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There are reasons that Victoria’s Secret empire attracts women all over the world. However, the brand has gotten so popular that many women don’t even consider buying lingerie from anywhere else. While Victoria’s Secret isn’t a wrong choice, countless other lingerie brands carry higher-quality pieces at more affordable prices on a broader range of sizes. Keep reading to learn more about ten of the best alternatives to Victoria’s Secret Bras and lingerie.
There are countless places online where you can purchase lingerie, ranging from bra collections on department store websites to online stores explicitly designed to sell underwear. If you’re going to buy lingerie on the internet, it’s a good idea to shop in a reputable online store that focuses primarily on selling quality lingerie.
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Every woman’s bust or cup size is slightly different. Therefore, a wide range of bra sizes is needed to accommodate the breasts of women of all shapes and sizes. While there are some standard bra and cup sizes, however, a large percentage of modern women don’t really fit within this range of standard sizes. Most women end up wearing a bra size that is slightly (or majorly) off from the size that would actually fit them correctly.

Today, people shop online for everything from toothpaste to jeans to lingerie. As convenient as it is, buying lingerie online is much different than buying a T-shirt or a pair of pants from an Internet storefront. 

We gathered responses from 50 lingerie experts regarding their personal tips and advice on how to shop for lingerie online.


Women of every size should have easy access to comfortable and Support bras that help them feel better instead of plaguing their everyday activities with discomfort and pain. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of plus-sized bras on the market that positively defy comfort expectations while still providing ample support for your bust.

Over the past thirty years, Panache has shown continuous dedication to designing new innovative styles that stay in line with current trends and successfully meet the changing lingerie needs and preferences of modern women. 

Panache is renowned for the commendable fit, functionality, and fashion of the pieces they create. They specialize in designing and manufacturing quality D plus lingerie with the goal of creating lingerie that accommodates and flatters women of all shapes and sizes with many different body types.