Sexy Pajama Set, Sleepwear & Loungewear Sets

Claire Plus Size Robe $57.76 USD $67.95 USD
Davina Plus Size Robe $63.71 USD $74.95 USD
Rhea Plus Size Robe $74.76 USD $87.95 USD
Talise Plus Size Robe $57.76 USD $67.95 USD
Ivy Plus Size Robe $59.46 USD $69.95 USD
Sherry Plus Size Robe $42.46 USD $49.95 USD
Miaya Plus Size Robe $50.96 USD $59.95 USD
Elissa Plus Size Robe $59.46 USD $69.95 USD
Celina Plus Size Robe $42.46 USD $49.95 USD
Carmen Plus Size Robe $59.46 USD $69.95 USD
Lorelei Plus Size Robe $62.01 USD $72.95 USD
Jasmine Plus Size Robe $67.96 USD $79.95 USD
Leanne Plus Size Robe $59.46 USD $69.95 USD
Willow Plus Size Robe $42.46 USD $49.95 USD
Tess Plus Size Robe $66.26 USD $77.95 USD
Nala Plus Size Robe $55.21 USD $64.95 USD
Eleanor Plus Size Robe $42.46 USD $49.95 USD
Rhea Pajama Set
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Rhea Pajama Set $77.95 USD
Celina Bra Set
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Celina Bra Set $57.95 USD
Doreen Pajamas
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Doreen Pajamas $57.95 USD
Renee Pajama Top
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Renee Pajama Top $32.95 USD
Claire Pajamas
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Claire Pajamas $57.95 USD
Renee Top
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Renee Top $27.95 USD
Emily Pajama Set
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Emily Pajama Set $72.95 USD
Esme PJ Set
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Esme PJ Set $67.95 USD
Elie PJ Set
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Elie PJ Set $49.95 USD
Nora PJ Set
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Nora PJ Set $52.95 USD
Malachite PJ
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Malachite PJ $86.95 USD
Lucile PJ
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Lucile PJ $68.95 USD
Jessie Pajamas
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Jessie Pajamas $62.95 USD
Estelle Pajamas
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Estelle Pajamas $68.95 USD
Ariana PJ
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Ariana PJ $86.95 USD
Adela Pajamas
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Adela Pajamas $77.95 USD

Sexy Pajama Sets, Sexy Sleepwear & Loungewear Sets

Looking sexy and being comfortable should not be mutually exclusive—and the styles available in this collection of sexy pajama sets proves that they’re not. This collection is teeming with ultra-comfortable, durable pajama sets that double as super sexy lingerie. Gone are the days of slipping into lingerie at night, only to have to take it off before you go to sleep or—worse yet—wake up in the middle of the night itchy and dying to free your figure from whichever restrictive lingerie styles you’re wearing.

Comfy PJs are a must for getting a good night of high-quality sleep, but classic pajama sets that are ultra-comfortable not always the sexiest styles on the market. In this collection, you’ll find a wide variety of ultra-versatile sexy pajama styles that will flatter your figure through all of your bedroom activities—those that include sleeping and those that don’t.

Sexy Nightgowns

When you think of a nightgown, the first images that come to mind are probably not the most flattering styles. Unfortunately, nightgowns are traditionally associated with overly modest, frumpy styles that your grandmother might wear.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, however, nightgowns can absolutely be sexy. Take babydolls and chemises, for example. Babydoll and chemise lingerie styles are basically nightgowns that are designed to flatter your figure, and they are some of the most popular and sexy lingerie styles on the market. This sexy sleepwear collection includes a selection of sexy nightgowns that flatter your figure while keeping you feeling comfortable and free all night long.

Sexy Sleep Shorts

Sexy sleep shorts are the perfect choice for women who are in the market for cute flirty pajamas that combine comfort with flattering, sexy style. Sleep shorts are one of the most popular pajama styles for women—and with good reason. They’re ultra-versatile and double as super comfy loungewear that you can throw on when you’re just puttering around the house, even if it’s not bedtime.

In this collection, you’ll find a wide selection of individual sexy sleep shorts as well as flattering two-piece sexy pajama sets that include a pair of sleep shorts as well as a matching short-sleeved or long-sleeved pajama top.

Sexy Warm Pajamas

Super revealing, sexy sleep shorts, and other skimpy sexy pajama sets are all fun and games in the summertime, but what are you supposed to do when the weather gets colder? Before you bundle up in your ratty pajama pants and old oversized T-shirt, check out the sexy warm pajamas available in this collection.

It might come as a surprise to most, but sexy pajamas don’t have to be skimpy. This collection’s selection of semi-modest, warm pajamas, and pajama sets proves that comfort, warmth, and sex appeal can all co-exist in a single pajama set. The sexy warm pajamas available in this collection include a variety of cute and flirty sets of matching long-sleeve tops and full-length pajama pants. Many of the sexy bathrobes available in this collection also offer a good amount of warmth in colder seasons.

Sexy Bathrobes

When you think of a bathrobe, ‘sexy’ is probably not the first word to come to mind. Believe it or not, sexy robe lingerie styles have actually become some of the most popular lingerie styles on the market in recent seasons.

Robe lingerie is currently very trendy. Within this collection, you’ll find a wide selection of cute and flirty bathrobe styles that are as flattering and fashionable as they are functional. The bathrobes in this collection effortlessly flatter your figure. They provide plenty of post-shower warmth and double as both sleepwear and loungewear. You can even pair these bathrobes with a cute bra and panty set—or nothing underneath—to surprise your partner in the bedroom.

Sexy Loungewear

Not all of the styles in this collection are just for sleeping. Many of the pajama styles you’ll find in this collection double as flattering loungewear that you can slip on when you’re relaxing around the house.

Any of the cute and flirty two-piece sexy pajama sets you’ll find in this collection double as comfy sleepwear and functional loungewear sets for any given lazy weekend day. The styles in this collection are guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling cute and comfortable all day and all night long.

Sexy Silk Pajamas

Silk is an ideal material for sexy pajamas. Silk is traditionally associated with sexy lingerie and remains a popular material for many different lingerie styles. It feels soft and cool to the touch, and nothing beats the refreshingly slippery feeling of sliding into a set of clean sheets in silk pajamas.

Plus, silk is a natural temperature-regulating material, which means that it wicks away moisture and helps you avoid sticky, sweaty skin in the middle of the night. Many of the sexy pajama styles you’ll find in this collection are made from silk or silky material that will keep you cool, comfortable, and cute while you sleep.

Sexy Cotton Pajamas

Cotton is another popular material for the styles you’ll find in this collection. Breathable and super soft, sexy pajamas made from cotton or a cotton-dominant blend of materials keep you warm and comfy all night long without feeling suffocating or restrictive.

Like silk, cotton is also great for temperature regulation. The cotton pajamas in this collection offer warmth but they also effortlessly wick away moisture while you sleep to keep your skin feeling cool and dry all night long.

Plus Size Sexy Pajama Sets

Every woman deserves access to sexy pajama sets, regardless of her size. In order to accommodate women of all body types, shapes, and sizes, this collection includes many sexy pajama sets that are available in a range of plus sizes as well as standard sizes.

The plus size sexy pajama sets you’ll find in this collection are designed to fit and flatter all women, no matter what size they wear. In addition to plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X, this collection also includes a selection of maternity pajama sets that will keep you comfortable and flatter your figure throughout your pregnancy.

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