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High waisted bikinis are by far one of the trendiest styles on the current women’s swimwear market. While high waisted bikinis fell out of fashion with the rise of less modest low-rise bikinis in the 1970s, these bikinis are a classic that have proven their timelessness with their second rise to the top of the trend charts in the 2010s. Even when a new trend eventually steals the spotlight—fashion fads are forever fickle—you can feel confident that the high waisted bikinis in your collection will always be classy, flattering, and well- respected in the world of women’s fashion.

  • 8 min read

While Sheer Bikinis are not appropriate for every setting, the bikinis are extremely sexy and stylish and effortlessly flatter every body type, shape, and size. These ultra-scandalous bikinis are currently topping the swimwear trend charts and are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Classic sheer bikinis are naturally some of the sexiest bikinis on the market. Under the umbrella of sheer bikinis, however, there are multiple styles that can make your swimwear look even sexier and more scandalous.

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