Nude Lingerie, Naked Lingerie Collection

Every woman should have at least a few pieces of nude lingerie in her collection. It’s sexy, discreet, and easy to pair with virtually anything in your closet.

This inclusive collection offers nude sexy lingerie, everyday underwear, and shapewear in a wide, diverse range of discreet styles designed for women of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones.

A Nude Lingerie for Every Skin Tone

Lingerie, shapewear, and underwear that are advertised as ‘nude’ are supposed to match the color of your naked skin—hence the term ‘nude’ in their description. However, many women discover while shopping for nude lingerie that finding pieces in the right nude shade for their skin color is much more difficult than it should be.

Nude is a very subjective color. There are as many shades of Nude as there are different skin tones. Unfortunately, many lingerie collections that brand themselves as ‘nude’ cater only to women with light skin. For darker-skinned women, these light nude shades do not blend into their skin tone and result in a look that is anything but discreet. Creating sexy nude lingerie looks and keeping shapewear and panties hidden shouldn’t be possible only for light-skinned women.

The goal of this collection is to provide as many style options as possible for as many skin tones as possible. The nude lingerie, underwear, and shapewear pieces in this collection are available in an expansive range of shades in order to complement a wider range of skin tones from pale to deep and in between.

No-Show Panties, Nude Panties

Nothing has the power to instantly ruin an outfit quite like panties showing through your clothes.

The nude panties in this collection remain invisible under even the lightest and tightest skirts, dresses, and other bottoms. Many of the panty styles in this collection are also seamless to eliminate the risk of visible raised panty lines as well.

Discreet Shapewear

When it comes to shapewear, remaining discreet is essential. Shapewear is meant to be functional, not fashionable—although some pieces do accomplish both.

The shapewear pieces in this collection are designed in neutral, nude shades and hug your body like a second skin for ultimate discretion. You can pair these shapewear styles with virtually any outfit without worrying about them showing through your clothes.