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Yummie Leggings  | HauteFlair

Yummie Leggings

Yummie is a luxury fashion brand that offers a wide variety of women’s clothing and lingerie ranging from jeans to bras to tank tops to tights. Although Yummie carries a diverse range of women’s clothing, this brand is renowned specifically for their comfortable, top-quality shapewear pieces.

Some of the most innovative shapewear styles from Yummie are their ultra-discreet, universally flattering shaping leggings. This collection features a wide variety of some of the most popular, stylish Yummie leggings on the market. These leggings are trendy, comfortable, and have hidden shaping properties that flatter your figure without suffocating or restricting your curves. If you’re in the market for new everyday leggings, look no further than this collection of top-of-the-line flattering styles from Yummie.

Hidden Shaping Properties

All of the Yummie leggings in this collection feature hidden shaping properties that subtly but effectively sculpt and slim your midsection, legs, and backside. Their firming fabric and high waistband shapes your hips, slims your waist and inner thighs, smoothes your legs and backside, and eliminates visible love handles and muffin top.

These stylish Yummie leggings look no different than regular leggings from the outside. Their shaping properties are completely discreet; no one will know you’re wearing shapewear unless you decide to tell them. Yummie’s shaping leggings are crafted from cotton-spandex blend firming fabric that provides gentle all-over compression. They are also high waisted and feature a double-layer extra wide waistband that offers additional compression and non-restrictive support for common problem areas around your midsection.

Comfortable Design

Yummie leggings are designed with comfort as a top priority. Despite their effective shaping effects, these leggings do not feel suffocating or restrictive.

Instead, their soft, stretchy material and innovative form-fitting design offer the perfect flattering fit that gently hugs your curves for comfortable all-day wear. You’ll never want to take them off, even after the day is over.

Styles for Everyone

This collection includes a wide variety of ultra-flattering leggings, ranging from basic black styles to denim leggings to creative fashion leggings that add interest to any look.

Yummie is well-known for their revolutionary denim leggings. These realistic leggings are designed to look like real denim, but they are made from a blend of cotton and spandex materials for a stretchy fit that mimics the style of denim jeans and the comfort and coziness of regular leggings. Yummie’s denim leggings are available in several different washes—just like real denim—including white, black, and multiple shades of blue.

In addition to their denim leggings, Yummie also offers multiple other fashion legging styles. From reptile print to mesh detailing, these leggings feature creative, ultra-trendy designs that make them the perfect unique, stylish additions to your casual everyday wardrobe. You can find some of Yummie’s most popular fashion leggings in this collection.