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by Shaylie Foley August 13, 2018 8 min read

High Waisted Bikini Swimwear

Are High Waisted Bikinis in Style?

The simple answer to the question of whether high waisted bikinisare in style is a resounding yes. High waisted bikinis are by far one of the trendiest styles on the current women’s swimwear market.

Although high waisted bikinis fell out of fashion with the rise of less modest low-rise bikinis in the 1970s, these bikinis are a classic that have proven their timelessness with their second rise to the top of the trend charts in the 2010s. Even when a new trend eventually steals the spotlight—fashion fads are forever fickle—you can feel confident that the high waisted bikinis in your collection will always be classy, flattering, and well- respected in the world of women’s fashion.


Who Can Wear a High Waisted Bikini? 

High Waisted Bikini Swimwear | HauteFlair

Solid and Striped Swimwear

Contrary to popular belief,anyonecan wear a high waisted bikini. In fact, high waisted bikinis are the most universally flattering styles in the modern women’s swimwear market. For some reason, many women think that high waisted bikinis are only really flattering for curvy or plus size women.

While high waisted bikini styles do flatter plus size women by accentuating their curves and slimming their midsection, it is a misconception that only curvy women look good in high waisted swimwear. If you have a slim figure without much natural curviness, a high waisted bikini can flatter your figure by breaking up your torso to create the illusion of more curves and a sexy, feminine shape.


High Waisted Bikini Styles

High waisted swimwear is a much broader category than you might think. While high waisted bikinis are technically a swimwear style in and of itself, many different styles exist underneath the umbrella high waisted swimwear.

High waisted bikinis are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. Check out some of the most popular high waisted bikini styles below to discover the one that flatters your body and best fits your style preferences.


Waist High Swimsuits, or High Waisted Swimsuits

Waist high swimsuits usually refer to classic high waisted bikinis. These bikinis rise to the middle of your waist and usually rest at or just below your belly button.

Classic high waisted bikini styles smooth your tummy and love handles and slim your waist. At the same time, they show off enough bare skin to maintain the sexy, care-free look of other modern bikini styles.


Super High Waisted Bikini

As their name suggests, super high waisted bikinis rise even higher than classic high waisted bikinis. These bikinis rise to the top of your waist to rest a few inches under your bust.

If you want to conceal the majority of your midsection without resorting to a one piece, try a super high waisted bikini. They give your tummy, waist, and hips a smooth finish and eliminate the risk of bulges and rolls around your waist that standard high waisted bikinis can sometimes emphasize. Super high waisted bikini styles are especially flattering for women with a muffin top because they create a smooth finish from your upper thighs all the way up to the top of your waist with no room for bulging in between.


Solid High Waisted Bikini

If you’re not into patterns, you can find many sexy solid high waisted bikini styles. A bright-colored bikini adds interest to your swimwear and draws more attention to how it flatters your figure.

To avoid loud prints and bright colors altogether, choose a solid bikini style in a lighter or more neutral color. Just make sure the bikini includes some texture or detailing—like ruched edging or an exciting neckline—to give it an eye-catching finish.


Patterned High Waisted Bikini

A colorful or eye-catching pattern draws attention to your high waisted bikini and makes it look brighter and more fun. Popular, flattering patterns for high waisted bikinis include modern stripes along with feminine floral and bold geometric prints. You can choose your favorite pattern based on your style preferences.

Not only are patterned high waisted bikini bottoms fun and stylish, they’re also very flattering. An eye-catching pattern adds an extra dimension to your bikini that distracts from any bulges around your midsection and creates a slimmer, smoother finish for your hips, tummy, and waist.


Retro High Waisted Bikini

All high waisted bikinis are inspired at least a little by the popular high-rise retro swimwear styles of the 1940s and 1950s. If you want to channel your inner

Marilyn Monroe, though, pick out a high waisted bikini with an authentically vintage style.

Retro high waisted bikinis usually feature super high waisted bikini bottoms that are reminiscent of the ultra-modest styles of decades past. Vintage-inspired halter bikini tops with push-up lining and a sweetheart neckline enhance your cleavage and draw attention to your bust. These tops pair well with high waisted bikini bottoms to create a retro two-piece set that conjures images of classic, sexy pin-up girls of the 1940s. Retro high waisted bikinis look sexy on a wide range of body types, but they are especially flattering for curvier, full-busted women.


Why Wear a High Waisted Bikini

There are many benefits to wearing a high waisted bikini, ranging from style to comfort to mobility. If you need some more motivation to switch up your swimwear collection, consider these five reasons why you should raise the waistline of your bikinis this summer.

1. Stay in Style

High waisted bikinis are arguably the most trendy modern swimwear style. Celebrities and fashion icons—including but not limited to Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé—have been spotted rocking high waisted swimwear on their exotic beach vacations in recent seasons. In fact, photo evidence suggests that T-Swift seems to be rocking nothingbuthigh waisted swimwear whenever she’s caught on camera in a bathing suit.

Beyond celebrities, women everywhere have begun recognizing how classy and flattering high waisted bikinis are, prompting swimwear brands to release new collections with a special focus on high-waisted styles. When you wear a high waisted bathing suit, you never have to worry about whether or not your bathing suit is stylish enough to turn heads on the beach—it’s trendy enough for Beyoncé, and that’s all the reassurance you need.

2. Stop Sacrificing Comfort

A major flaw of modern women’s swimwear—at least among sexy, fashionable swimwear styles—is that it is unforgivably uncomfortable and impractical. Sure, maybe itty-bitty low-rise thongs are great for avoiding tan lines, but they’re entirely impractical if you plan to do anything more active than just laying on a towel sunbathing all day long.

For women who like to swim laps in the pool, play beach volleyball, or even just wade and splash around in the ocean, traditionally sexy swimwear styles are the source of severe discomfort. Not only do skimpy styles like tiny, low-rise thong bikinis get twisted and ride up in awkward and uncomfortable ways, they’re also very likely to fall off if you do anything that requires even a small amount of movement or physical activity.

You no longer have to choose between sporting uncomfortable, insecure itty-bitty bottoms or an unflattering, unstylish athletic one piece. High waisted bikinis are a miraculous compromise between style, comfort, and practicality. These bikinis are ultra- trendy, but they’re also convenient.

High waisted bikinis are much more comfortable and breathable than skimpier swimwear styles. They don’t ride up or leave angry red imprints on your skin. High waisted bikinis also sit so high up on your waist; you don’t have to worry about losing yours while swimming in the surf or playing an unusually intense round of beach volleyball.

3. Flatter Your Figure

The most important benefit of high waisted bikinis is that they are universally flattering. Like magic, these versatile bikinis look just as sexy on curvy plus size women as they do on women with slim, straight builds.

Regardless of your body type, size, and shape, you can find a high waisted bikini that flatters your figure perfectly just the way it is.

4. Conceal Your Imperfections

Every woman has body insecurities. Two of the most common body areas for these insecurities to lie is your midsection and backside. One of the unique advantages of high waisted bikinis—that sets them apart from other modern, trendy swimwear styles— is that they expertly conceal your imperfections and insecurities without making it evident that you’re trying to cover up.

The tight, high-rise fit and full-coverage backside of high waisted bikinis instantly flattens your tummy, shapes your hips, slims your waist, and smooths and accentuates your curves. If your tummy, hips, waist, love handles, or backside are a frequent focus of your body insecurities, wearing a high waisted bikini can help you feel much more confident in your skin.

5. Look Classy

Among other trendy, sexy swimwear styles, high waisted bikinis are unique in that they are not skimpy or scandalous. In fact, high waisted bikinis are inspired by the modest, vintage bathing suits that women wore in the 1940s and 50s. Famous 1950s sex icon Marilyn Monroe frequently showed off her high waisted bikinis on Los Angeles beaches, which serves as a testament to just how alluring this swimwear style is. Like any good classic style in women’s fashion, high waisted bikinis are timeless.

Because they offer the right amount of coverage and have an iconic past in retro fashion, high waisted bikinis are very classy—which is not necessarily the case among other sexy modern swimwear styles that show off significantly more skin. When you wear a high waisted bikini, you look sexy, classy, and stylish all at the same time—a best of all worlds situation that no other modern swimwear style offers.


When to Wear a High Waisted Bikini

What is the right time and place to wear a high waisted bikini? The short answer to this question is: anywhere that accepts swimwear as appropriate dress. The versatility of high waisted bikinis is another convenient advantage of this swimwear style.

Unlike skimpier, more scandalous modern bikini styles that show off most of your bust, backside, and midsection, high waisted bikinis offer more coverage. They are appropriate and stylish for any swimwear-clad occasion, from a poolside family barbecue to a care-free party on the beach.


Where to Buy a High Waisted Bikini

High waisted bikinis are extremely popular. That means that you can buy high waisted bikini styles from just about any swimwear brand, from the lowest-end retailers to high- end luxury designers. However, just because you can buy a high waisted bikini anywhere doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be picky about your swimwear source.

It’s important to find a quality high waisted bikini that fits you well and flatters your unique figure. If you buy a low-quality bikini that is designed poorly and made with cheap materials, it will wear out quickly and likely fit awkwardly or insecurely. If you buy a bikini that doesn’t suit you well, you can end up with unflattering bulges or gaps when you put it on. You don’t have to make your purchase from a high-end designer, but your body confidence is worth spending a little extra money on higher-quality swimwear.

Buying in-person is a safe bet when it comes to high waisted bikinis—and swimwear in general. In a brick-and-mortar store, you can try on a variety of different sizes and styles to find the one that fits and flatters you best. That being said, online shopping is much more convenient and gives you the opportunity to avoid the potential embarrassment and insecurity that some women feel while shopping for bathing suits in public.

If you want to buy your bikini online, take precautions to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. Only buy from reputable online stores with a wide range of positive customer reviews. Follow the online store’s sizing chart carefully to match your measurements with the size that fits you best.

Shaylie Foley
Shaylie Foley

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