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Bracli Cage Bra S / BLACK Bracli London BraBracli Cage Bra Bracli London Bra

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Oh La La Cheri Sets Black / S/M Robynn Hearts Cage Bra SetOh La La Cheri Sets Robynn Hearts Cage Bra Set
Robynn Hearts Cage Bra Set Sale price$40.00 USD Regular price$46.00 USD

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Oh La La Cheri Sets Black / S Fetish Excitement Cage Bra SetOh La La Cheri Sets Fetish Excitement Cage Bra Set
Fetish Excitement Cage Bra Set Sale price$52.50 USD Regular price$60.00 USD

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Oh La La Cheri Sets Fetish Dominant Cage Bra SetOh La La Cheri Sets Fetish Dominant Cage Bra Set
Fetish Dominant Cage Bra Set Sale price$50.00 USD Regular price$57.00 USD

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Cage Bra - HauteFlair

Cage Bra

Cage bras are ultra-revealing lingerie bras that add bold, edgy style to any lingerie look. Cage bras are designed to look somewhat like a cage around your bust. They often feature strappy details that outline or criss-cross over your breasts to accentuate your cleavage for a bold and flattering finish. Cage bras can be cupless or feature open cups or low-cut cups; different cage bras offer varying amounts of coverage for your breasts. Although they vary in the amount of coverage they provide, cage bra styles are very revealing by nature and are not usually practical for functional and comfortable everyday wear. Most women who wear cage bras save them for when they want to make a sexy statement in the bedroom.

Harness bras are very similar to cage bras. In fact, many harness bras also fall underneath the umbrella of cage bras. Harness bras differ from classic cage bras in that harness bras feature harness detailing that fastens around your neck—hence the word ‘harness’ in their title. The harnesses on some harness bras feature buckles or other fasteners, while other harness bra styles are designed with more subtle harnesses that match the rest of the bra’s strappy details.

Cage bras, harness bras, and the body harnesses that often accompany them in lingerie sets are a major part of BDSM culture and style. Many women who practice BDSM in the bedroom with their partner(s) wear cage and harness bras and body harnesses. These lingerie styles are very daring and make bold, scandalous statements in the bedroom. That being said, you don’t have to engage in BDSM to wear cage and harness bras. Cage bras and harness bras are perfect for any woman who wants to explore bold, sexy and scandalous lingerie for herself. Wearing a cage bra or a harness bra in the bedroom can help you feel sexier and more confident in the bedroom, which can in turn majorly spice up your sex life.

This collection includes a broad selection of ultra-sexy individual cage bras and bralettes, harness bras and bralettes, and bold multi-piece lingerie sets complete with edgy accessories that can help you create complete, ultra-sexy and scandalous lingerie looks.

Cage Bras and Cage Bralettes

You can find a wide selection of cage bras and cage bralettes in this collection. The cage bras in this collection are designed to enhance your bust and accentuate your cleavage. Despite their ultra-revealing style and the minimal amount of coverage they provide, cage bras offer a good amount of lift and support for women of all bust sizes. Some of the cage bras in this collection are cupless or open cup, while others offer more coverage with low-cut cups that rise just above the nipples.

Cage bralettes are bralettes with plenty of strappy detailing around the bust to create the cage-like effect of classic cage bras. Most of these strappy bralettes are unlined and do not include extra support features like molded cups and adjustable straps. Cage bralettes are ideal for women with smaller busts that do not require a lot of support.

Harness Bras and Harness Bralettes

In addition to cage bras and cage bralettes, this collection also includes a selection of harness bras and harness bralettes. Harness bras offer plenty of support and lift and, like cage bras, feature strappy details— with the addition of a harness strap around the neck for extra bold and scandalous style.

The harness bralettes in this collection provide slightly less support than harness bras. They do not include added support features like moulded cups or adjustable straps and fit and flatter women with smaller busts.

Cage Bra and Panty Sets

In addition to individual cage and harness bras and bralettes, this collection also includes a selection of cage bra and panty sets. Some of these sets are two-piece sets that include a bra and pair of panties, and some include additional accessories that add interest to your lingerie look and can help bring some extra sexy fun to your time in the bedroom.

All of the sexy cage bra and panty sets in this collection include a cage bra and a pair of matching sexy panties. Most of the sexy panties in these sets feature strappy detailing to help them coordinate with the edgy, scandalous style of the cage bras included in these sets and create a complete lingerie look. Many of the cage bra and panty sets you’ll find here come with a sexy garter belt or other matching accessories that put an ultra-scandalous finishing touch on your lingerie look.

The cage bra and panty sets in this collection take the stress and uncertainty out of trying to piece together your own complete lingerie look—especially if you’re new to the world of BDSM or daring and bold lingerie and aren’t sure where to start. Each set available in this collection can be worn on its own to create a complete lingerie look that is sure to help you make a sexy statement in the bedroom—no additional pieces or accessories required.

Plus Size Cage and Harness Bras

Every woman deserves to feel ultra-sexy and confident in the bedroom, regardless of her body size. Cage and harness bras can universally fit and flatter women of any body type, shape, and size.

This collection includes cage and harness bras in an inclusive range of sizes. The cage and harness bras you’ll find in this collection are surprisingly supportive and secure, considering the low amount of support they offer. These cage and harness bras include support features like underwire, molded cups, wide and adjustable straps, etc. in order to provide enough support and security to fit and flatter larger-busted women as well as women with smaller busts.