces feature classic lace detailing and bows in neutral colors.

However, Princesse Tam Tam also offers lingerie in an array of bright colors and creative prints. Whether you’re feeling whimsical or sophisticated, this lingerie brand has something for you.

2. Nubian Skin

Best Lingerie Brands - Nubian Skin

One of the most significant problems with underwear brands is that their ‘skin color’ often only matches one light skin tone. Nubian Skin is an intimate apparel brand that aims to rectify this problem.

All of their modern and straightforward bras and underwear are available in a wide range of ‘nude’ colors from very light to very deep. If you’re looking for sexy, nude lingerie that blends in well with your natural skin tone, try Nubian Skin.

1. HauteFlair

Best Lingerie Brand - HauteFlair

HauteFlair is a New York-based lingerie business that offers stylish designer pieces at affordable prices. They strive to provide all of their customers with well-fitting bras and underwear that are trendy, sexy, and comfortable all at the same time.

This lingerie brand offers many different collections. They sell attractive and useful shapewear, sexy sleepwear, detailed bras and panties sets and separates, and more. All of Haute Flair's pieces are beautiful, comfortable, and meant to be worn by women who want to feel confident and luxurious in their skin every day.

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